WOW! Internet Offers

DOWNLOAD Up to 200 Mbps Up to 500 Mbps Up to 1 Gbps
DATA CAP Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
$9.99/mo. $9.99/mo. FREE
PRICE PER MONTH $49.99/mo.* $59.99/mo.* $79.99/mo.*

*Pricing subject to enrollment in AutoPay & Paperless Billing. Non-enrollment will add $5 to the aforementioned prices. Equipment & speed availability vary by area.

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Why WOW! Internet is the Best Choice

WOW! Internet is one of the largest providers of residential broadband services in the United States. Spread across several states, the coverage area spans many cities with millions of customers. Here are the reasons why WOW! Internet is popular.

Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network

WOW! Internet is brought to you mainly on fiber optic infrastructure, with the last mile being covered by a coaxial cable. It means you get most of the benefits of a fiber internet connection with WOW! Internet. The speed, the latency, the jitter and other parameters which decide the quality of a connection, are all well within the top range of industry benchmark.

Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network
No Data Cap

No Data Cap

Every WOW! Internet plan comes with unlimited browsing and streaming. You never have to check up on remaining monthly data and worry about being charged for overuse. Entire families can use the internet heavily yet stay stress free. The internet is meant to be enjoyed, and that’s what WOW! Internet allows you to experience. Fair use policy applies but even if yours is a heavy internet use household, you need not worry.

Whole Home Wi-Fi

Do you get annoyed by poor Wi-Fi signals in certain bedrooms, your backyard, the garage, or elsewhere in your home? Get the Whole Home Wi-Fi powered by Amazon’s Eero device to always have access to full signal strength no matter where you are at home.

Control your WOW! Home Mesh Networking with your smartphone to let guests connect without passwords, or to turn Wi-Fi on and off, and more.

FREE Installation

Largely speaking, service providers charge for professional installation of equipment at your home when you subscribe to their internet, cable TV, and home phone services. Not WOW! WOW! likes to offer you a break ever so often. For a limited time, you can order any service or bundle online and get free professional installation services. That’s a $50 value!

It means you can test out the WOW! Internet and WOW! TV services for the first month without having spent any money.

Service Protection Plan

For a separate fee of $5/month, residential WOW! Internet customers can subscribe to the Service Protection Plan. This plan is meant to cover repairs to the inside wiring for your internet, TV, and home phone. You will be exempt from fees for repair and equipment replacement due (as long as the issue wasn’t caused by customer negligence or the result of deliberate damage). The technician visit fee also stands waived, among other things.

Next Day Installation

If you call 1-855-349-9313 now you’ll be able to enjoy WOW! Internet service as early as tomorrow! WOW! personnel are quick to respond to requests. A well-trained technician will be over to do the job to your satisfaction before you know it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

After you start using WOW! Internet, you can enjoy a trial period of 30 days. Should you be dissatisfied for any reason, you can call back and ask WOW! to return your money, and they will. But you really won’t need to exercise this option, just as millions of WOW! customers didn’t!


Make your front page a one-in-all source of information and entertainment with WOWWAY portal. Get the latest in news, sports, celebrity gossip, weather and current events right on your WOWWAY portal.

WOW! Email

You need email accounts for different purposes, be it work, personal tasks, your side business, online shopping, or any other purpose. When you subscribe to WOW! Internet, you get up to 7 FREE WOW! Email accounts. Every member of your family could have one secure, fast, reliable email service with WOW! Set up an address book, and manage your calendar with WOW! Email. WOW! Inbox has 10GB of storage space!

Amazing Customer Service

You bet! WOW! Internet comes with an award-winning proactive customer service team at your beck and call 24/7/365. You always know that no matter what time it maybe, should something bother you, the problem will be addressed immediately in a friendly manner.

WOW! Online Security

In partnership with F-Secure®, WOW internet provides you with firewall, anti-virus, anti-popup, anti-hacking services. As a WOW! Internet user, you’re not going to wake up one day to find your personal or financial data has been used by unscrupulous criminals half the world away. The security suite is updated regularly and automatically to make sure you browse in peace.

WOW! Internet Vs WOW! Internet & Cable Bundles

For nearly 2.5 decades, Wide Open West, commonly known as WOW! has been working to expand its network capacity and coverage. Today, it services over 840,000 subscribers in 9 states—delivering fiber rich cable broadband at competitive price points. But, internet is not the only service you get from WOW!. Cable TV and digital phone are also available in WOW! service states—making for a complete service suite. And, you receive utmost customer satisfaction, whether you subscribe to WOW! Internet or WOW! internet and cable.

Are you a student who hardly has time for TV? Or are you addicted to streaming content? Either way WOW! internet-only plans can be perfect for you. And, if you are part of a small or large household, WOW! internet and cable bundles do the trick. Especially for families with die-hard sports fans and TV buffs, WOW! cable bundles are the way to go! But that is not all! For families that would prefer to have only one provider take care of their digital needs, WOW! Home Phone is also available. The best part is when you bundle it with WOW! internet and cable, it saves you good money!

