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Ohio State Buckeyes is the powerhouse that represents the Ohio State University’s athletic teams. Participating in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and being part of the Big Ten conference, the Ohio State Buckeyes do not limit themselves to a single sport. 

The Buckeyes have secured notability on a nationwide level. After all, Ohio State is one of the universities, out of six, that has earned itself an NCAA national championship in baseball and men’s basketball, as well as a national championship in football. Other sports where the Ohio State University’s athletic teams compete professionally are:





Cross Country




Field Hockey

Swim & Dive




Track & Field



Ice Hockey


All About Ohio State Game

The intercollegiate athletic teams representing Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, are known as the Ohio State Buckeyes. The name of the athletic program comes from the official state tree of Ohio, the Buckeye tree. The Buckeyes participate as part of the NCAA’s (short for National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I in the Big Ten Conference. Ohio State has managed to win multiple national championships; the Ohio State football alone is a recipient of eight national championships.

Are you wondering how would you catch all the adrenaline rush Live? Well, courtesy of Spectrum and its cable TV plans. The Ohio State game is also often broadcast on FOX. But you can catch up on all the excitement of earlier game telecasts on ABC and BTN as well with Spectrum TV packages. Other networks such as ESPN, NBC, and CBS are also big on college football game telecasts. And, all are part of the Spectrum channel list. Known for its choice of popular sports networks, Spectrum TV ensures your access to the Ohio State football game live and more.

How to Watch the Ohio State Game on Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV packages cover varied domains of televisual entertainment. Family TV, reality TV content, news shows, Live sports, movie channels, you name it. But, if you want to watch the Ohio State Game in particular, and have a choice of networks, we would recommend you take a look at the Spectrum Channel Lineup. Before you pick one to get set for the last game of the year.

As we said earlier, Spectrum TV channels that broadcast the Ohio State Games are quite a few, but if your mission is to tune into the game, then you should be looking for FOX. And if you are looking for a streaming alternative, you can catch the Ohio State Game Live on fuboTV.

What Channel Is the Ohio State Game on Spectrum?

We should now cut to the chase. When you are a new Spectrum TV subscriber, it can be a hassle to find the channel you are looking for — and it may be more so when you are just starting off with your Spectrum TV service, trying to catch the latest Ohio State Game. Well, read on and find which channels that broadcast the Ohio State games are available with which Spectrum TV plan.

Catch up on the excitement of past games with the Ohio State Buckeyes by tuning into ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN, or BTN on your Spectrum TV.

To confirm the availability of these channels in the Spectrum TV plan, check out the table below!

TV Channel

Inclusion in Spectrum TV Plans


TV Select Signature, TV Select Plus, & Mi Plan Latino


TV Select Signature, TV Select Plus, & Mi Plan Latino


TV Select Signature, TV Select Plus, & Mi Plan Latino


TV Select Signature, TV Select Plus, & Mi Plan Latino


TV Select Signature, TV Select Plus, & Mi Plan Latino

Click on the network name to get information about channels for FOXABCNBCCBSESPN, and BTN

As channel numbers vary across locations, you can cut the hassle of learning the channel number by navigating the Spectrum on-screen guide, it’s highly convenient! If you are into Googling everything, you can also click here, put in your ZIP code and address details, and find the channel numbers you are looking for where you live.

Fox Channel Number

City Fox Channel Number
Louisville, TN 11
Maple Hill, NC 8
Bristol, VA 10
Bradford, VT 9
San Antonio, TX 11
Cincinnati, OH 3
Ridgefield Park, NJ 5
Saint Louis, MO 2
Tampa, FL 13
Grand Junction, CO 7
Los Angeles, CA 11
Avon, IN 11
Lisbon, NH 4
New York, NY 5
Oxford, GA 5

ABC Channel Number

City ABC Channel Number
Louisville, TN 13
Maple Hill, NC 11/12
Bristol, VA 9
Bradford, VT 4
San Antonio, TX 13
Cincinnati, OH 9
Ridgefield Park, NJ 7
Saint Louis, MO 12
Tampa, FL 11
Grand Junction, CO 10
Los Angeles, CA 7
Avon, IN 7
Lisbon, NH 8/9
New York, NY 7
Oxford, GA 2

NBC Channel Number

City NBC Channel Number
Louisville, TN 9
Maple Hill, NC 6/7
Bristol, VA 5
Bradford, VT 2
San Antonio, TX 3
Cincinnati, OH 5
Ridgefield Park, NJ 4
Saint Louis, MO 5
Tampa, FL 8
Grand Junction, CO 9
Los Angeles, CA 4
Avon, IN 12
Lisbon, NH 10
New York, NY 4
Oxford, GA 6

CBS Channel Number

City CBS Channel Number
Louisville, TN 8
Maple Hill, NC 9
Bristol, VA 11
Bradford, VT 8
San Antonio, TX 5
Cincinnati, OH 12
Ridgefield Park, NJ 2
Saint Louis, MO 4
Tampa, FL 10
Grand Junction, CO 3
Los Angeles, CA 2
Avon, IN 4
Lisbon, NH 3/13
New York, NY 2
Oxford, GA 4

ESPN Channel Number

City ESPN Channel Number
Louisville, TN 31
Maple Hill, NC 51
Bristol, VA 31
Bradford, VT 28
San Antonio, TX 24
Cincinnati, OH 30
Ridgefield Park, NJ 15
Saint Louis, MO 35
Tampa, FL 27
Grand Junction, CO 33
Los Angeles, CA 39
Avon, IN 36
Lisbon, NH 31
New York, NY 28
Oxford, GA 32

To Conclude

Spectrum TV is not just about football or baseball. You get different flavors of national, regional, and collegiate sports & athletics, as well as international sports. And, if you are one who loves to binge on sports any time of the day, you can add-on a Spectrum Sports package. This way, you get to celebrate with NFL games on premium-level sports networks like the NFL RedZone®.

Have we left anything unanswered? Well, in case you are convinced and want to give Spectrum TV a shot, give Spectrum sales a call at 844-481-5997 for professional advice and subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I stream the Ohio State Game online?

You can stream the Ohio State Game with a streaming TV service like Fubo on fuboTV. You can also stream it on the Fox Sports app or watch sports on TV tonight with cable TV if you are not subscribed to a streaming service.

Which university represents the Ohio State Buckeyes?

The Ohio State University, located in Columbus, Ohio represents the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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