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Get Kinetic Fiber Internet 1 GIG at $39.99/mo.* for the First 3 Months!

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Ultra-Fast Kinetic Fiber Plans & Packages

99.9% reliable. 100% awesome. With FREE Whole Home Wi-Fi set up.

Kinetic Fiber Internet

up to 300 Mbps w/ unlimited data

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$39.99/mo.* For 12 months with AutoPay

1-year Price Guarantee

Speed & reliability that is perfect for:

  • HD video streaming
  • Online shopping
  • Videoconferencing
  • Multiplayer gaming

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Kinetic Fiber Internet

up to 1 Gig w/ unlimited data

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$69.99 $39.99/mo.* For the first 3 months with AutoPay (month 4-24 $69.99)

2-year Price Guarantee

An all-purpose connection that is great for:

  • Telecommuting
  • 4K video streaming
  • Competitive online gaming
  • Multiple connected devices

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Kinetic Fiber Internet

up to 2 Gig w/ unlimited data

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$99.99/mo.* For 24 months with AutoPay

2-year Price Guarantee

With equally fast upload & download speeds enjoy:

  • Glitch-free gaming
  • Seamless video conferencing
  • 4K UHD video streaming
  • Connecting smart devices & home security gadgets

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*Price includes a $5.00/mo. discount with AutoPay, option to disable at the next step. Prices may change after the promotional period ends. Taxes & fees extra.

Get Kinetic by Windstream for the Best Internet Deals in Town!

And Now for a Limited Time Enjoy a $100 Kinetic Reward Prepaid Mastercard® Card!

Eligibility: Customer must be a new Kinetic Internet customer (i.e., has not received Kinetic Internet service within the past 30 days) and in good standing for 45 consecutive days following service activation. A valid email address is also required.

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Unlock the Full Potential of the Internet

Win More Games with Unlimited Multi-GIG Kinetic Fiber

Give more gigs to more people in the home, allowing everyone to enjoy a multi-gig experience at the same time. Kinetic by Windstream’s 8 GIG speed delivers enough bandwidth for any application or number of users.

Drop your cable for ultra-fast upload speeds―the most premium 8 Gig Kinetic service delivers uploads that are 220x faster than cable. Subject to availability.

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Windstream Internet Plans & Bundles

Enjoy Service Features That Everyone Loves!

Whether you need only high-speed Internet or your home needs a Windstream bundle with the home phone service on the same bill for simplicity and convenience―you’ll enjoy some truly great features with Kinetic by Windstream.


No Annual Contract

Windstream Internet service is free from an annual commitment. This goes on to show that the provider is confident about the quality and value of its services, and believe in letting its customers feel complete freedom―because that is what makes satisfied and happy customers!


Unlimited Data

Kinetic by Windstream promises to not cap your internet data. The provider believes in internet without limitations because it understands consumers’ digital needs―stream, game, and surf, without worrying about running out of data or an overage fee!


30-day Money-back Guarantee

Windstream’s 30-day money-back guarantee makes your subscription risk-free. Cancel for any reason within 30 days of service installation/ activation. You will be eligible for a refund on service charges, and if applicable, any equipment & install charges.


24/7 Windstream Internet customer service

U.S. based Windstream customer support staff is well-trained. You will always get better support for technical issues, billing, and general inquiries, whenever you need. Windstream customer service representatives dedicated to delivering sales support know all about the latest promotional plans & special offers―they’re up to date about Windstream Internet prices. So you get accurate and the most current information whenever you’ve a question or concern.

Compare Windstream Internet Plans & Prices

Which One Is Right for Your Home?

Choosing the right internet speed is critical to a seamless online experience. And, for that you must figure out your current needs―based on number of users, connected devices, and the nature of your online activities―before you run a comparison on Windstream Internet prices.

