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TV is an essential part of our entertainment life today and has remained so since 1939 when residential areas began receiving television services. What made TV extensively popular is the way it blended the features of radio and film together, not to mention you could follow live shows in real-time. With the fame of TV spreading throughout the U.S., it is no surprise that many service providers had come into being before the end of the century. Today, television forms a great part of the average American home, drawing the family together at the end of a long and tiring day.

Picking a provider that is right for you is quite a task, especially with so many options out there. However, by comparing the local market and providers available, you may be able to pick an option that works for you. If you are looking to compare Dish TV and Cox TV, here are some of the main things that you ought to know about both services before you get into a commitment with either.


Dish TV Vs Cox TV: A Head-to-Head Comparison

There are quite a few things to talk about when we compare TV services; the channel lineups offered, TV equipment, service features such as HD channels, add-ons, On Demand, TV Everywhere, DVR, and finally the pricing plans offered.

The Cox Contour is a cable TV service and comes in three easy tiers. Dish, on the other hand, is a satellite TV service, available in four tiers but with a unique set of features. Since both these TV services are inherently dissimilar, they differ over quite a large variety of service features. A comprehensive head-to-head comparison of both services is given below. 



Cox TV

Dish TV

Service Type



Channel Count

75+ ? 250+ 

190+ ? 290+

HD Programming



On Demand



TV Everywhere



TV Add-Ons






First Set-Top Box




$53/mo. - $138/mo.
Everyday low price. No term agmt

$69.99/mo. – 104.99/mo.
For 2 years with term agmt.



Dish TV Vs Cox Contour TV: Pros and Cons

Both satellite TV and cable TV have a set of advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately you have to make a decision based on those pros and cons. Of course, your decision would be influenced by your personal needs and preferences, which would serve as a benchmark for your final pick.

For instance, if you are looking for TV service on a budget and Cox is available in your area, it will turn out a good pick. However, if you are in an area with limited availability of cable networks, the coast-to-coast availability of Dish TV service makes it a much better choice to consider.

Similarly, with a satellite TV such as Dish, you get a larger channel variety and some exciting add-ons such as premium networks. With Cox, however, you get a decent channel lineup with all local and popular TV networks, if you want to keep things simple.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each service.





  • Service availability in several regions across 19 states
  • Basic channel lineup available as a budget option
  • Peacock Premium and Starter DVR included in the package for a limited time
  • Watch TV on any device with the Contour TV app; you just need an internet connection
  • No term agreement is required with any plan
  • Easy to bundle with Cox Internet


  • No promotional discounts offered



  • Available anywhere, even in rural America
  • Wide channel lineup and On Demand library with a great diversity of content
  • A Large variety of sports?local, regional, premium, and national channels
  • Hopper Duo HD DVR included in price
  • DISH Anywhere app gives you a TV everywhere experience on any device you want
  • Limited-time subscription to premium entertainment networks included in the price for new customers
  • Option to go contract-free
  • No price hike in the  2nd year
  • Easy internet bundling options with AT&T, Cox, HughesNet, CenturyLink, Windstream Kinetic, and WOW!


  • No basic channel lineup available
  • 2-year contract for best savings



Dish TV Vs Cox TV: Packages and Pricing

Both Cox and Dish TV come in multiple tiers of service, varying on the basis of channel count, services, features, and more.

Dish TV offers four service tiers, starting with America’s Top 120 with a count of 190 channels at a price of $69.99/mo. There are higher-level tiers available too, depending on what you are looking for. All channels include local and popular channels along with an on-demand library. Premium networks come included in all the plans for 3 months, so you can enjoy them for free.

The pricing may be slightly higher than what you get with typical cable TV plans since it is a satellite TV service. But for the channels offered and the Hopper Duo that comes included, it is not a bad deal. Plus with Dish, you also get the option to pay month-to-month and go contract-free if you don’t like contracts although it does translate into a slightly higher monthly charge.

