Ways to Connect with WOW! Customer Service

WOW! Sales Support

Do you want to speak to a sales representative at WOW! to find information about various packages and their availability in your area? Want to save money by getting the best price possible for WOW! services in your neighborhood.

Call 1-855-349-9313 at anytime to speak to a WOW! sales support representative.

WOW! Live Chat

WOW! offers subscribers a Live online chat option. Go to the WOW! support page, and look for the “chat bubble” in the bottom right-hand corner. Here you can make general inquiries, ask questions related to account and billing, or even report technical problems. The Live WOW! Chat provides existing WOW! subscribers get an instant answer to their questions and concerns.

WOW! Email Contact

Do you wish to contact WOW! via email? If you would like to send screenshots, or scanned documents to WOW! staff, the best method to contact is via email. You can email at the following address: wow_techsupport@wowinc.com

Expect a reply in a couple of business days. Although that is the official response time span, you may get a reply much faster.

WOW! Tech Support

Although it’s rare, you may come to have an issue with your WOW! Cable TV, internet, or home phone service. But you don’t need to panic at all if that happens. WOW! stands by to provide you technical support. You don’t have to spend your time trying to dig out a solution on search engines. All you need to do is call WOW! Tech Support at 1-855-496-9929. You’ll get the best instructions that will help resolve your problem in the simplest, and the fastest way.

WOW! on Twitter

Want to get updates directly from the official WOW! Twitter account? Get the latest by following @WOW_WAY, and if you want WOW! Customer Service on Twitter, follow this account: @WOWCare WOW! Twitter customer support team may ask you to Direct Message them your account details and issue. It’s fine to do so, since these are verified accounts. Your information will be safe.

WOW! on Facebook

Are you a Facebook user who prefers to interact with brands on that platform? WOW! has a verified page on Facebook and their response time on Facebook Messenger is quite fast. You won’t have to wait long for them to get back with a solution. Like and Follow WOW! on Facebook

More on How to Connect with WOW!

WOW! is at Your Service When You Move

Moving to a new neighborhood? If you have confirmed WOW! service availability at your new address, you can relax. WOW! will be with you every step of the way to help move your service(s) subscription to your new home.

To transfer your WOW! service(s), the first step is to call WOW! 2 weeks in advance to let them know you’d be moving. This window of time allows WOW! to disconnect the service(s) from your current address and transfer to the new one. Generally speaking, it takes up to four days to complete the process.

If you intend to keep the same plan or package, pack up the WOW! equipment carefully. And, don’t forget to label the cords for the different pieces of equipment. But, if you wish to upgrade and not keep your old equipment, you can return the equipment at the nearest equipment drop box location.

The same top quality services will be enabled at your new home. You get to keep your email addresses, account information, and in most cases even the phone number.

Call 1-855-349-9313 and allow a WOW! representative to help you coordinate the dates for disconnection and new set up along with other details related to transfer of service.

The WOWWAY Portal

The WOWWAY Portal is your one stop for a quick glance at the latest in news, sports, finance, entertainment, games and much more. You can get updates here about the NFL Playoffs, the weather, and the stocks. The portal gives you access to your WOW! email as well as your online account. Login to manage your account from the portal, and accomplish a whole host of tasks.

  • View & pay your bill
  • Setup autoPay & Enroll in paperless Billing
  • Access account info and settings
  • Stream online content

WOW! Online Self-Help Resources

WOW! has built a support portal which contains a library of frequently asked questions. These FAQs are divided by categories. Within each category are further subdivisions by feature or technical issue. Click below to go directly to the relevant WOW! self-help page.

Account & Billing – General questions, AutoPay and Paperless Billing, Email.

Maintenance Advisories – Get information regarding upcoming manintenace event(s) or a service outage.

Internet – General questions, equipment & installation, troubleshooting, Whole-Home Wi-Fi, WOW! Security.

TV – General questions, equipment & installation, troubleshooting, Parental Controls, Pay-per-View & On Demand, ULTRA.

Phone – General questions, equipment & installation, troubleshooting, long distance and international calling, phone scams and “Do Not Call”, 911.

If however, you are unable to find an answer to your question, you can always contact a WOW! representative at 1-855-349-9313.

WOW! News and Updates

Interested in knowing what WOW! is up to as a company? From giving back to the community to the company culture, service updates, and future plans, find all WOW! news in one place.

WOW! Management Team

Are you curious about the leadership team at WOW!? Check out the people who are looking out for the interests of internet, TV, home phone consumers every day. The leadership negotiates with government agencies and network providers to get you the best prices and most content under WOW! services umbrella.

