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Are you from the era where you had to wait for your cable TV provider to broadcast your favorite movie or program? Or do you remember those times when you had to save your pocket money so you could rent out a VCR from a local store, and how you had to pay a fine if you forgot to return it on the due date? Maybe you would recall how you adjusted your schedule around your favorite TV shows and movies. If you are old enough to call back such instances, congratulations you are lucky to have made to the time where you have access to non-traditional TV like Cox Contour.

There is no denying the fact evolution of technology has revolutionized how people consume video content. With the advent of streaming services courtesy of high-speed internet, the cord-cutting trend has been on a progressive rise, posing quite a competition to traditional cable TV services. However, Cox has taken this development in its stride and come up with ways that render a subscription to Cox cable TV service a more worthwhile option than a standalone streaming service. By making TV plans more customizable, offering ways to watch favorites on your own timeline, and making varied streaming options available in order to expand the scope of your primary subscription to Cox Cable TV, Cox has taken traditional cable TV to a whole new level. 

The offers on the Cox menu, as far as accessing TV entertainment, have the power to transform your televisual experience - even if you have found yourself on the verge of bidding farewell to traditional cable services in favor of signing up for non-traditional ways of watching TV via streaming services. With Cox you get the reliability of traditional cable TV service that runs independent of your monthly data allowance, and also brings you the flexibility to access video content in a myriad of ways, whichever suits your preference. Watch with family on your TV set or stream TV favorites on your hand-held devices, Cox lets you access Live TV, your preferred sports coverage, a versatile On Demand library, an array of network apps and more – all in addition to your primary subscription to the extensive Contour TV channel line up. Not only that, you get a chance to stream your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere you have access to high-speed internet, whenever you want to kill boredom, via the Contour TV app.

If you want to learn more about Cox Contour TV, you have come to the right place! This Contour TV Guide is especially designed to help understand how much more there is to the Contour TV service from Cox than just watching TV.

Through this guide, you can transform the way you watch TV while you get to avail yourself of incredibly amazing features that adorn the Contour TV service from Cox. So let’s get straight to what Cox has in store for you!

By the end of this guide, you would have learned:

    What is Cox Contour TV?

    Cox Communications, the third largest cable service provider in the U.S., offers Contour TV to satiate the entertainment needs of audiences across 18 states that carry the Cox footprint. The primary aim, which underlines this Cox endeavor, is to add value and depth to your entire TV watching experience. Although the service may seem a tad pricey, the features that come to transform your view of televisual entertainment, without a doubt, offer good value for money.

    Cox leaves no stone unturned in helping you break away from traditional TV-watching by completely revolutionizing the way you access entertainment – you have to have the Contour Experience to comprehend this fully!

    Cox Offers Unlimited Entertainment with Ultimate Convenience

    What’s better than getting ready access to hit movies, TV shows and Live sports events? By opting for Cox Contour TV, you are able to watch seemingly unlimited quality content including free HD channels. The service gives you access to all the channels America loves to watch, Live and On Demand, on your favorite devices.

    You get to stream via a variety of apps right on your big screen – while some like Netflix and Amazon Prime require you to carry a subscription to the service, others like Tubi, Pandora and Music Choice are subscription free. Stay abreast of the status of your stocks with the In-Guide Stocks app or keep an eye on the forecast with the Weather app; you can even stream ongoing games Live on TV via the In-Guide Sports app, and access scores and statistics of your favorite teams.

    Your viewing experience is rendered unique by the enhanced sense of convenience that comes with the Cox Voice Remote. Searching multiple entertainment options for TV favorites can get really frustrating, so Cox includes an intelligent remote with your Contour TV subscription that works at the command of your voice. This voice remote presents the simplest and the fastest way to search for your favorite titles. With multiple handy features and simplified navigation, it becomes much more expedient to locate programs you want, when you want – whether recorded via DVR, On Demand, or Live – by just saying what you want!

    The Cox Contour TV also saves you from having to sift through thousands of available titles from a variety of sources by making recommendations based on your viewing and search preferences. While you also get to enjoy exclusive features like the visually appealing on-screen guide and Parental Controls, which help you keep your kids from watching age inappropriate content.

