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How can a week go by without you turning on your TV to your favorite network? Well, it can’t. HBO offers entertainment at its finest and anybody looking for quality content is sure to tune in. Its not just TV shows and movies. HBO also airs sports events, documentaries, and of course comedy, making it a hit with everyone. And Spectrum knows how much you love it. So, to ensure its consumers get the best, Spectrum offers the premium channel as an à la carte add-on for only $14.99/mo.

So, which channel does Spectrum broadcast HBO on? Its a common question to ask and if you are wondering the same, read on.

Spectrum HBO Channel Number

It is possible that your friend told you that HBO was on X channel number only for you to get frustrated upon not being able to find it. Worry not though, you are not going crazy and no, you do have full access to the network even if you cannot find it.


For more details browse Spectrum TV Packages


If you still are not able to find HBO, wed recommend you check out Spectrums official channel guide, or better yet if the cable is too old for you to try HBO on Demand. You might also want to check out HBO GO, HBO PPV and HBO NOW while you are at it

How to Watch HBO on Demand

There is so much to see, and while all shows and movies offered by HBO are top-notch, you are sure to prefer some over others. With cable TV, catching your favorite movies and shows becomes a hassle. You either must make time out for when they are on or you must set your top boxes to record them if you are busy making it at that time. Now, however, you do not have to bother with either of those things.

HBO on Demand is a popular platform that shows you what you want when you want, wherever you want it. The future is streaming. It is fast becoming the preferred method to watching shows and movies so if you too want to join in the fun go ahead.

Spectrum gives you unlimited access to HBOs ginormous library of On Demand content. To watch it though, you will need the HBO Go app. And, it is not difficult to get as we discuss below. Once you get it though, all you need is your Spectrum username and password and the library is yours.

You will also require a high-speed internet connection to stream so wed recommend that while you are at it, make it a bundle deal and get Spectrum Internet as well.

So, Whats up With HBO Go App?

For busybodies and entertainment seekers, HBO Go App is a Godsend. This on-the-go app lets you stream your desired shows and movies from the On Demand library to mobiles and other devices. The next logical question that arises then is: Does Spectrum support the HBO Go App? In simple words, yes!

It would be senseless to think otherwise right? If you have access to the On-Demand library which can only be used through the HBO Go app, the app must also be compatible with Spectrum. If on the other hand you are confused over how to use this app we have you covered.

To use the app, you must log in to it for which your Spectrum credentials are all you need. Once you sign in, ta-da! You can stream whatever you want to your hearts content. Another way you can access the HBOs library is through the Spectrum TV español app. However, in order to do so, you must have HBO as part of your plan. You should also check if HBO allows streaming where you live.

Apart from mobiles, tablets, and laptops, you can also watch On Demand content on Apple TV, Xbox 360, Roku, and Samsung Smart TV.

HBO PPV on Spectrum TV?

HBO PPV or HBO pay per view is one of the most convenient ways to catch the recent hits and live events. Many users usually use PPV to ensure they can watch major boxing events, wrestling events, MMA events, professional sports as well as live concerts. To access them all you need to do is navigate the PPV listing and once you find the event you want to watch, press OK. The best part is that you can order PPV using just your remote. Just follow the instructions and you will be all caught up in no time.

Bear in mind though that the PPV channels available to you are influenced by location and are subject to change.

Does Spectrum Support HBO Now?

HBO Now is another great product by the network. You are sure to have heard about it. Its peoples favorite companion on the weekends and on long commutes when they are looking for ways to kill time. You may feel tempted to use it and see for yourself what its all about and if it offers a better experience than the HBO Go App. To put it simply though, HBO Now and HBO Go, are practically the same. Both let you stream content from there On Demand library which they share. So whatever you can find on HBO Now, you will be able to find on HBO Go as well.

What is different is that while HBO GO is free, if you already have an HBO subscription, HBO NOW does not require any cable subscription. It is a standalone service which you can use by paying a flat rate. This is great if you are a cord cutter, but when you already have cable TV and Spectrum at that, getting this app makes little sense.

Since the two are almost the same in terms of content, Spectrum does not support the HBO NOW app. It only offers access to HBO GO app which should suit you perfectly. If you want to use the HBO NOW app still, you will have to pay for it.

Total Cost of HBO on Spectrum?

Time Warner Cable is known for its huge selection of channels. There is always something for everyone with their cable TV subscription. Single men or women, children, parents, grandparents all will find Spectrum channel lineup worth it. Given that you can customize the channel selection nothing could be better.

When it comes to HBO though, it is important to note that it is a premium channel and costs a premium fee. So, if you subscribe to the basic Spectrum Select package you will have to pay an extra $15 a month to add HBO. On the other hand, if you get Spectrum Silver or Gold plans, they include HBO and some other premium channels in their package which is great. Given that the Spectrum TV Silver plan costs $20 more than the Spectrum TV Select plan, this is a great bargain, and wed recommend you go for it instead. It is one of the cheapest ways to get HBO for sure.

Why HBO is a Must-Have?

If you do not already have HBO, then your definitely missing out. The diverse content it offers distinguishes it from others, making it one the most popular networks out there. From dramas, shows, and movies to comedies and sports broadcasts, it truly is the best. Here are some of HBOs original production that the world is gaga about.

    • Game of Thrones
    • Silicon Valley
    • Sex and The City
    • The Sopranos
    • Westworld
    • The Wire
    • True Detective
    • The Night Of
    • Vinyl
    • Vice

The HBO network has a list of premium channels that offer premium entertainment, like:


    • HBO
    • HBO 2
    • HBO 2 West
    • HBO Comedy
    • HBO Comedy West
    • HBO Family
    • HBO Family West
    • HBO Latino
    • HBO Latino West
    • HBO On Demand
    • HBO Signature
    • HBO West
    • HBO Zone
    • HBO Zone West

Its no wonder then that HBO is a household name. If you too want to subscribe to the network or have any queries about it, just call Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-349-9328.


What premium channels are offered by the HBO network?

HBO network has several premium channels, such as HBO, HBO 2, HBO 2 West, HBO Comedy, HBO Comedy West, HBO Family, and more.

What can you watch on HBO on Demand?

You can watch top-notch shows and movies on HBO on Demand, whenever you want as Spectrum gives unlimited access to HBO on Demand content.

Is HBO Go App supported by Spectrum?

Yes! You can stream your favorite shows and movies on HBO Go App anywhere at any time!

Why is HBO a must-have channel?

HBO offered diverse content that distinguishes it from other channels. You can stream some of the most popular shows on HBO.