Internet Plan Max. Download Speed Best For: Price
Kinetic High-Speed Internet 100 Mbps
  • Smaller families with up to 5 devices
  • Access your entertainment at speeds fast enough for basic video streaming on more than one device
  • Instant access to email & quick file downloads
For 36 months with AutoPay 855-349-9312
Kinetic Fiber 300 300 Mbps
  • Great for mid-sized families with many users & devices
  • Ultra-fast internet for heavy usage on all your devices
  • Stream HD video on multiple devices at once
  • Download large files & share media
For 12 months with AutoPay 855-349-9312
Kinetic Fiber 1 GIG 1 Gbps
  • It’s lightning fast! And the ideal choice for an ultra-connected home
  • Surf, stream, work and game without limits!
  • Connect your smart locks, lights, thermostats and more via fast & consistent Windstream Internet service
w/ $30 Credit for 3 months. 855-349-9312
Kinetic Fiber 2 GIG 2 Gbps
  • Ideal for households packed with internet users & connected devices
  • Blazing-fast multi-gig speeds delivered with over 99% reliability
  • All the bandwidth for everyone to enjoy a seamless experience―you can stream your 8K faves with confidence!
For 24 months with AutoPay

*Price includes a $5.00/mo. discount with AutoPay, option to disable at the next step. Prices may change after the promotional period ends. Taxes & fees extra.

Kinetic Internet by Windstream

Do This & More with Fast Speeds & Unlimited Data!

Instant Video Playback via Kinetic Internet

Video content comes fully optimized on the Kinetic Internet service. Streaming HD videos won’t result in buffering. And when you are streaming via DIRECTV Via Internet, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, or YouTube TV, playback won’t get interrupted.

Climb the Gaming Leaderboards on Kinetic Fiber

Kinetic Fiber delivers quality internet for mobile, PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, & Xbox One gaming. Gaming lag is rare, the ping is low, and there are no drops in the connection―your game characters move smoothly in real-time―and there is no more choppy gameplay!

Upload & Share Heavy Files in a Jiffy

Cloud file-sharing services are important for professionals & students who work with advanced applications. The average internet connection takes significant time to upload such large files. But, Kinetic Fiber doesn’t. Keep your clients & professors happy by sharing & submitting tasks on time.

Stay Active on Social Media

Everyone wants to stay updated about their friend circle and trending topics in real-time. Kinetic Internet from Windstream keeps the whole family happy―because an enhanced network infrastructure delivers your connection. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Messenger, and all other applications perform just how you want―rapidly and consistently!

Integrate with Smart Home Devices

Kinetic Fiber Internet gives you all the bandwidth to rely on, and Kinetic WiFi Manager helps you control all connected devices with ultimate ease―at home or on-the-go. Integrate your home assistants and smart devices into your Kinetic WiFi network. Connect smart lights, locks, sensors, cameras, and thermostats, and access from just about anywhere, anytime!

Kinetic WiFi for Your Home

Set Yourself up with Fast & Reliable WiFi

The Windstream Internet service offers you to include the high-end Kinetic Gateway to your subscription―enjoy a strong and consistent wireless connection for all your devices for only $10.99/mo. more.

For larger homes, you can pair Kinetic WiFi Mesh Extenders with a compatible Kinetic Gateway to create a mesh network―eliminate WiFi dead zones, so you enjoy consistent wireless signals with greater reach.

Manage, control and personalize your home network with the free Kinetic WiFi Manager―view or change your WiFi network details, enable the guest network, monitor connected devices, and more!

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Kinetic Internet & Home Phone Deals

Kinetic Internet Security for Your Home Network

Kinetic Secure is an ideal choice to keep your family’s internet connection safe both at home and on-the-go―the award-winning service gets you all the benefits of top rated home internet security.

Enhanced Internet Security Wherever You Are

  • Get comprehensive home internet protection including gateway & endpoint security― stay safe from malware & viruses, secure your identity, data & transactions―at home and on-the-go!

Keep Your Young Ones Safe w/ Parental Controls

  • Filter age-inappropriate content or block it altogether, set limits on screen-time, control access to WiFi or just pause it & do a lot more―you can manage it all with the Go Kinetic app.

Premium Technical Support w/ Enhanced in-home Wire Protection

  • Enjoy premium technical support 24/7 for any internet, device or app problem.
  • Enhanced in-home Wire Protection covers Kinetic Internet lines and repair costs

Get Kinetic Home Internet Security w/Kinetic Secure

Enjoy Total Protection FREE for the First 3 Months―a $14.99/mo. Value!