    Contour Your TV with Cox

    The fact Cox allows you to customize your televisual experience in line with your viewing preferences greatly adds to the value of your subscription. From an array of Cox Paks, which are crafted to cater to sports enthusiasts, movie buffs, and families looking for entertaining time together, you can take your pick of an add-on(s) to spice up your chosen channel lineup furthermore.

    With the Contour TV app, which allows you to take your TV around in your pocket so to speak, Cox goes a step further and puts you in full charge of your televisual experience - meaning, you can not only choose what you watch, and how you watch, but when and where you watch it!

    Here is a summarized list of some unique features you come to access with Contour TV:

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      Cox TV Plans

      In case you still find yourself wondering if you should opt for Cox cable TV or not, here are the Cox TV plans especially designed with you in mind. Whether it is Live shows or sports that you crave for or you love to spend your leisure time binge-watching your favorite series, Cox TV plans cater to all your entertainment needs.

      Note: One important thing you need to keep in mind is offers and service availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

      Cox Starter TV

      The Starter TV service by Cox is a bare-bones plan specifically designed for people who are either not big on TV entertainment, are on a tight budget, or simply want to combine a local TV plan with their preferred premium add-ons.

      It is, without a doubt, a basic package but it does bring you popular American networks like NBC, CW, PBS, ABC, FOX, CBS and C-SPAN. All in all it gives you access to 75 channels, inclusive of over 50 Music Choice channels. With the price tag as low as $25, Cox TV Starter can in fact prove to be a worthwhile choice for varied reasons.

      Cox Contour TV

      As touched upon earlier, Cox Contour TV is a unique service that pays attention to your preferences and recommends content accordingly. The Cox Voice Remote makes things all the more expedient and fun by fetching your favorites at the command of your voice. Just tell the Cox Voice Remote what you wish to watch at any time, and let it furnish your viewing options from the Cox Contour TV channel lineup.

      The Cox channel lineup is divided into 2 tiers – the standard Contour TV and the high-end Contour TV Ultimate. The former is available for subscription as a standalone service for $69.99/month, and brings you 140 widely favored channels like ESPN, the History Channel, HGTV, FS1, Univision, Comedy Central etc. The latter however can be subscribed to when you bundle two or more Cox services, and comes equipped with a comprehensive 250 strong channel lineup.

      Cox TV Bundles for Everyone

      If you are on a budget but want to get the most value for your money, Cox Bundles are a perfect choice. Cox not only brings your way a quality TV service, but ensures to fulfill your connectivity needs through its reliable cable internet and phone services at discounted rates. You could either select popular packages that have been tailored to cater to the needs of a vast cross section of interested audiences, or customize your bundle according to your personal preferences. Here is a sample of what Cox bundle deals look like:

      Package TV Internet Phone
      Cox TV Starter Bundle $74.99/mo. Cox Starter TV with 75 Channels & Free HD Programming Internet Essential 50 50 Mbps-fast downstream & 3 Mbps-fast upstream Cox Voice Premier Unlimited nationwide calling with 14 digital calling features
      Cox Silver Bundle  $109.99/mo.

      Cox Contour TV with 140 Channels &

      Free HD Programming
      Internet Ultimate 500 500 Mbps-fast downstream & 10 Mbps-fast upstream Cox Voice Premier Unlimited nationwide calling with 14 digital calling features
      Cox Gold Bundle $129.99/mo. Cox Contour TV Ultimate with 250 Channels & Free HD Programming Internet Ultimate 500 500 Mbps-fast downstream & 10 Mbps-fast upstream Cox Voice Premier Unlimited nationwide calling with 14 digital calling features

      Stream Content on-the-Go with the Contour TV App

      Are you about to commute to work on public transport? If yes, why not take your TV along with you? If you are confused or completely clueless about what we are talking about, you need to know that you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable TV with the Cox Contour app.

      If you are already subscribed to Cox TV service, make sure you have your Cox credentials to sign into the app whenever you want. With your Contour TV subscription, you can catch up on your favorite programs, stream thousands of On Demand shows, watch Live TV, and manage your downloads anytime, from anywhere, via your hand-held devices.

      The best part is courtesy the Contour TV app, you don’t even have to wait for the Cox TV service to be installed at your address. Once you subscribe to a plan, you can start watching Cox Contour TV via the app prior to the installation date. All you have to do is download the app to your smartphone or watch online on your PC or laptop.  