Cox cable TV on the other hand gets you three plans too, the starter with 75+ channels at $53.00/mo. There are mid-tier and high-end plans available too, that you can pick from. You can also customize your TV plan with exciting add-ons such as premium networks and DVR. Cox TV plans are not the cheapest in the market but are priced at market-competitive rates, getting you quality TV services without having to worry about any annual contracts.


Cox Contour TV Packages


Channel Count


Contour TV Starter

75+ channels

One Contour Box Rental Included

Everyday Low Price. No term agmt.

Contour TV Preferred

140+ channels

One Contour Box Rental Included

Everyday Low Price. No term agmt.

Contour TV Ultimate

250+ channels

One Contour Box Rental Included

Everyday Low Price. No term agmt.


Dish TV Packages

Dish TV Plan

Channel Count

On-Demand Titles


America’s Top 120





Includes Hopper Duo

With 2-year term agmt. Price guaranteed for 2 years


America’s Top 120 Plus





Includes Hopper Duo

With 2-year term agmt. Price guaranteed for 2 years

America’s Top 200




Includes Hopper Duo

With 2-year term agmt. Price guaranteed for 2 years

America’s Top 250




Includes Hopper Duo

With 2-year term agmt. Price guaranteed for 2 years


Not only do you get a higher channel count with the Dish TV plans but you also get a price guarantee for 2 years, where you can enjoy the service without any price hike, which you may rarely find with other satellite TV providers.


Dish Vs Cox TV: Channel Lineups

Both Cox and Dish offer a wide channel lineup, with sports, family, kids, educational, movies, and plenty of other genres to keep you entertained. With Cox, you get 75+ channels in the starter plan, which are mostly basic channels. But if you can splurge a little and get a higher tier plan, you can get 140+ to 250+ channels. Plus, there is an addition of popular and premium networks with bigger plans so you get more flavor to keep you entertained.

The Dish TV lineup on the other hand is quite exquisite with 190 channels in its starter plan alone. Depending on what you want to pick, you also get a choice of 190+, 240+, and 290+ channels with Dish higher tier plans. Plus, plenty of popular channels and premium networks are part of these packages too.

Here is a quick look at some of the top channel selections you can expect with Dish TV and Cox TV.


Cox Contour TV Plan

Key Channels

Contour Starter


Contour Preferred

ESPN, Hallmark, CNN, HGTV, TCM, Lifetime Movies

Contour Ultimate

NFL Network, Disney Jr., Cleo TV, Discovery Life
+ Premium networks +
Variety, Movie, and Sports & Info Pack channels 

Cox also offers an expanded version of its mid-tier plan: Cox Contour Preferred Plus. It has 170+ channels and is priced at $118/mo. It includes some popular as well as premium networks, such as STARZ and HBO Max; all on top of the Preferred lineup, breathing more value to this mid-tier plan.


Dish TV Plan

Key Channels

America’s Top 120

ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, C-SPAN, Animal Planet

America’s Top 120 Plus

SEC Network, Big Ten Network, Pac-12 Network + Multi-Sport Pack

America’s Top 200

BBC America, Lifetime Movies, Hallmark Channel + Multi-Sport Pack

America’s Top 250

NFL Network, Golf Channel, Discovery Family
+ Premium Networks (FXM, STARZ Encore) + Multi-Sport Pack + Other add-ons




Dish Vs Cox TV: More Service Features


Cox Contour TV (Cable TV)

    • Get a unique TV experience with the Cox Contour TV box and the intuitive voice remote that comes free with your service
    • Enjoy a TV service with live, on-demand, and all your streaming services in one place, search across all platforms with one search query
    • Peacock Premium comes included with your TV plan for one complete year
    • Access live and on-demand and watch on the go with the Contour TV App
    • Personalize your TV experience the way you like; include premium networks, add-ons, mini channel packs, and more.


Dish TV (Satellite TV)



Dish Vs Cox: Installation

Dish TV offers only professional installation, which makes sense because it is something only their technicians can do. However, unlike many other providers, Dish offers a completely free installation and does not charge for it. This is a great perk because most other providers do charge for a professional installation.