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Windstream Kinetic Internet & Voice

Pair Your Internet with Windstream Phone

The Kinetic home phone service by Windstream brings you unlimited nationwide calling―enjoy your conversations with family and friends across the U.S., and make your day-to-day communication efficient & effective with its many digital features.

Add Windstream phone to your Internet subscription―

For only $25/mo. more!

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Why Choose Kinetic Windstream Internet?

A Quick Recap

  • Counted among the Best DSL Internet Providers of 2024 by CNET
  • Ranked as the Best of 2024 Providers by Forbes Home
  • A powerful connection that brings you the advantages of fiber optic internet
  • Unbeatable promotional offers―lots of Mbps for less!
  • Unlimited data across all plans for high-speed Internet and Kinetic Fiber
  • No annual contract is required
  • No-risk with the 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Value-added affordable add-ons like―Kinetic WiFi Gateway, and online security with Kinetic Secure.
Kinetic Internet & Home Phone Deals

Quick Facts about Windstream Communications

Founded in 1943 in Little Rock, Arkansas, as the Allied Telephone Company, Windstream Communications has been connecting Americans for decades.

Today, we serve hundreds of communities across an 18-state footprint, and continue to bring the advantage of cutting-edge Fiber technology to more American homes.

Our Kinetic broadband customer base has continued to grow since its launch. Our aim is to expand the Kinetic Fiber service to 50% of our national footprint in the near future.

Is Windstream Internet Available in My Area?

Planning to become a subscriber, but not sure about Windstream availability? Kinetic services are available in hundreds of cities and towns across 18 states. Speak to Windstream Internet Customer Service to check availability at your exact address.

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  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Kinetic Internet by Windstream is a superior broadband service delivered over an enhanced physical infrastructure powered by Fiber. In areas where Fiber lines do not yet reach out to the subscriber location, you get enhanced high-speed internet over a hybrid network that uses Fiber to the Loop and a mix of different DSL-based technologies. What you thus get is reliable and super fast speeds that are fit for the range of consumer needs.

Kinetic Internet by Windstream works like any broadband connection. You get a wire coming into your home that connects the Kinetic WiFi Gateway to the Windstream Internet network. The gateway device acts as a modem and router for wireless internet access around the house. For more details, call at 855-349-9312 to speak to a Windstream customer service representative.

Kinetic High-speed Internet offers downloads as high as 100 Mbps in most service areas. Where the network is able to deliver faster speeds, that is what you are offered. As for Kinetic Fiber Internet plans, 300 Mbps, 1 GIG, and 2 GIG speeds are on offer, although multi-gig connections are not currently as widely available. Call at 855-349-9312 to check Kinetic Internet speeds available at your address.

Kinetic Internet plans vary in terms of available speeds and the correlating price. High-speed Internet up to 100 Mbps is offered at the promo rate of $50/mo. with AutoPay. Kinetic Fiber plans start at $39.99/mo. with AutoPay for 300 Mbps and go up to $99.99/mo. with AutoPay for 2 GIG. 8 GIG speeds are also offered but are not as widely available yet. Promotional price is valid for one year. Call at 855-349-9312 to check the variety of speed tiers available at your address.

The advanced Kinetic Internet network utilizes the latest technologies to optimize the performance of your connection. Even the DSL-based network is able to deliver enhanced speeds while a 100% Fiber connection gets you up to 8 Gigabit internet. Windstream Communications gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you don’t find yourself fully satisfied you can cancel within that time frame and get a refund.

Kinetic by Windstream offers its internet service over a DSL-based network that utilizes a mix of the latest technologies, and also the power of Fiber to the Loop. The performance of a Kinetic High-speed Internet connection is thus many times better than a traditional DSL connection. Kinetic Fiber Internet from Windstream gets you a 100% Fiber connection with fiber optic lines running all the way to your doorstep.

There are many reasons that contribute to a slow internet connection. And often the issue is at the user’s end whether it is a technical problem with the equipment or increased usage that makes it feel as if your connection speed has slowed down. To start with take a Windstream speed test, and see if you’re getting the speed you expect from your current plan, and take it from there.