WOW! Moments

Over the years, WOW! staff have left a positive impression on many customers. These interactions have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of WOW! subscribers. To recognize these acts of good customer service, WOW! has compiled customer testimonials into a single place called WOW! Moments. Check out some stories of exceptional customer care provided by WOW! staff

WOW! Troubleshooting: Quick Tips for Common Problems

Rare as it may be, it is inevitable that at some point or the other you’ll find your internet service isn’t working as usual, or your cable box just can’t keep up. These things happen. But, if you know where to look for help, it is likely the problem will be fixed quick. WOW! online self-help resources provide plenty of information about common issues that are encountered by subscribers. You can visit these resources for Internet, TV, and Phone problems, and get detailed information. And, you can also call WOW! tech support at 1-855-496-9929 if need be.

Here are some quick tips that help fix common issues:


Is You WOW! Gateway Giving Trouble?

If you have checked all wired connections, and nothing seems amiss, you’ll have to restart the gateway device. But, before you do that switch off your internet enabled device(s) such as the computer. Then unplug the power cord from the gateway device, and let it cool off for a couple of seconds.

If you notice upon unplugging the device, the status indicator lights do not turn off, it means your gateway device has a battery backup. If so, press the reset button at the back of the device. Be sure not to hold it down for more than 5 seconds, as that can cause it to drop the wireless settings.

Plug the power cord back in and switch the gateway on. Give the device 5 minutes or so to reboot completely. Status indicator lights will start lighting up slowly. Once the lights turn solid, you are ready to connect your computer and another internet enabled devices.

If restarting your gateway device, or your modem and router, doesn’t help and you can’t connect to the internet, there could be a host of other reasons for the downtime. Call WOW! tech support for a quick resolution.

Is Your WOW! Digital Receiver Giving Trouble?

If you face an issue with your WOW! TV service, in terms of picture quality and distortion, or you see a black screen, ensure the wiring to the TV is all in place, and make each connection hand-tight. In case that does not solve the problem, you may have to reboot your digital receiver.

To restart your digital receiver or cable box, unplug the power cord for a couple of minutes, and let the device cool off. Plug it back in. Push and hold the power button, until you see the word “reboot” on the receiver’s display screen. Then release the power button and wait for the current time to be displayed. Next, switch on the cable box. It may take 5-7 minutes for the device to reboot completely, before the picture on your TV screen returns.

When this does not work, don’t hesitate to call WOW! tech support for a quick resolution.


Is There a WOW! Outage in the Area?

WOW! ensures to keep you updated about outages and maintenance events. If you suspect you have lost internet or TV due to a WOW! outage you can check on the WOW! Maintenance advisory page, contact WOW! via Live Chat or call tech support at 1-855-496-9929.

How to Pay Your WOW! Bill

WOW! is determined to provide the best service to its subscribers. That is why the provider offers more than one way for you to pay your WOW! bill. You can pick any that does not compromise your convenience. The only place where WOW! doesn’t relent is protecting the environment. So, if you want a paper bill each month, be ready to pay an additional $2/month. After all, there is great benefit in going paperless. If you want to sign up for paperless billing you can do so with ease. Just sign into your WOW! online account, and go to the Billing Center section to opt for paperless billing.

Here is how you can pay your WOW! bill:

Pay Online

To pay online, log in to your WOW! account and click on the drop down menu for ‘Billing’. From that list select ‘Submit Payment’ and follow the prompts to process your payment. You can pay using your credit or debit card—whichever suits you the best. Also, you will get two options here—you can make a one-time payment or set up AutoPay. Get detailed information on paying your WOW! bill online.

Pay over the Phone

To clear your bill over the phone, you can call WOW! at 1-855-496-9929. You’ll be connected to a WOW! representative who will confirm your identity and guide you through the process. Keep your account and billing details on hand to make the process more efficient.

Pay via Mail

WOW! lets you pay your bill via snail mail if you so wish. Just make sure you send your payment to the right address. If you receive a paper bill, the address is usually mentioned on it. But in case you need to confirm where to send the payment you can check here. With that said for most WOW! service areas the address is:

WOW! Internet Cable and Phone

PO BOX 4350

Carol Stream, IL 60197-4350

Pay at the WOW! Store or Third Party Location

Search for WOW! ‘Payment Locations’ here for your home town. WOW! gives you a detailed list of local offices and third-party payment locations in your city or town. Select the one nearest to you, and stop by to deposit your payment in person.

Given the ongoing pandemic situation, it isn’t recommended you visit a store to make your monthly payment. Chances are WOW! stores may be closed. But, if you must pay the bill this way, you can use the secure drop box to make your payment.

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