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Chocolates and perfumes are all well and good, but if you are searching for some novel Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your partner, it can be worth thinking outside the box. Whether you have just started dating, or have been hooked with your beau for a couple of years, we have tons of ideas for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bang this year – all with more than a hint of the latest in tech.

So, let’s get started!

Apple TV 4K

Is your partner always recommending interesting TV series, shows, or movies? If yes, then they would surely love Apple TV 4K as a Valentine’s Day gift to stream their favorite TV shows round-the-clock.

Apple TV 4K gives you access to Apple TV+, and hundreds of other TV apps to stream all types of content. You can use AirPlay to stream video or mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The device is built to get you the full advantage of 4K HDR, industry’s best picture quality. And, this also makes Apple TV 4K stand out among others in the market.

It comes in a gorgeous black box and costs almost the same as its previous version - $179 at the Apple online shop, $169 on Amazon, and up to $205 on eBay. However, it has a much faster processor when compared to its older versions. The revamped Siri remote has got rid of the glass front, and now features chic aluminum design. It replaces the trackpad with a “clickpad”. Which is a circular controller that integrates a touchpad and button-based directional controls.

So, if your partner loves to binge-watch their favorite TV shows, this could be the best gift for them. It covers all popular streaming apps like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more.

However, before you place your order for the big day, just ensure your partner has a high-speed internet connection at home. There is no point in streaming via Apple TV 4K if you don’t have access to a stable internet connection. Fiber connections from the likes of AT&T, CenturyLink and MetroNet which provide users with high-speeds and plenty of bandwidth for all types of activities, can be worth exploring.

Fitbit Charge 4

Is your beau a health freak? Well, if so, we have the best gift option for them to step up their fitness game. Fitbit Charge 4 is available for $179.95 from the manufacturer.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is an excellent all-day activity tracker that helps you keep an eye on your health goals. It allows you to track the steps you take, distance you travel, floors you climb, calories you burn etc. Plus you can monitor your oxygen levels, heart rate, and find out your Active Zone Minutes. Activity Zone Minutes is a new metric which tells you about the time your body spends engaged in high-intensity, fat-burning, cardio activities.

Here is more on the key features of this nifty device:

  • A built-in GPS enables you to track real-time pace and distance during bike rides, outdoor runs, hikes, and walks etc. Now you can do all of that without carrying the phone along, and you still get to see a map of your route via the Fitbit app.
  • The device shows you heartrate variability during the day. By monitoring the variation of time between each heartbeat, it determines if your body is showing potential signs of fatigue, stress or illness.
  • With its Active Zone Minutes, you get a good buzz when you hit your targeted heart rate zones during a workout. Also, the device celebrates with you when you earn extra minutes outside of workouts.
  • It allows you to track your heartbeat 24/7 so you are better aware of the calories you burn, and also of your resting heart rate trends. Based on this info, the device provides real-time advice to optimize your workouts.
  • You can find out for how long you have been inactive during the day. And setup reminders to include a few extra steps when you have been sedentary for too long. The device also allows you to set personalized reminders to stay on track towards achieving your goals.
  • Learn how your body handles stress with the in-app score that tracks the physical signs of stress. Based on your heart rate, the Fitbit Charge 4 also provides you help via guided breathing sessions. Find a few moments of calm during the day to feel grounded again.
  • You can also track your sleeping pattern and get an in-app sleep score to better understand the quality of your sleep.
  • The app dashboard allows you a comprehensive view of your health and fitness, the goals you set, and the progress you make.
  • It offers more than twenty goal-based exercise modes to enjoy your favorite workouts.
  • The device is also water-resistant up to 50 meters which allows you to wear the tracker or smartwatch in the shower or the pool.
  • The device also features an amazing capability to sync wirelessly to your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • It has an extraordinarily powerful and high-performing battery that lasts up to seven days on full charge. When using the GPS however, the battery will last you 5 hours. Battery life is directly related to the nature of usage and other factors.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses: Alto

Does your partner love to rock every tech item under the sun? If so, they are totally going to love these classy Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses that can play their favorite melodies while they are outdoors.

Bose offers you a modern classic in the form of this gorgeous pair of sunglasses. This extraordinary pair of sunglasses is designed for both sun and sound. You get to wear the classic Bose angular shape frame that incorporates a commanding pair of lenses and Bose sound. And like so you can listen to your music favorites discreetly, without having to juggle a pair of earphones. Wear them while driving, walking, or during your outdoor workouts. And take your music experience to the next level.

Bose Frames Alto features open-ear audio, is Bluetooth enabled, has an integrated microphone, uses ultra modern materials, and provides UVA/UVB protection. Bose looks at this amazing product as its smallest ever audio system with how it incorporates tiny speakers in each arm and a microphone near each temple. The speakers maybe tiny, but the sound experience is totally immersive, and there is no sound leakage.