Availability of WOW! Internet and Cable

WOW! is currently operational in 19 markets across 9 states. In comparison to nationwide providers, WOW! coverage is rather limited. However, that is exactly what allows it to focus more on service quality and customer satisfaction. The provider is able to design customized and affordable plans with greater attention to consumer needs. Which is a win-win situation for both WOW! and its subscribers.

WOW! internet service is available mostly in urban and suburban parts of its service states. These are neighborhoods where WOW! Cable TV network was in place before residential internet was widely marketed. WOW! internet and cable shared this coaxial network until WOW! began a large-scale upgrade, and delivery of WOW! internet came to rely more on the fiber optic backbone in the infrastructure.

So, if you are based in any of the WOW! service states, check WOW! Internet availability at your address. WOW! internet and cable deals provide great value for your money and are not something you would want to miss.

State Population Covered Cities Covered Max Speed
Tennessee 139,600 Knoxville 1,000 mbps
South Carolina 260,525 Charleston 1,000 mbps
Ohio 1,521,373 Cleveland, Columbus 1,000 mbps
Michigan 1,872,510 Detroit, Mid-Michigan 1,000 mbps
Indiana 317,809 Evansville 1,000 mbps
Illinois 1,604,922 Chicago, Chicagoland 1,000 mbps
Georgia 389,362 Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon 1,000 mbps
Florida 804,094 Panama City, Pinellas 1,000 mbps
Alabama 624,373 Auburn, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Valley 1,000 mbps

The WOW! Coverage Map

Some Interesting WOW! Facts

  • WOW! is the 6th largest cable provider in the U.S.
  • WOW! offers its services in 9 states
  • WOW! serves a total of 863 ZIP codes
  • WOW! provides cable, DSL and fiber optic internet
  • WOW! cable is available to about 7.2 million people, DSL internet gets to 6,000, while fiber broadband is accessible in 179 ZIP codes

How Do WOW! Internet Customers See the Service?

When it comes to subscribing to an internet service, you can never be cautious enough. Getting consumer reviews on the subject is of prime importance. So, if you are curious, you might want to learn what the WOW! internet service experience is like from someone who has used it. WOW! users form a an interactive and helpful community. Reach out to others and see what they have to say about WOW!. Whether it is the equipment quality you’re interested in learning about, or the delivered speeds that has got you worried, ask the people who use the service. And, if there are any other queries, give WOW! Customer Service a call. With 24/7/365 support, you’ll be able to contact the WOW! team at any given time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical Wi-Fi router that operates on a 2.4GHz band, has a range of up to 150 ft. indoors and 300 ft. outdoors. With that said, the recommended distance between your connected device and the router should be not more than 150 feet, otherwise the signal strength would decrease. If there are more than two to three walls that the Wi-Fi signal must travel through, you can expect its strength to become weaker. And, while the signal can penetrate most walls, large metal objects may affect its effectiveness.

There are dead spots in each house where the wireless signal doesn’t reach or is not strong enough. Dealing with huge buffer times while watching movies, or loading times while surfing the web, can get frustrating. This is where Whole-Home Wi-Fi comes in. Using the WOW! in-home Wi-Fi system that comes with an Eero base and beacons, you can get fast and strong Wi-Fi in every corner covered by the system.

Each device that is connected to an internet connection takes up bandwidth. The more the devices, the more the speed on devices connected to the Wi-Fi network will be affected. The speed is also affected by the type of activities you conduct online. For example, if most devices are simply checking emails and reading news, you won’t feel any drastic impact. At the same time, if bandwidth intensive activities like streaming HD movies, online gaming and making video chats are conducted, you can expect significant reduction in the performance of your internet across devices.

An internet modem not working could throw anyone into a panic. There’s nothing to worry about however. Here’s what you should do:

  • Check the coaxial cable, Ethernet/USB cable, as well as power connections. None should be loose.
  • Next verify if modem is on. Check the power light.
  • If there is no power light, check the connection to the power outlet. Is the plug in an outlet? If it is, you might want to connect to another power outlet and see if it lights up.
  • Next, unplug the modem from power. The light should go off. Wait for 20 seconds and plug it back in. It may take a up to 10 minutes to reboot, and the internet light to turn a solid color.
  • If the lights do not go off when you power the modem off, that means it has an internal battery. In this case you would need to press the Reset button at the rear, for not more than 5 seconds.
  • Once the modem has been restarted, also restart your computer. If the problem persists give WOW! Customer Service a call.

Download speed refers to the time taken to transfer data from the Web to your device. On the other hand, upload speed refers to the time taken to transfer data from your device to another device or server on the internet.

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