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Media bias—liberal or conservative—has always been a reality. But, with increased polarization, which many attribute to the two-party system, it is argued that biased reporting is often used as a tool to favor corporate owners. With that said, one must admit the news source we refer to as our go-to naturally tends to align with our personal inclinations. According to a 2014 Pew study, audiences that lean more consistently towards the conservative perspective prefer the likes of ABC News, CBS News, and Fox News. Whereas cross-sections of the population that are inclined towards the liberal viewpoint prefer the likes of NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN.

Surprisingly, however, a good number of conservatives out there were left rather disappointed with the way Fox News covered the US Election 2020. And, this stroke of fate put Newsmax in the limelight. A good majority of conservative-leaning Fox viewership seemingly tuned into Newsmax instead—a network that was almost always dismissed as a wannabe in the industry eventually won over Fox News. Albeit the margin of this first rating-victory was narrow—with Greg Kelley Reports on Newsmax averaging at 229k and The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox averaging at 203k. 

Whether or not Newsmax beats Fox at gaining the favor of conservative audiences across the U.S., remains to be seen. Only time will tell if it was Trump recommending Newsmax that was behind the sudden rating surge. Or conservatives have genuinely found an alternative to Fox, which will remain their new go-to-news source—even after Biden assumes his position in the White House, and even if Fox slips back into its Dem-critic mode.

About Newsmax TV

Newsmax has been in the market for more than two decades—from 1998-2014 it existed as an online news portal before being launched as a TV network by founder Chris Ruddy. Ruddy saw a gap in the market for conservative-leaning news media—he believed “there needed to be more diversity of opinion on the right”, and that someone ought to challenge Fox News. So a year later, Newsmax TV had morphed into a full-fledged network. And, in 2019 it was available to an estimated 75 million American households with a pay-tv subscription.

Perhaps the one factor, which has made a significant contribution to the network’s success, is that Ruddy managed to attract a number of ex-Fox News hosts—among them Greg Kelley, Bob Sellers, Heather Childers, and Rob Schmitt. With some of the best in the news industry, Newsmax was bound to air informative and engaging content—and capture wider audiences who were interested in a variety of perspectives within the rightist viewpoint.

Newsmax on Spectrum

If you too find yourself interested in the kind of programming it offers, Spectrum cable is one great option. Note that you will not find Newsmax available with other TV service providers. But with Spectrum cable TV plans, you are sure to get much more—a perfect balance of genres such as news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment is the hallmark of the Spectrum channel lineup. Newsmax comes with the Spectrum Entertainment View add-on. The base version of Spectrum cable TV plans, i.e. Spectrum TV Select does not carry Newsmax. If by any chance you are a current Spectrum Select subscriber and want to watch Newsmax TV, we would recommend you call Spectrum phone number at 1-855-423-0918 and look into an upgrade.

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Popular Newsmax TV Shows to Watch

You can get the news everywhere. You do not have to watch TV for that. But, when it comes to understanding the political climate, hearing experts speak their opinions is key. And, Newsmax makes sure you know what the best minds in the field think about the latest developments. Newsmax TV shows are formulated to analyze stories, developments, and the nitty-gritty of politics and policies. Hosted by experienced journalists, and featuring senators and congressmen as guests, Newsmax TV shows introduce you to the diversity of opinion. Here are a few that you may not want to miss:

The Chris Salcedo Show

This liberty-loving conservative host is a veteran broadcaster and political analyst who started his career on the radio doing traffic and weather updates. Today, he uses his intellect and experience at confronting Media bias and calling out the wrongs committed on the political horizon. When he shares his views on the extremist left, conservatives are bound to nod in agreement.

National Report

From Newsmax TV studios in Manhattan, Shaun Kraisman brings you breaking news and a detailed analysis of everyday political developments. From covering Washington and Hollywood to financial hubs and capitals around the world, this is your one-stop to get all the news. The best part is the dynamic format of the show. You do not just get to hear the news narrated by the anchor, but watch Live interviews with those who make the news, as well as insightful debates from a variety of panelists. What is more, it offers segments on lifestyle, health, and personal finance, etc. They have everything covered, so make sure to catch the latest on Newsmax.

John Bachman

Focused on the big picture, John Bachman show talks about the day’s biggest scoop and gives time to analyze the topic thoroughly for his audiences. You get a clear and crisp understanding of the news in this daily show and what is more, Bachman has experts coming in to provide their unique insight and understanding on the matter as well.

American Agenda

This fast-paced Live news show brings you the top news from the capital. Covering national and international news, Bob Sellers does a great job at hosting the updates. An expert in his own right, he invites lawmakers to share their insights to ensure you have the right view on what makes the news.

The Howie Carr Show

Howie Carr is well known for his work on Boston radio. With his 23 years successful run there, he now hosts a syndicated radio talk show. Newsmax TV started broadcasting the Howie Carr Show Live as a daily simulcast in 2016. Hear him share his wisdom, and help you have a better understanding of the world around you. After all, it is not enough to be updated about current affairs, but as necessary to know about its impact on you and the country as a whole.

Spicer & Co.

The platform that boasts of Fox best: Sean Spicer. On Newsmax TV he leads a team of experts, power brokers, journalists, and of course, Washington insiders to bring you the top headlines and hard-hitting news. Accompanied with analyses it will helps you gain more perspective on the issues at hand. The show has had many Fox News watchers switch to Newsmax TV this year.

Greg Kelly Reports

Committed to enlightening and informing people and exposing power games, this show with Greg Kelley goes from coast to coast to get you the news that matters the most. With a special emphasis on stories that impact you, it makes for an engaging show that reels you in each day.


Coming in with all guns blazing, Grant Stinchfield is not the one to hold back. Prioritizing America and putting it first, he is driven by a patriotic passion to expose the hypocrisy of big media and call out the Hollywood celebrities. As for Washington political big wigs, there is no escape from his watchful eye.

America Right Now

Well, the title says it all. Updating you on the latest stories gives you an overview of the whole week. Hosted by Tom Basile the show is energetic and keeps the audience engaged.

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Final Words

There you go. That is all you need to know about Newsmax. If you had not heard of it before, now you do. This channel is fast gaining popularity. So you might want to ensure that you get the latest scoop with all the details and in-depth analyses in these troubled times. With Spectrum cable you should have no trouble finding the channel, and tuning in.

So, whether you are an existing Spectrum TV Select subscriber or yet to switch to Spectrum, you can always call Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918  for details on an upgrade or subscription to the Spectrum Entertainment View.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Newsmax on Spectrum Florida?

If you are a Spectrum customer and live in Florida, you can watch Newsmax on channel 1217.

What channel is Newsmax on Spectrum in Texas?

If you are a Spectrum customer and lives in Texas, you can watch Newsmax on channel 222.

What channel is Newsmax on Spectrum in Alabama?

If you are a Spectrum customer and live in Alabama, you can watch Newsmax on channel 178.

Is the Newsmax channel offered by Spectrum?

Newsmax is a channel provided to the customers who are subscribed to the Spectrum cable TV services’ Entertainment View add-on. If you want to have the Newsmax channel on Spectrum, you have to either subscribe to the TV Select base plan and Entertainment View add-on. 

Is the Newsmax channel free?

No, you need to be subscribed to the Spectrum Entertainment View add-on which is priced at $12/mo.

Is there a Newsmax App?

Newsmax has an app that anyone can download from Google Play and Apple Store. To access the app, you can ask your cable provider for the login credentials.