Conversely, Cox offers both self and pro-install. With self-install things are pretty easy, all you have to do is set up the service yourself, which is quite easy to do since it comes with instructions on the Cox TV Connect kit. However, if you do want to go for professional installation, it comes at a price, which can go as high up to $100 and is a one-time charge.


Dish Vs Cox: Equipment and DVR

Dish comes with two DVRs, each with a set of unique features to help enhance your TV experience. The Hopper Duo is the basic DVR service that comes included with all Dish plans and can support one or two TVs. It has about 500 GB of hard drive storage that can save up to 125 hours of HD storage. If this does not serve your needs, you can go for the smarter and better Hopper 3. It comes with 2TB or 500 hours of hard drive storage and works seamlessly with your voice remote. The Hopper 3 comes as an add-on so you do have to pay a small monthly fee but it can work on multiple screens at once. You can also choose to get Joey receivers at an additional charge if you have multiple TVs at your home to create a whole-home DVR experience.

The Cox Contour set-top box comes free with all Cox plans, but the Cox DVR is a separate service and is available at an added charge. Depending upon what tier you get, you can enjoy up to 1000 hours of HD storage and can record up to 24 shows at once with the top tier of the service. The Cox Contour DVR is priced between $13.50 to $30.00 per month.  


Dish Vs Cox: TV Everywhere Apps

Our TV is no longer locked in our homes, today, we can carry it everywhere on our phones. Most providers including Dish and Cox offer this TV everywhere experience. The Dish Anywhere app not only gets you access to live TV but also On-demand titles and DVR recordings on up to 5 simultaneous streams. However, the live TV and recordings are only accessible via an internet-connected Hopper w/Sling, Hopper 3, or a compatible mobile device. The Hopper Duo doesn’t offer live TV with Dish Anywhere.

The Cox Contour App comes with an easy user interface and great parental controls that make things simple. Watch TV on the go with live TV, On-demand, DVR recordings, and even more things right there at your fingertips.


Final Call: Is Dish or Cox TV Better for Your Home?

Whether it is a cable TV service or a satellite TV, the final decision boils down to whatever works best for you and your family. If you live in a place with limited cable TV services, then Dish TV is there to help you out. With its coast-to-coast availability, Dish is present nationwide with 99% signal reliability, extensive channel lineups, and plenty of exciting add-ons to offer. The Dish DVRs are quite interesting too, with many hours of HD storage depending on what type you get. The Dish Anywhere app makes the TV experience more fun, carrying your TV with you everywhere.


If you live in a place where cable TV services are available, Cox is a good contender and would get you the most basic features at affordable rates. Not to mention, you can choose to go for higher-tier plans with popular channels, premium networks, and more. Choose from DVR options to make your TV experience even better. The Contour TV app also ensures that your entertainment is as mobile as you are, always in your hands just a touch away. For more information on Cox TV services or to order, call us at 855-349-9316. Visit Cox Servicio al Cliente for Spanish users.

Learn more about the Cox Contour TV experience!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Dish TV have an early termination fee (ETF)?

If you have agreed to a term agreement and a contract with Dish TV, and cancel before the term agreement is over, you would be subjected to an early termination fee. This is about $20 for each month still left in your contract term.

What do you get with Cox TV plans?

Cox TV plans get you great services along with a good basic TV plan. The starter plan offers 75+ channels priced at only $53/mo. Higher-end plans offer 140+ and 250+ channels. Exciting features such as On Demand, TV Everywhere, etc. are included with all Cox plans. And as part of recent offers, you also get to enjoy the Starter DVR at zero cost. To check if Cox TV service is available in your area call 1-855-349-9316 anytime.

How to get a TV service in my area?

Multiple TV providers are usually available in most areas, to learn more about the top providers available in your area, call us our 24/7 customer service at 1-855-349-9328 and let our representatives take care of you!