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All the sports fanatics assemble! We’re about to talk about your favorite local sports channel, so bring your enthusiasm forth, and let’s get started. Even though there is quite some plenty of networks that tap the sports industry, not all of them are focused on airing college-level sports events. The only channel that does cover collegiate sports is part of many households. We’re talking about BTN, aka Big Ten Network – a Chicago-based sports channel, dedicated to covering the latest happenings at the collegiate and university-level games and sports events.

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Surely, professional sports events are exhilarating and totally worth the wait and time. But, it doesn’t top the adrenaline that pumps through your veins, watching young athletes competing to join the league of future superstars. If it wasn’t because of BTN, we wouldn’t have been able to see that happening. BTN was introduced to the world in 2007. The channel is a partnered-venture of Fox Sports and Big Ten. BTN is available to almost 60 million U.S. subscribers. All leading cable, as well as, satellite TV service providers offer BTN’s subscription in their packages.

BTN- Channel Numbers on Spectrum

Speaking of which, if you’re a Spectrum user and still wondering whether or not BTN is accessible to you, worry no more. BTN is certainly available in your Spectrum TV subscription. To find out which channel number you need to tune into for BTN, all you need to do is call 1-855-423-0918. This may help you find BTN in the Spectrum Channel Lineup that you are subscribed to. Remember BTN channel number tends to vary from one region to another, so track by the state you reside in.

From Hockey to Football, BTN Covers it All!

Whether it is Live events or recorded highlights, BTN doesn’t let you miss out on anything. If you’re a diehard football fan, then BTN will feed your adhesion by letting you binge-watch your favorite events. BTN holds the rights to air all the conference’s home football games and televises 35 each season. This means, once you’re subscribed to BTN, every night is going to be a game night for you and your pals.

It doesn’t just end there. BTN also holds the rights to broadcast all men’s basketball conference home games while the network either televises non-conference and exhibition games or streams on In case, you do end up missing the opportunity to watch the broadcast, you may be able to stream your favorite game on the Web.

Does BTN Televise Other Events Too?

It would be a bummer to say that BTN doesn't air other sports events because that’s only possible in a parallel universe. In the one where we dwell, BTN televises other sports events too. That means, if you’re a baseball fanatic and don’t settle on missing any of the events, BTN has your back. Every season, BTN airs around 20 conference baseball games. So, if you long to see budding baseball players attempting to make history, with BTN you surely won’t miss any opportunity to do that.

Besides Baseball, BTN airs college-level ice hockey tournaments, and manages to broadcast 25 ice-hockey events, all the while contributing as an official sponsor of the sport, and making a contribution with popular studio programs too.

Every time the Olympics are on, BTN broadcasts more than 150 Olympic events inclusive of hockey, track and field, soccer, diving, and more. Plus, in 2016, BTN announced a partnered e-sports event with Riot Games known as League of Legends. The event was a head-to-head battle between two teams representing Michigan and Ohio. In 2017 the scope of the event was expanded - a season of conference competition between teams representing 12 Big Ten schools was held, with the championship winner receiving an invite to the Riot’s college championship. League of Legends was to be primarily streamed online but later rounds got televised by BTN. The winning team can now take home $35,000 worth of scholarship funds.

Big Ten’s Big Players

Besides getting to watch sports, Big Ten is also quite popular for its shows, based on sports-related predictions, unbiased debates, analyses, and more. Even if you’re someone with very little interest in sports, watching BTN will surely turn your preferences around. If you want to know about the shows that air on BTN, here are some of the best ones:

BTN Tailgate

This show lets you have a lighthearted look at what goes on in the campus before the Big Ten Football Game-weekend. Initially, the show’s airtime was 90 minutes, but in 2010 it was cut to 60 minutes. Also, the show was renamed Big Ten Tailgate and no longer referred to as Friday Night Tailgate, but what didn’t change was the day it airs. You can still catch BTN Tailgate on Fridays, folks!

Big Ten Tonight

This show may seem like a typical take on the highlights and discussion that follows a sporting event. However, what sets it apart is the fact it focuses only on collegiate-level sports events. Big Ten Tonight airs on Sundays.

The Big Ten’s Greatest Games

If you like throwbacks then you’d love this show! The Big Ten’s Greatest Games airs on Mondays, and recalls the greatest moments from classic football and basketball games that took place years ago.

So, When are You Getting BTN on Spectrum TV?

When BTN is around, you will never stay behind as far as catching up with the latest happenings from the realm of college-level sports. If you want to subscribe to BTN via Spectrum, be sure to do your homework and find out everything of importance to you.

Spectrum has an array of bundles, crafted to cater to your needs. Each bundle has its own specific channel lineup but the good news is, all tiers of Spectrum TV include BTN. So, explore Spectrum bundles for all else that matters to you, and subscribe!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel is BTN on Spectrum?

BTN is available in all Spectrum TV packages. Find BTN channel number in Spectrum Channel Lineup by searching your address and you’re good to go! To know more about BTN on Spectrum, call 1-844-481-5997!

Where can I find BTN on Spectrum TV?

BTN is available in all Spectrum TV packages and bundles! Subscribe to your favorite Spectrum TV plan and get access to limitless TV entertainment now!