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Pac-12 Network – Overview

Owned by the Pac-12 Conference, Pac-12 Network is an American sports-based cable and satellite TV network. The TV channel was launched in August 2012 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Pac-12 Network’s programming is primarily based on sports events, live conferences, and replays of collegiate sports. However, the national network also functions as six regional sports channels with each channel focusing on different sports from different cities.

Here are the other six channels that are part of the Pac-12 Network family:

  • Pac-12 Arizona (Arizona State University & University of Arizona)
  • Pac-12 Bay Area (Stanford University & University of California)
  • Pac-12 Mountain (University of Colorado & University of Utah)
  • Pac-12 Los Angeles (University of Southern California & UCLA)
  • Pac-12 Oregon (Oregon State University & University of Oregon)
  • Pac-12 Washington (Washington State University & University of Washington)

The TV network can be your one-stop for collegiate sports events such as football, basketball, and other sports like soccer, volleyball, tennis, and a few others. It can be an ordeal to stay updated with live conferences, game schedules, and every other latest happening that goes on in the world of collegiate sports. And with Pac-12 Network, you will no longer have to look elsewhere.


What to Watch on Pac-12 Network?

Pac-12 Network does not limit its programming to a single sport and that is what makes the network stand out the most. Pac-12 Network’s programming lineup comprises 350 collegiate sports events, which includes national football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball games, and other varied sports as well. The network’s programming also features live shows, news conferences, replays, and other similar broadcasts.

Popular original programs currently aired on Pac-12 Network are The Drive, a docu-series that revolves around Pac-12 Conference’s football and men’s basketball teams. Pac-12 Encore and Pac-12 Classics are two programs that feature playbacks of recent Pac-12 games as well as classic Pac-12 games and events.

Other programs on Pac-12 Network are:

  • Varsity Days
  • Inside Pac-12 Football
  • Timelines
  • The 12 Best
  • Conference of Champions
  • Pac-12 Sports Report

To Conclude

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