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Given how often we use the internet every day, we’d be lost if the service were to disconnect for even a second. It’s not just answering emails that’ll have to wait or video calls that’ll be disrupted, but also the mindless scrolling we do every time we’re bored that we’ll be deprived of. However, no matter how great an internet service maybe it can still stop working.

The WOW! Internet Service

WOW! Is one of the most reliable internet providers in the market, but it too isn’t immune to the phenomenon. You may suffer an outage in your area, or find that your connection has simply stopped working. And, while that can be frustrating you can rest assured the problem will be resolved at the earliest.

WOW!, christened as Wide Open West, is the 5th largest coaxial cable internet provider in the US, and covers an estimated 7.2 million people in the Southeast and Midwest regions. It operates in 19 markets across 9 states where it provides high-speed internet to users over a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network. The provider not only endeavors to ensure the service you get is fast and reliable, but the WOW! Internet service comes fully backed by responsive customer support.

So, Is the WOW! Gateway Giving You Trouble?

Before you call WOW! Customer Service about the connectivity issue, we suggest you do a quick once-over to see if there’s something you can do at your end to resolve the problem. Often it is something small that causes trouble. Here’s the step by step process for troubleshooting the problem on your own:

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Checking for WOW! Internet Outage in Your Area

If you are WOW! Internet outage does not get fixed even after basic troubleshooting tricks that you put to use, you may want to check for an update on a wider area outage by visiting the WOW! maintenance advisory web page.

Current and upcoming maintenance events and subsequent outages in each WOW! service location get listed here. And, if there is indeed a wider area WOW! outage due to maintenance, you’ll see a message display on the advisory page. But, if you don’t see any such status update, that may imply the outage is not the result of planned maintenance activity, rather an unforeseen occurrence. In this case, your next step would be to get in touch with WOW! so they can help determine where exactly the issue lies.

How to Contact WOW! Customer Service

WOW! gives subscribers different ways to get in touch regarding service issues or any questions or concerns?around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So anytime you encounter a WOW! internet outage, tech support is available via live chat or phone as well as email.   

WOW! Live Chat

While conversing over the phone is a more direct approach, the wait time can become excruciatingly painful to bear?especially in these times when not all WOW! retail stores are fully functional due to the ups and downs consistently suffered during the last year. WOW! live chat comes in handy though. You can live chat with WOW! Customer Support?they now take your technical concerns too.  

WOW! Tech Support

On the other hand, if you prefer to speak to a WOW! Representative, and don’t mind holding the line, you can get in touch with WOW! tech support staff at  1-844-343-1373. They’ll be able to update you about the service status, and if the issue is at your end, they’ll do the needful to get it resolved.

WOW! E-Mail

While most WOW! internet connection issues can be resolved over a phone call or live chat, sometimes you may need to send documents as well as photos and screenshots to substantiate your complaint. In such cases WOW! email is the way to go. Just drop an email to You can anticipate receiving a response in a couple of business days if not earlier.

Before You Call WOW! Customer Service

To ensure you get fast results, we suggest at the time of call you have a notepad handy. Use it to write down everything you talk about including the date and time of the call, who you talked to, and what they said. If you’re discussing something technical, it’s all the more important you make notes.

Moreover, if at any point you feel you aren’t being heard don’t hesitate to ask for a supervisor. With how well trained their representatives are, that is a rather unlikely occurrence.

Final Words

Everyone wants a reliable high-speed internet plan that doesn’t cost a fortune, and while it may seem like a distant dream, thanks to WOW! it is all within grasp. Of course, it too can give you trouble at times?its technology after all, which may be advanced, but cannot be foolproof?plus there are so many external factors involved those cause outages. But, what counts is WOW! is able to deliver a fast resolution when you are WOW! Internet is down?making the experience totally worth it!

With that said, we hope the next time you face an unlikely WOW! internet outage, you’ll be clear about the course of action you need to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a WOW! Internet outage?

Network congestion is a common cause of internet outages, but not the only one. Equipment failure, power outages, weather disasters, people and animals, maintenance activities?any of these factors can contribute to a WOW! Internet outage at any given time.   

What does an Internet outage mean?

Internet outage commonly refers to a large-scale suspension of internet services caused by a number of factors such as inclement weather, damaged wiring, faulty hardware, malicious software, and scheduled maintenance.

How do I know if there is a WOW! Internet outage?

The quickest way to find out if there is a WOW! Internet outage is to check for a likely WOW! cable outage. Essentially it is the same system that carries the broadband and TV service to your home. So if you are subscribed to WOW! Cable in addition to the WOW! Internet, you can find out by checking both services. Otherwise, go to the WOW! Maintenance advisory webpage for a status update. Or connect with WOW! Tech support.