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Windstream internet plans are available in a number of states nationwide. The prices are highly reasonable and the quality of service top-notch. Each plan has been designed to offer you great value for money.

400 Mbps

Kinetic Internet 400

  • Up to 400 Mbps-fast broadband
  • Available speed range is 376-450 Mbps
  • Stream, surf, shop and game without the stress of data caps

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for 12 months in select markets.
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500 Mbps

Kinetic Internet 500

  • Up to 500 Mbps-fast broadband
  • Available speed range is 451-799 Mbps
  • 30-day Money back guarantee & no mandatory contracts

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for 12 months in select markets.
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1 Gbps

Kinetic Gig Internet

  • Up to 1 Gbps fast broadband
  • Available speed range 800-1000 Mbps
  • Unlimited data every month
  • Free professional installation

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for 12 months in select markets.
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Offers subject to availability. Prices may vary with location due to state taxes, fees, and laws.

The best thing about Windstream Service is that it provides you with the advertised speeds for your package, and even faster speeds during off-peak hours. The speeds can however vary somewhat based on the number of connected devices, time of the day, terrain conditions, website congestion, and location. The way Windstream Internet prices are set, it’s the smart thing to do to subscribe to the Kinetic Internet 100 – this plan offers higher speed for the same promotional and regular price as the lower speed tiers.


Windstream internet service is one of the popular options across the United States. Every member of the household stays happy and productive when the internet connection is hassle free, fast, and meets the highest standards.

We asked Windstream customers what they love about their service provider, and why they recommend Windstream Services to family and friends. Here is what we found:

Open & Free Internet Is What America Wants

People want to be free. Access to websites, applications, and all other online activities should be readily available to customers at all times. That’s exactly what Windstream’s policy is regarding Net Neutrality. You’ll never find some apps are slower than others because your service provider is throttling your connection covertly. As long as the online activity is legal, rest assured your internet will run at the most optimized speed. You, and not your provider, decides what to view and surf.

Widespread Internet Coverage

It is often said the only option for people outside major metro urban areas is satellite internet. The problem with that is, during inclement weather conditions satellite internet service is affected negatively. Windstream is one of the largest broadband providers in terms of coverage. Whether you reside in an urban or rural area, or you inhabit the suburbs, it’s more than likely that you can subscribe to Windstream Services. So, if you’re planning to jump onto the Windstream bandwagon, check internet availability in your ZIP code now.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Windstream Internet reviews may have left you confused whether or not it is a viable option. One can however never be sure of the authenticity of positive or negative reviews online. The best way to decide if you should use Windstream Internet is to use the service on a trial basis and decide yourself. If the service from Windstream fails to hit the mark (which is rare), you can cancel any time in the first 30 days and get a refund.

US-based around-the-clock Customer Service

The Windstream Customer Service team is trained and located in the United States. Local Windstream staff knows its way around your problems, which is why you will always get better support with technical issues, billing, and general concerns, whenever you need. Windstream support staff knows all about local regulations, corporate policies, taxes, latest promos, internet plans and bundles, so they’re able to deliver accurate and the most updated information to you.

windstream internet


Based on market research, Windstream internet service has incorporated many options and features for consumers that significantly improve the online experience, relative to what competitors offer. Here is more on why you should subscribe to Windstream Services.

Innovative Tech at Your Service with Windstream Internet

The variety of technologies deployed by the company is focused on maximizing the quality of internet while keeping the price to a minimum. This means, whichever plan or package you choose, you get more for less. Long story short, everyone in the household is going to appreciate your decision to go for a Windstream internet plan.


Windstream deploys Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2 (VDSL2) to bring you the highest possible bandwidth. Windstream equipment is capable of handling a range of high-speed data transfers, so that if you change your plan or bundle with another service, you don’t have to change all the various pieces of equipment.


Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS 3.0) is a technology that leverages the existing cable TV lines in any given neighborhood to deliver high-quality, consistent data transfer at all times. This technology makes possible what is called “link aggregation.” Your internet connection can combine multiple ports of the 2-in-1 router into a single high-bandwidth data path.

Metro Ethernet

Metropolitan area network (MAN) is a technology crafted especially for businesses. Connect your home office to your corporate office, or connect various branches of your business to each other with an unprecedentedly secure connection.

Optional Security Suites: The Windstream Secure Lineup

Security is an increasingly important issue both in the real and virtual worlds. With Windstream internet service, customers get the option to subscribe to security plans that protect their networks against varied cyber threats, while also providing hardware protection.

Browse Safe with Windstream Secure

You don’t want to leave your family exposed to the dangers of the internet, do you? You don’t often realize that but many times, the bad guys try to trick you into doing something that lets them into your network and enables them to steal financial and identity data. The stolen data is then used to commit more cyber crimes. Instead of remaining anxious about the possibility of having to deal with the authorities and banks after an incident has occurred, it’s wise to opt for a protection plan parallel to your Windstream internet subscription.

windstream security

Windstream Connect Secure

  • For $9.99/mo.
  • Internet security while you are on the move
  • Tech support for Wi-Fi device connectivity

Windstream Self Secure

  • For $11.99/mo.
  • Identity theft protection
  • Around the clock Tech support for Whole-home connectivity

Windstream Total Secure

  • For $14.99/mo.
  • Identity theft protection
  • Tech support for Whole-home and Wi-Fi device connectivity
  • Protection Plus to maintain and protect your in-home wiring

The Federal Communications Commission Puts Windstream to Test

Under the Measuring Broadband America Program conducted by the FCC, residential Windstream broadband speeds were put to test. The study found during off-peak hours, Windstream Internet speed stood at 97% of the maximum advertised, while during peak hours the experienced speed was 92% of the advertised upper limit. This test result stands as a testimony to transparent practices observed by Windstream Communications as well as a testament to across the board consistency in terms of service level.

Windstream Coverage

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