Bose Frames Alto is also not as expensive as you may think. When you buy from the Bose online shop you pay $199 and there is a 90-day Free Trial option too. In case you prefer a round shaped pair of glasses, you can check out Bose Frames Rondo when you are out to buy.

Nanoleaf Lines

It would not be wrong to say that Nanoleaf is one of the top names in smart lighting. Starting from Aurora, the Nanoleaf LED wall panels have come in other varieties as well. Hexagons and Elements preceded Nanoleaf Lines. But Nanoleaf Lines is perhaps the most widely popular of the specialty company’s product lineup.

  • These glam-colored wall lights are vibrant to say the least, and easy to use. You can create countless virtual designs by connecting together backlit smart light bars. The color changing light shows can alter the mood of any space, and cheer you even on the darkest nights.
  • With the screen mirror feature, Nanoleaf Lines help create an immersive entertainment experience as colors from the activity on your screen are reflected onto the lights. You can control screen mirroring via the new Nanoleaf desktop app.
  • The built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer turns your favorite music into a show of colors, and you get to experience each beat like you have never before.
  • There is no dearth of colors either. You get over 16 million colors to pick from and create your own cool Scenes. There are about 19 built-in Scenes as well.
  • Voice Control allows you to use your smart home assistant hands-free. While the Nanoleaf Mobile app allows you to control and customize your wall panels from you phone or tablet.

As for cost, Nanoleaf Lines fall in the same range as our previous Valentine’s day gift ideas – Smarter Kits with 9 Lines costs $199.99 while the Expansion Packs are $79.99. So go ahead and get your partner a set of Nanoleaf Lines. You can both enjoy the mesmerizing play of vivid moving colors, and add to the festive mood of Valentine’s day.&

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal gift for lovers that are 'bookworms'. A mid-level product from the Amazon line, the 11th-Gen eBook reader is quite similar to its predecessors, but costs $10 more (about $140) which is reasonable as it gets you some useful new features.

  • Its elegant, flush-front design adds up to the beauty and glam of the gadget.
  • The new version gives you a larger 6.8-inch screen display that comes with a better lighting scheme, and also allows USB-C charging.
  • Not only does this latest Kindle product get you high screen resolution, but a screen that is glare-free, reads like paper and never bothers you even in bright sunlight. The adjustable “warm” light feature in this version gives you better brightness. And lets you adjust the warmth for a bluish-white tone or sepia. The good thing is it is easy on the eyes.
  • Kindle Paperwhite allows you to read, and listen to your favorite stories, magazines, and audiobooks no matter where you are. And if you wish to enhance the convenience factor, you can go hands-free. All you have to do is pair it with your Bluetooth speaker or listen over wireless headphones.
  • The device is water resistant, and withstands accidental immersion whether that occurs in the bath, by the pool, or at the beach.

As for storage, it comes with 8 GB, is WiFi compatible, and carries a 1-year limited warranty. A single battery charge via USB-C can run the device for up to 10 days albeit this can vary depending on usage.

Polaroid Now Plus

Although selfie cameras have pretty much replaced traditional film cameras, if you want to add a touch of nostalgia to your Valentine’s day gift, the Polaroid Now Plus can be worth buying for around $140.

Polaroid Now Plus is a step ahead of the original Now camera in that it has the Bluetooth feature for connecting to your phone so you can enjoy more control over the final output. You can also use the app as a remote shutter release, or to adjust the aperture and do more.

Like its predecessor, the Now Plus comes with autofocus lens which can switch from portrait to distance, which are essentially the two focal length options you get. And there is also a dynamic flash that helps adjust the lighting. The LED counter at the rear keeps a count of how many shots you are left with. The 8-print pack of the i-Type Film from the manufacturer costs about $16.

If you are used to the vivid quality of high-definition images you may not think much of the photo quality. You will see the colors are more mute, and subjects more soft. But then that is exactly what adds the touch of nostalgia to the images Polaroid Plus produces.

The camera also features Tripod mode that you can take advantage of when using the tripod mount. In this mode, you get an estimate of how long the exposure needs to be. Also, the built-in double exposure features allows you to get two frames in one Polaroid photo, and add drama to your photography.

Although a bit chunky in size, it serves its purpose pretty well, as far as capturing and making your everyday moments memorable.

In a Nutshell

That’s pretty much it, folks!

We hope this Valentine’s day gift guide serves the purpose, and you are able to make things even more romantic this year around. Want to step up your love game? We recommend you try multiple gift options simultaneously. After all, Valentine's day gifts are exchanged just once a year.

With that said, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!