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Dealing with a bad breakup? There, there…. It’s okay.

There’s no breakup ‘hurt’ that a little ice cream and a good company of friends can’t fix. Hold on a second. Sorry, let us rephrase that – a little ice cream, a good company of friends AND a nice Netflix movie. There, it looks much better now.

Netflix revealed that in the third quarter of 2021, approximately 74 million people streamed content on their platform. Well, why wouldn’t they? This streaming platform has movies, TV shows, documentaries, stand-ups, and so much more, that it’s hard to look away from it. Besides all the great things to watch on Netflix, there are break-up movies too. No, they won’t make you feel any worse than you’re already feeling right now. In fact, these movies could serve as a perfect pick-me-up if you will.

Speaking of which, there’s a movie on Netflix called ‘Someone Great’. According to Forbes, it’s more than just about heartbreak. It’s about friendship, growing up, realizing your self-worth and moving forward at a time when everything is seemingly weighing you down.

Someone Great – A Satisfying Addition To Your Valentine’s Day Watch List

Warning! A handful of spoilers ahead.

The movie Someone Great revolves around Jenny (played by Gina Rodriguez), who is a music journalist from New York. She has two best friends, Erin (DeWanda Wise) and Blaire (Brittany Snow). The movie takes off right away when Jenny’s boyfriend Nate (Lakeith Stanfield) breaks up with her because she has to move across country to work with Rolling Stone.

With the great news of landing her dream job in one hand and losing Nate on the other, Jenny feels a whirlwind of emotions. She finds no joy in things around her. From a bottle of diet coke to her favorite songs – it’s like everything reminds her of Nate. Realizing that Jenny’s slipping into Depression, her best friends Erin and Blaire take charge to bring her out of her ordeal.

This movie maintains a perfect balance of moments that’ll make you cry and the ones where you would find yourself laughing uncontrollably. We won’t spoil it further. Stream this movie on Netflix right away, or add it to your Valentine’s Day watch list, if you’re itching to know more about it.

Is Someone Great Available on Netflix?

Someone Great is a Netflix Original. That means, it was released exclusively on this platform and you can stream it whenever you want. All you need by your side to enjoy Someone Great and other movies of the same genre, is a Netflix subscription and a reliable internet connection.  

You may subscribe to Netflix directly if you’re using Netflix Supported Devices – we’ll get to that shortly – and if you are not a cord-cutter home, you can also opt for a pay-tv service that allows integrated access to Netflix via its set-top boxes.

Which Pay-tv Providers Get You Netflix?

If you’ve recently moved to a new place or are planning to switch your old TV service provider to a new one, now is your chance. A few select TV service providers offer built-in access to Netflix via their TV equipment when you go for their plans. Want to find out which providers they are? Here you go!

  2. Cox Communications
  3. Optimum by Altice
  4. Suddenlink by Altice
  5. Xfinity from Comcast

Time For a Closer Look


DIRECTV now offers its own futuristic take on traditional pay-tv, known as Directv Via internet. While the live streaming service from DIRECTV, is compatible with a range of third-party devices, you can also opt for the exclusive DIRECTV STREAM device that costs $5/mo. (with a 24-month installment agreement) or buy it upfront for $120.

The DIRECTV STREAM service comes with an array of features including a sufficient channel count and On Demand lineup with each plan. And when you also opt for the exclusive DIRECTV STREAM device, you get access to more than 7000 apps on the Google Play Store, including Netflix. You’ll be required to pay a separate subscription fee to enjoy Netflix. But the DIRECTV STREAM device truly does make it easy to switch from live TV and On Demand to your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, whenever you want, without having to switch TV inputs!

Not to forget, it gets its juice from the internet, so make sure to pair it with AT&T Fiber or high-speed internet.  

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Cox Communications

The Contour TV service from Cox Communications now comes with integrated access to Netflix. Cox Cable subscribers can stream Netflix content through its app on the Contour TV box. Also, Netflix shows and movies are included in the browse menus and search functionality of the Contour box. This makes it ever so convenient to search for content across all your entertainment options, as well as access Netflix.

