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History is a remarkable subject. Albeit, many of us would remember it perhaps as one of the boring subjects from school, it has the ability to transform the picture of the world around us — it is almost uncanny how at times tracing footsteps back can unravel what confuses us about the present. Learning through the happenings of the past, and being able to place the current in a more informed perspective, is an interesting quest. And, when facts come to the forefront in a way that is entertaining and informative at the same time, you are bound to find your curious self engaged.  

If you genuinely want to explore unravel mysteries and gain valuable insights into the past, present, and future of our world's tapestry, you should consider tuning into the History Channel on Spectrum TV.

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The History Channel – A Word About the TV Network

A pay-TV network, the History Channel is owned by A&E Networks — which in turn is a Hearst Communications and the Disney Media Networks joint venture. The History channel has been up and running since 1995 and is available to over 96 million U.S. households as of February 2015.

But what catches the attention the most is the History Channel programming. A channel that was well known for its history-based shows and documentaries has now successfully come to include reality TV. You get to binge on content focused on UFO investigations, mythical creatures, post-apocalyptic scenarios, and more — all on a single TV network.

How to Watch the History Channel on Spectrum?

Now, if that sparks your interest, the History Channel can become your one-stop for weekend binge watching. If you are looking to get the ultimate televisual entertainment package, you can rely on Spectrum TV for that through and through. From a massive channel directory of 160+ channels to premium favorites like MAX, SHOWTIME®, STARZ® & STARZ ENCORE®, you get to immerse yourself in a galactic world of non-stop entertainment. And to top it all, the History channel is part of the Spectrum channel lineup. No matter which Spectrum TV plan you subscribe to, you will get access to the History Channel.

What Channel Is the History Channel on Spectrum?

History buffs get a moment to rejoice with the History channel added to their TV channel repository. From mind-boggling subjects like mythical creatures, extreme survival scenarios, and dinosaurs to more sophisticated topics like alternate history, nature, and inventions, the History Channel spurs up your love for curious and historical content like nothing else.

So are you a new Spectrum TV subscriber? Or a ‘veteran’ subscriber who has just made a home in a new town? Well, you can take your sweet time to navigate the Spectrum TV on-screen guide and organize your cable TV favorites — among them, the History Channel.

While Spectrum is a popular provider in its 41-state coverage area, its channel numbers vary from one region to another. You can verify the correct History channel number by using the Spectrum TV channel guide or signing in to your Spectrum account for a complete list of channels included in your subscription alongside their channel numbers. 

Since the History channel is available on all Spectrum channel lineups, including Spectrum TV Select Signature or Spectrum TV Select Plus, it will be fairly easy to find the channel for you too!

City Channel Number
Alexandria, KY 56
Athens, GA 47
Avon, IN 55
Bakersfield, CA 56
Belleville, IL 56
Bristol, VA 44
Charlotte, NC 65
Cincinnati, OH 75
Florence, KY 56
Dallas, TX 55
Dayton, OH 52
El Paso, TX 58
Jacksonville, NC 71
Knoxville, TN 44
Lincoln, NE 49
Lisbon, NH 54
Great Falls, MT 50
Los Angeles, CA 72
New York, NY 40
Orlando, FL 43
Saint Louis, MO 56
San Antonio, TX 66
Sparks, NV 62
Sheboygan, WI 50
Wapato, WA 40

What to Watch on the History Channel?

The History Channel’s original programming focused on documentaries based on historical events as well as fictional history series. But with time, the dynamics of the channel’s programming changed. And, now the History channel also airs reality TV programs that revolve around mainstream topics, such as human-extraterrestrial contact, historical artifacts, and non-fiction content like The UnXplained series.

The History Channel has been around since 1995, but its first-ever original series was Vikings, a historical drama based on legendary Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok. The TV show was originally released in 2013 and ran for a good six seasons. The sixth season wrapped up the story on December 30, 2020.

Here is a little flavor from TV shows you can catch up on with History channel on Spectrum, as well as former favorites broadcast on the channel:

History Channel Programming


Alone Australia

Ancient Aliens

Forged in Fire

History's Greatest Mysteries

Mountain Men

The Curse of Oak Island

The Proof Is Out There

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

The Toys That Built America

The UnXplained

100 Days to Victory

Big Timber

Dark Marvels

D-day in 14 Stories

Jesus: His Life


Knight Fight

Project Blue Book

Check out the History Channel schedule on its website so you do not miss out on your favorite show!

To Conclude

The History Channel is one of the several TV networks that adorn the Spectrum channel lineup. With Spectrum cable TV, you get an assortment of premium TV networks like HBO® & SHOWTIME® and sought-after sports networks like the BTN, FS2, and NFL — which you can add on to customize your Spectrum TV packages. Not to forget, an all-encompassing international programming lineup is also available, with an abundance of choices for the Latino audience.

If you wish to explore what more is on the Spectrum TV menu, contact Spectrum Sales Support at 855-423-0918 for pro advice on how to best customize your in-home entertainment. For the Spanish speakers, you can contact soporte de ventas de Spectrum at número de Spectrum i.e. 844-487-2710.  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is the History Channel available on Spectrum?

Yes, the History channel is available with all the Spectrum channel lineups. Simply subscribe to your desired Spectrum TV plan and get access to the History channel right from the comfort of your home and even on the go.

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