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The forms of internet connectivity have been changing and still are. Dial-up connections, already a rarity, look all ready to be tossed into complete oblivion. With streaming, online gaming, and social media usage fast becoming second nature for masses worldwide, a dial-up connection would never suffice for multiple device connectivity.

Today, largely speaking we have fiber and cable broadband technologies in operation while DSL broadband is also alive - pretty much thriving in regions where cable and fiber connectivity does not have a footprint. Yet, according to FCC, 14.5 million U.S. residents in rural areas still lack access to fixed broadband.

If we talk about fiber optic – the most speedy of all connection types – fiber networking still has a long way to go before it comes to cover the U.S. as comprehensively as the current DSL outspread countrywide. At this time, Fiber Internet reaches only 25% of American households. Whereas DSL internet, which relies on the existing copper network used for providing conventional landline phone connections, covers almost 88% U.S. population.

Fiber isn’t only rare but costly. A gem’s rarity is commonly determined by its monetary value, and if it’s out of your reach, you dig deeper to find a less valuable, nonetheless a gem, that may be within your reach. In the telecom realm, that gem is cable broadband.

There are numerous cable service providers that flock the residential telecom arena in the U.S. Some have expansive coverage, while others don’t, yet it could be worth resorting to depending on the circumstance. Amidst the giants engaged in the provision of cable broadband, such as Comcast Xfinity, Mediacom, Cox Communications, etc., Spectrum Internet significantly outshines the rest. Telecom services from Charter Spectrum™ are available to 102.7 million people in 40 states, and that makes the provider secure a spot as the 2nd largest residential cable service provider nationwide.  

Spectrum Services: Nationwide Availability

Before we dig deeper into the pros of Spectrum cable broadband, here are few cities where Spectrum’s area-wise coverage is colossal.

TexasFort Worth, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio


FloridaTampa, Orlando

North CarolinaCharlotte

MissouriSt. Louis  


Spectrum – Internet Plans

Spectrum Internet offers a well-tiered array of plans, for standalone and bundled services, in order to ensure every potential subscriber finds something that fits their preference. It could be an internet-only plan or high-speed internet complemented by a home phone service and/or Spectrum TV. But if we talk about the internet solely, here is what Spectrum has to offer.

Speed Tiers and Pricing

Spectrum is known as the one provided with the highest starting speeds - Standard Internet from the provider starts at 100 Mbps, moves into Ultra with speeds of the order of 400 Mbps, before peaking at 940 in the Gig tier. While gig speeds might be available in select areas only, speeds up to 400 Mbps can be easily subscribed to in varied close-knit Texan, Floridian, and other neighborhoods. Largely speaking, the availability of all Spectrum speed tiers tends to vary from one vicinity to another depending on the network infrastructure in the region.

Every speed tier comes with a befitting price tag. You could be looking for available internet speeds from Charter Spectrum™ in Dallas TX or may require that information for downtown Cleveland - here are the price points for internet-only plans from Spectrum.

Internet Plan


Download Speed*

Standard Internet

$49.99/mo. for 12 months

starting at 100 Mbps

Ultra Internet

$69.99/mo. for 12 months               

starting at 400 Mbps

GIG Internet

$109.99/mo. for 12 months             

up to 940 Mbps

*Internet Speed availability depends on the area

The download speeds are what commonly catch the attention. But when you have a heavy file to upload and a conference call to attend, the upload speeds matter big time. Spectrum, unlike most Fiber Broadband providers, doesn’t confer symmetrical speeds. Rather, upload speed tiers from Spectrum bring you 10, 20 and 35 Mbps corresponding to the Standard, Ultra and Gig tiers - more than adequate for multi-device residential usage.

The internet speeds listed above are also available to bundle with home phone and/or cable TV. Head to Spectrum bundles and find the right-tier that fits your usage and budget.


Unlimited Data, Unlimited Downloads

You subscribe to an internet plan only to realize later the provider has capped your data. You contemplate to terminate the subscription but the early termination fee is tyrannical. Oh, the dilemma! We will touch upon how Spectrum can help you get out of this predicament, but first, we would like to tell you, Spectrum imposes no restriction upon monthly data allowance.

With Spectrum, you can download Steam games, stream Netflix favorites, and telecommute without care. Spectrum ensures no strings are attached to your access to the World Wide Web. You can experience the internet free from the fear of overage charge or speed throttle.

Bound to No Contracts

Spectrum helps you break free from the chains of an undesirable contract.

There are internet service providers that like to clutch you for a year or two by binding you legally. Once you decide to leave, they jolt you with an early termination fee, which can be a significant blow.

Spectrum respects your freedom and sets you free. The reason why the provider practices a no data cap policy generously offers a 30-day money-back guarantee after you first subscribe, and does not hold you hostage to a legal contract. In fact, Spectrum offers you a contract buyout plan where the provider pays up to $500 to compensate for the early termination of your current contract.

Whichever internet plan you choose, standalone or bundled, you can relax - the price shall remain locked for 12 months and you won’t witness a drop-in service quality – after that, you will be free to continue or switch with utmost convenience – the choice is yours!

Security Suite

Spectrum’s internet plans couldn’t be served without the bounty of a free security suite – one that is equipped to kill viruses, neutralize phishing attacks, and battle malware invasions, all of which have become a commonplace occurrence. You can detect Trojans and malicious programs easily via the anti-virus program furnished by Spectrum Internet.

For more details Visit Spectrum Select Package

So if you see yourself at risk, don’t wait for a malware attack to happen. Secure yourself beforehand. Subscribe to broadband internet from Spectrum and without having to pay extra, arm yourself with the perfect protective measure - a security suite capable of making your online experience cyber-safe.


Free Internet modem

A free internet modem by the ISP of your choice? It sounds a bit unrealistic when there is an array of ISPs that charge a modem rental fee every month. But Spectrum does it for free. Whichever plan you may choose, Spectrum Internet comes with a free modem. You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying one yourself or renting it out, and you get to save big.

Wi-Fi Service for Your Home

Spectrum Wi-Fi powers the entire household with wireless connectivity. You can be in a corner of the house that didn’t have internet coverage before, and do everything internet. Wall-to-wall coverage with Spectrum’s in-home Wi-Fi is priced at $5/mo. Contact Spectrum Sales Suppor to find out more.

Is Spectrum Cable Broadband Near Me?

The perks surely do sound enticing. And the probability of combining high-speed internet with TV entertainment, and a reliable home phone service is at your disposal too. But is Spectrum available in your area?

Well, insert your ZIP code here and find out all you need to know about Spectrum services in your neighborhood.  


Is Spectrum Internet available at my address?

You can search your address at Spectrum internet or call our professionals at 1-844-760-4220 to find out for you.

I am stuck in a contract at another ISP, how can I subscribe to Spectrum?

Spectrum offers to buy out your contract from your current ISP.

Does Spectrum offer standalone internet plans?

Yes, Spectrum has three internet ONLY plans, starting at $49.99/month.

Is Spectrum phone available to bundle up?

Yes, Spectrum offers phone services in some of its bundles.