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Having so many remote controls littering the sofa, the chairs and the tables makes for a sore sight. And that doesnt even begin to describe the mess. The worst part is scrambling to get the right remote in time to make the necessary changes so that you can enjoy a worthy entertainment experience. And guess what! If you have to scramble, it is not likely that your experience would be a very pleasant one. Especially, if you happen to be a loyal customer and own appliances from the same brand—because you will have most of your remote controls looking practically the same, making the task of getting your hands onto the right one at the right time, a bigger hassle than it needs to be. And, thats no way to live.

If you are one of those crazy-meticulous people who make it a point to organize items with labels, you will have it slightly easier than the rest of the tormented souls. But, watching movies and shows from the comfort of your couch should be this difficult. There has to be a better way. Luckily, with a Cox remote there is!

Able to connect with a myriad of devices, the Cox remote allows you to control your entertainment system using just one device. You can flip the channels, turn on your sound system, connect to your DVD/Blu-Ray player or DVR, and more. The device is designed to make your experience seamless. All in all, both Cox remotes i.e. Contour 1 & 2 offer features and advantages that you will surely appreciate.

Your Cox Remote: Features and Advantages

Once you are subscribed to a Cox TV plan, depending on the plan, you get either the Contour 1 or Contour 2 remote. Designed to perfection both remotes have some exciting features, which put the Cox devices amongst the top ones in the market. The main difference between Contour 1 & 2 is that the Contour 2 remote is voice-activated. Both are, however, universal—which makes them compatible with a variety of devices. The reason why along with your TV and Cox Contour TV set-top box, the remote also connects with your DVR, sound system and DVD/Blu-Ray player, etc.  

For starters, it uses radiofrequency (RF) instead of infrared (IR), so you get a clearer signal and better battery life. The Contour 2 remote allows you aim-free control, making it easier to use. While the buttons on Contour 1 remotes are convenient to follow and help you get things done quickly. Both remotes can make all essential changes required during any standard TV watching session. Control the TV input and power it off; increase or decrease the volume or mute it completely. If you have audio devices connected, you can mute them too, or adjust their volume and turn them off. And did we mention it offers automatic backlight? Because that is a total plus and shows you just how well designed it truly is.

Your universal Cox remote has many advantages, so if you have already set it up, you might want to start now. The only difficult part is programming it. But luckily, while it may sound technical, you do need to be a rocket scientist to get it up and running. Whether you are just kicking off your subscription with Cox Cable, or you have recently upgraded to Cox Contour 2, follow the instructions laid out below and you will be all set in no time!

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Programming Your Cox Remote to TV

People often get intimidated by the word programming, thinking the process requires in-depth know-how of the workings of the devices and the remote. But, that is hardly the case. The process is simple and designed to be user-friendly so that anyone can do it. You dont necessarily need a professionals help. Just read through the instructions and try to follow them. You might make a mistake once or twice, but that is hardly a reason for you to get disheartened. Youll be able to figure out your mistakes, correct them, and connect all your devices in no time.

So, wondering what the procedure is? Well, just read on!

Using Device Code Entry

Each device comes with a 4 digit code which you can use to connect it to the Cox universal remote. If you know the code for your device, the process is as follows:

  1. Turn on your TV set.
  2. Press and release the TV key.
  3. Next, press and hold onto SELECT MUTE keys at once on the URC8820 and the SETUP key on M7820. Hold down until the selected mode key (TV) blinks two times. After that, you can release the button(s).
  4. Next, enter the first 4 digit code option for the device. If it is the right code, the selected mode key should blink twice.
  5. When the key blinks twice, you must point the remote to the TV and press the Power button once. The TV should turn off, and you will know that the process is complete. The correct code will save automatically.
  6. If however, the TV does not turn off, repeat steps 2-5. Try entering a different 4-digit code each time until you get it right.

As you can see, the process of programming a Cox remote is fairly simple. If you have the right code, it will hardly take you any time. However, it is finding the right code that can be troublesome. Worry not though, we have that covered too.

Finding the 4-digit Code

Heres how you can find your 4-digit code:

  1. Turn the TV on.
  2. Press and hold the SELECT MUTE keys simultaneously, until the selected DEVICE key blinks two times, after which you can release the buttons.
  3. Now, press and release the TV key, the DEVICE LED should stay on.
  4. Point the remote to the TV and press & hold the SELECT key. Be patient. You may have to keep holding down the SELECT key for more than a minute. The remote control will search the entire list of codes for your TV in the meantime.
  5. When the TV turns off, you can let go of the SELECT key. The correct code will save automatically.

In case, you are using the M7820 remote from Cox Cable instead of the URC8820, follow the steps below to pair up the remote by finding the 4-digit code.