      Exclusive Features of the Contour TV App

      With the wide variety of things the free Contour TV app can do, you’ll never miss your favorite show again!

        Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it customizes the TV guide by filtering different categories like Sports, Kids, and Movies. When home, you can watch On Demand content and Live TV from the channel lineup you are subscribed to, and when you are out and about, you can access content by employing the filter “Available out of home”.

        How to Set Up the Contour TV App

        If you are trying to set up your Contour app for the first time, let us walk you through the process step-by-step. Take a quick look at what you’ll need to do:

          The Contour TV DVR Service

          DVR Recording Capacity   Storage Hours
          Starter (Record 1)
          1 show 50 hours
          Essential (Record 2) HD-DVR 2 shows 250 hours
          Preferred (Record 6) HD-DVR 6 shows 250 hours
          Ultimate (Record 24) HD-DVR 24 shows 1,000 hours

          When it comes to DVR, you have plenty of options on offer from Cox – from basic to ultimate. Depending upon how TV is watched in your household, or what your individual lifestyle dictates, you can pick from any of the above-listed DVR choices. Each tier comes with Cloud DVR and you can save your recordings for a maximum of 12 months.

          The Preferred Record 6 offers a decent option for a medium-sized household with the ability to record 6 shows at a time, and 250 hours of storage capacity. The whole-home enabled service lets you access content on any TV in the house. Following your TV favorites on your own timeline was never as cost effective as with Cox Preferred DVR at only $19.99/mo.

          On the other hand, if you are a large-ish family with each member prone to binge-watching, the Ultimate Record 24, albeit pricey at $29.99/mo., offers the most comprehensive solution that can easily cater to everyone’s watching habits – quite worth the investment. The 1,000 hours storage can help you build your own video library that you can boast about and enjoy with family and friends for one whole year.

          Spice up Your Entertainment with the Cox Channel Lineup

          Cox understands the unique entertainment needs of its audiences countrywide, and includes the most watched channels in America in the varied tiers of the Contour TV channel lineup.  

            Your Sports Viewing Options with Contour TV

            Fully aware of how Americans favor sports programming, Cox ensures to offer a variety of sports viewing options for enthusiasts countrywide. These sports channels cover multiple sports e.g. Basketball, Golf, Outdoor Sports, Tennis, Hockey, Football, and more. You can access all the much awaited games right from the comfort of your home, and soar to a new level of sports fandom.

            Now let’s take a look at some widely favored sports channels available in the Contour TV Channel lineup.

            Channels Contour TV Plan Contour TV Ultimate Plan
            ESPN ? ?
            ESPN 2 ? ?
            Fox Sports 1


            NBC Sports Network ? ?
            Golf Channel ? ?
            SEC Network X ?
            MLB Network X ?
            NFL Network X ?
            Golf Channel X ?
            ESPNU X ?

            Cox TV Channel Paks

            Whether you are a sports fanatic or a movie buff, Cox has you covered. An array of TV Paks on offer present you with the option to customize your TV to fit all your entertainment needs. Here’s what Cox Paks have in store for you!

              TV Pak Sample Channels Monthly Cost
            Variety Pak Disney JR, Nicktoons, VH1 Classic, Cooking Channel, BBC America & more $12.00/mo.
            Movie Pak EPIX®, STARZ ENCORE® network RetroPlex®  & more $12.00/mo.
            Sports and Information Pak NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network & more $10.00/mo.
            Sports Pak 2 NFL RedZone®, MLB Strike Zone & more $10.00/mo.
            Seasonal Sports TV Packages MLB Extra Innings, MLS Direct Kick, NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass, NFL RedZone®
            Latino Pak Telefutura, Universo, CISNEROS MEDIA, Discovery Familia, Galavision, Discovery en Español, CNN en Español, FOX Deportes, and ESPN Deportes & more $10.00/mo.

            In addition to these Cox Paks, you are at liberty to choose any of the highly popular premium channels i.e. HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, EPIX® & STARZ® on a standalone basis – customize your Cox Contour TV subscription by taking your pick from these premiums and pay only for what you watch! These premiums are available in a price range of $12-$16.

            The Channels You Get with Cox Contour TV Ultimate 

            When you opt for Contour TV Ultimate in a Cox Bundle of your choosing, there is a plethora of channels you get access to – over 250 – inclusive of the most sought-after premiums and sports networks.