To launch, all you’d have to do is to press the Mic button on your Contour Voice Remote, and when prompted simply say “Netflix”, et voila! About the billing – Netflix will charge you a fixed subscription fee, and select Cox customers can benefit from the convenience of having the Netflix fee appear on the Cox Contour bill.

The best part, current Cox Contour offers include your first set-top box in the price! No monthly rental cost on top of your recurring monthly service charge. Plus Cox high-speed Internet is ranked as one of the best for streaming video. So really. You can build your Cox Cable TV and Internet package just how you want, and also enjoy easy access to Netflix.

Be sure to check for Cox Contour TV plans.

Optimum by Altice

Optimum TV offers a unified internet + TV experience, brought to life by the futuristic Altice One device. This device offers a user-friendly interface and lets you access live TV lineup, On Demand titles, DVR recordings and built-in streaming apps, including the ever-favorite Netflix. Standard Netflix membership charges however apply.

There are 3 ways to access Netflix via Altice One: through the Apps menu; by pressing the Netflix button on your remote, or by navigating to channel 600 from your remote control.

Spiked your interest, didn’t we? Why don’t you check some Optimum TV plans?  


To earn your ticket to Netflix from Suddenlink, add your favorite TV tier to the Suddenlink Internet plan. Suddenlink TV is powered by the Altice One device. Altice One offers built-in streaming apps including YouTube, Prime Video and of course, Netflix. There’s subscription fee that you’ll be paying for Netflix on top of your Suddenlink bill each month.

You can access Netflix on your Suddenlink TV in three ways: by locating Netflix on your device’s Apps menu, by going to channel 600 from your remote or by pressing the Netflix button on your remote control.

Don’t forget to check out the competitively priced Suddenlink TV plans for your home.   

Xfinity from Comcast

Xfinity offers integrated streaming with Xfinity X1 on eligible TV + internet bundles. That means you can stream your favorite movies, TV shows and more, via your favorite streaming platforms including Netflix. To access Netflix on your Xfinity TV, simply speak to your Xfinity Voice Remote or select the app from the X1 menu.  

There’s also one more way to access Netflix on Xfinity and that is through Xfinity Flex 4k streaming TV box. If you’re an internet-only subscriber, you can get access to Netflix along with countless other apps on Xfinity Flex 4K. About the Netflix fee – it will be added directly to your monthly bill from Comcast when you sign up for Netflix membership via X1 or Flex.

In some service locations, Xfinity also includes Netflix membership with select triple play offers. Which means you don’t have to pay for Netflix on top of your Xfinity package.

Feel free to take a stroll along the Xfinity TV and internet packages.

Netflix Supported Devices – It’s Better to Know!

If you’re a die-hard Netflix buff and want to know of every possible way to access it, then we got you! Cuddle up on your couch with a light-hearted flick, or catch-up on your favorite true-crime documentary on the subway. These are the devices that can help you connect with Netflix, no matter where you are.

Netflix is available across all kinds of:

  1. Streaming media players
  2. Smart TVs
  3. Game consoles
  4. Set-top Boxes
  5. Blu-ray Players
  6. Smartphones & Tablets
  7. Laptops & PCs

Spend This Valentine’s Day With ‘Someone Great’

Valentine’s day is almost here. If you’ve been seeking a cable TV plan that offers Netflix streaming, then you know what to do! Bring home any of the aforementioned TV packages and enjoy countless Valentine’s Day flicks including ‘Someone Great’ on Netflix.

Got more questions on your mind? That’s okay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can you watch Someone Great?

You can watch Someone Great on Netflix.

  1. When was Someone Great put on Netflix?

Netflix released Someone Great on April 19th, 2019.

  1. What other movie is Gina Rodriguez in on Netflix?

If you’re a Gina Rodriguez fan, then you can catch her in Carmen Sandiego, Deepwater Horizon, Jane the Virgin, Awake, Miss Bala, Annihilation, and more on Netflix.

  1. Will there be a Someone Great 2?

Netflix hasn’t made an official statement about Someone Great’s sequel yet. However, there could be one in the future since fans are itching to get updates on Jenny’s life.