  1. Turn the TV on.
  2. Press TV, then press SETUP and hold it until the selected mode key blinks two times, after which you can release the button.
  3. Then enter 9-9-1. If TV blinks twice then thats your signal for the next step.
  4. Point the remote to the TV and press the Power button once
  5. Next, press the CH (or CH-) button one or more times till the TV turns off. If you miss the code while pressing CH , worry not. Simple press CH- once or twice till the TV turns on signaling that you have found the right code for your TV.
  6. Lastly, press SETUP once so the code is locked in. Once that is done, the TV key should blink two times.
  7. This process essentially puts the remote in search mode. The remote sends IR codes stored in its memory to the TV starting with the most popular one.

This process essentially puts the remote in search mode. The remote sends IR codes stored in its memory to the TV starting with the most popular one.

If you are looking for the code to your DVD players, etc. simply substitute the key for TV on the remote with the key for the device you wish to program. And, follow the same steps as mentioned above. Youll find your 4-digit code in no time. Then all that remains for you to do is program the remote and youll be able to control your devices with ease, and enjoy Cox TV in peace.

Programming Your Cox mini-box Remote

The instructions mentioned above are quite standard. For most common Cox remotes these should work perfectly well. However, if you have a Cox mini-box remote or a Cox Contour 2 remote, the programming process is a little different. As, we said earlier, depending on which of the Cox cable TV packages youre subscribed to the remotes you get may vary. Your location also plays a role in this.

For the mini-box remote, whether you are using the RF3220-R or 2220:

  1. Press and hold the SETUP button and wait till the POWER LED blinks twice.
  2. Next, press the POWER button and also press and hold down the relevant DIGIT button for your brand of TV.
  3. Aim your remote to the device you want to pair it with. Hold it till the TV turns off.
  4. When it switches off, you will know the configuration was successful. If however, you hear one long blink, that means the process has failed and you need to repeat the steps.

Programming Your Cox Contour 2 Remote

Programming your Cox Contour 2 remote is also simple. Currently, there are two voice remotes that Cox TV comes with: the XR15 and the XR11.

For the XR11 follow these simple steps one by one:

  1. Remove the PULL tab on the back of the remote and activate it. You will notice the STATUS LED blinks green four times. The remote will take a few seconds to power up.
  2. Turn on the TV and the set-top box.
  3. Press and hold the SETUP button until the STATUS LED turns from red to green.
  4. Next press the CONTOUR button and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the 3-digit code that you see.
  5. If the 3-digit code is correct, the pairing of your remote and device is complete. If not, make sure the 3-digit code is put incorrectly.

For the XR15 follow the process outlined below:

  1. Next, activate your remote by removing the PULL tab at the rear. And wait until the blue STATUS LED blinks 3 times. The voice remote will take a few seconds to power up.
  2. Turn on the TV and the Contour receiver.
  3. Press the VOICE COMMAND button and start following the on-screen prompts.
  4. Once the process is complete your Voice Remote is all set up for you to try out.

Cox Cable ensures online resources are available to you for all matters Cox. You will find plenty of online help, and if need be you can always call Cox Customer Service for quick assistance.

Errors You Might be Making

If after all this following of steps one after the other, your remote still refuses to connect with your desired device, chances are you making a mistake somewhere that is getting overlooked even when you repeat the process. To help you troubleshoot, here is a list of common mistakes people tend to make. Most likely you too are making one of these so make sure to read on.

Your following instructions for the wrong remote. If you have a Contour 2 remote or a mini-box remote, the process is slightly different. If you follow the same instructions with these remotes you are sure to run into trouble so wed suggest you first check exactly which remote do you own. For this, you can visit their website here, or just take a picture, and run it through Google Lens. You'll have your answer in no time.

If you can get a hold of the manual for the remote, that would be even better as it will tell you the correct codes as well save you from a lot of hassle.

A couple of other things you can check for is if you pressed the right button for the device you want to pair the remote with. For example, for TV you must press the TV button. Oftentimes people press the wrong button. You might also want to see if the batteries are charged and if the remote is not damaged. If it is, you will have to call Cox Customer Service and ask for a new one. Spanish customers can call on +1-844-520-8979 or visit cox en español

Final Words

There you go. We have covered the essentials on programming your Cox remote(s). As you can see the process is quite simple and extremely rewarding. This hard work will pay back, so make sure you get it all set up and running as soon as you subscribe to a Cox package, your cable line gets connected and your Cox TV service is activated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to reset Cox remote?

Simply press and hold SETUP for three seconds till the color of the light changes from red to green. Next enter 9-8-1. The LED light should blink twice. If it does, that means your remote has been reset.

Where is the Setup button?

The location of the button varies from remote to remote however, it is labeled clearly for its customers so you should not have any issue finding it.