            Here is a list of channels you can entertain yourself on 24/7/365 with Cox Contour Ultimate TV. You must however remain mindful of the fact, channel availability may vary from one location to another.


            Americas Talk Radio
            American Heroes Channel
            Animal Planet
            Antenna TV
            BBC America
            beIN Sports
            beIN Sports en Español
            BET Jams
            Big Ten Network
            Business & Sports Talk Radio
            C4 Government Access
            Cartoon Network/Adult Swim
            CBS Sports Network
            Cinemax East
            Cinemax West
            CMT Music
            Comedy Central
            Cooking Channel
            Cox Community Channel
            Destination America
            Digital Talk Radio
            Discovery Channel
            Discovery Family
            Discovery Life
            Disney Channel
            Disney Junior
            Disney XD
            El Rey Network
            ESPN Classic
            ESPN Deportes
            ESPN Goal Line / ESPN Buzzer Beater
            Esquire Network
            EVINE Live
            Food Network
            Fox Business Network
            Fox College Sports (Pacific)
            Fox News Channel
            Fox Sports 1
            Fox Sports 2
            Fox Sports West
            Fox Weather
            Golf Channel
            Good Life Radio
            Great American Country
            Grit TV
            Hallmark Channel
            Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
            HBO Comedy
            HBO East
            HBO Family East
            HBO Family West
            HBO Latino
            HBO Signature East
            HBO Signature West
            HBO West
            HBO Zone
            HBO2 East
            HBO2 West
            Hot Talk Live
            Investigation Discovery
            Jewelry TV
            KBLR (Telemundo)
            KCLV Government Access*
            KINC (Univision)
            KLAS (CBS)
            KLVX (PBS)
            KSNV (NBC)
            KTNV (ABC)
            KVCW (The CW)
            KVMY (MyLVTV)
            KVVU (Fox)
            Logo TV
            Metro 48
            MLB Network
            MTV Classic
            Music Choice Channels
            Nat Geo Wild
            National Geographic Channel
            NBA TV
            NBC Universo
            NFL Network
            NHL Network
            Nick Jr.
            Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite
            On Demand
            Outdoor Channel
            Pac12 Network
            PBS Jackpot
            PBS Rewind
            PBS Worldview
            Prime Ticket
            SEC Network
            SEC Overflow
            Showtime 2
            Showtime Beyond
            Showtime East
            Showtime Extreme
            Showtime Family
            Showtime Next
            Showtime Showcase
            Showtime West
            Showtime Women
            Spectrum Deportes
            Spectrum SportsNet
            Starz Cinema
            Starz Comedy
            Starz Edge
            Starz Encore
            Starz Encore Action
            Starz Encore Black
            Starz Encore Classic
            Starz Encore Español
            Starz Encore Family
            Starz Encore Suspense
            Starz Encore West
            Starz Encore Westerns
            Starz In Black
            Starz Kids & Family
            Starz West
            Talk on the Right
            TeenNick/The Splat
            The Movie Channel East
            The Movie Channel West
            The Movie Channel Xtra East
            The Movie Channel Xtra West
            The View from the Left
            The Weather Channel
            This TV
            Travel Channel
            TV Land
            TV One
            Univision Deportes
            USA Network
            WE tv
            WGN America

            Wrapping Up

            If you are looking for a great plan that brings you the flavor of traditional cable TV offerings while also allowing you the flexibility of watching TV on your own terms, as has been made possible by the evolution of technology, Cox Contour TV is a solid option. The liberty to customize your plan helps streamline your televisual experience without breaking the bank.

            And if you take up on the Cox offer to bundle services and maximize the value of your subscription, rest assured your connectivity and entertainment needs would rest in good hands!

Cox Servicio al Cliente is also available for spanish users at 1-855-349-9316


What’s so special about Cox Contour TV?

Cox Contour TV gives you the opportunity to watch unlimited content, alongside free HD channels. You also get to watch all-time favorite Live American channels and On-Demand Content on any smart screen.

Does Cox Contour TV have a DVR service?

Yes, they offer a DVR service alongside a pay-per-view service.

How much does the Cox TV Starter plan cost?

Cox TV Starter plan cost as low as $25/mo.

How much does the Cox standard Contour TV plan cost?

Cox standard Contour TV plans costs $69.99/mo.