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Spectrum TV is one of the largest cable providers in the U.S., providing TV, internet, and phone services to 40 states. Spectrum has an array of networks in its channel lineup. You get to enjoy a range of both local and cable networks.

Local networks are a must-have for any household’s televisual needs. These channels essentially provide localized and regional programming that varies from location to location. From entertainment lovers to news fans and sports fanatics, local channels are a must-have.

Luckily, Spectrum TV service gives you access to several local channels as part of the Spectrum packages. So, if you are wondering if you can get local channels on Spectrum TV, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will walk you through Spectrum TV offerings and how you can get local channels with your Spectrum subscription.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Spectrum TV – Redefining TV Entertainment in America

Spectrum TV provides access to hundreds of channels including local, entertainment, news, and sports channels. Spectrum channel lineup is truly impressive, and if you are looking for a provider that offers access to all the local channels, there’s no reason why you should not consider Spectrum.

Spectrum offers a range of two TV plans to choose from, so you can find the perfect solution for your household entertainment needs. The Spectrum TV Select Signature package offers over 150+ TV channels with free HD programming. Meanwhile, the Spectrum TV Select Plus includes a whopping list of 160+ channels in its lineup. The plans start from $59.99/mo. and offer a bunch of additional features and privileges.

It is one of the few cable providers that is competing on par with streaming services, Spectrum TV has not only made it convenient, but flexible for its users to live TV and on-demand content, even on the go. With the Spectrum TV App, you can now stream all your favorite live TV programs on various devices, including your smartphones and tablets. The best part? The Spectrum TV App is included free of cost with all Spectrum TV packages.

Spectrum has changed the TV-watching experience forever, allowing users to experience streaming alongside cable TV perks. Its TV plans and packages include an array of perks and benefits, such as free HD channels, an on-screen TV guide, 150+ live TV channels, no contracts, and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Spectrum also has add-on premium channels such as MAX, Starz, and Showtime that help you personalize your TV experience.

Local Channels on Spectrum TV

Whether you need to catch your local team playing on screen or get local weather updates to plan your day, local TV channels are essential for any household. Spectrum cable packages are the perfect blend for your household, especially if everyone enjoys good live sports, local news, and entertainment.

Here are the various local channels you can find in Spectrum channel lineup:

Local Channels Spectrum TV Select Signature Spectrum TV Select Plus

Both the Spectrum TV Select Signature and Select Plus have all the major local channels that you would think of. Also, keep in mind that the availability of local channels depends largely on your location and the channel stations there.

Discover Local Channels on Spectrum TV!

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You can also get Spectrum TV, Internet, and Voice bundles to not only enjoy more savings but also have a reliable internet connection at home. If you enjoy streaming, while your family enjoys cable entertainment, an all-rounder Spectrum TV Internet bundle will be the perfect combination for any household!

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Spectrum TV Packages

Spectrum offers two main TV packages; TV Select Signature and TV Select Plus. Both Spectrum TV Packages have similar channel lineups, but the Select Plus package offers more channels and costs slightly more than the Select Signature.

The TV Select Signature is the perfect pick for households where TV entertainment is taken casually, and some quality time with family is spent in the evenings in front of the TV screens. However, for true TV buffs and sports fanatics, TV Select Plus is the obvious choice.

Before you dive right into Spectrum packages and how much they cost per month, here is a quick look at some amazing features every Spectrum TV plan entails:

  • Free Xumo Stream box included for 6 months
  • Free HD programming
  • Spectrum TV app for watching live TV on different screens
  • On-screen Spectrum TV guide
  • Comprehensive parental controls for households with kids
  • Lucrative bundling options with Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Voice

Here are Spectrum TV plans, channel count, and pricing:

Spectrum TV Select Signature

  • 150+ live channels including ESPN, ABC, Discovery, Bloomberg Lifetime, AMC, and more.


for 12 mos.

Spectrum TV Select Plus

  • 160+ live channels including TV Select Signature and the various regional sports networks


for 12 mos.

*Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans and prices, call 855-423-0918.

Spectrum also offers a Spanish TV package; Mi Plan Latino for $39.99/mo. for the first year. With the plan, you get:

  • 145+ channels – including 75+ Spanish-language channels and 70+ English channels.
  • All major local channels
  • Free HD programming
  • Free Spectrum TV app

Check the Spectrum Channel Lineup here or speak to a Spectrum customer service representative for more information.

Spectrum Premium Add-on Packages

Other than the 150+ channel count, you can also opt for the endless list of Spectrum add-ons that help you get the most well-rounded TV subscription.

Here are some of our favorite Spectrum TV add-ons you can explore:

  • Sports View
  • Entertainment View
  • Latino View
  • Premium Channels – MAX, Cinemax, STARZ, and MGM+

Here are Spectrum Add-ons with their respective pricing:

Spectrum Add-Ons Channels Pricing
Entertainment View OWN, Cooking Channel, NFL, and more. $12.00 per month
Sports View NFL RedZone, MLB Network Strike Zone, ESPN College, and more. $7.00 per month
Premium Channels Max/Showtime/Starz/MGM+, and more. From $9.00 per month
Every channel is priced differently

Note: The Entertainment View and Sports View packages include all major family and sports channels. However, premium channels are all priced differently and start from $9.00 a month.

All in All

Spectrum TV offers an excellent channel lineup, alongside all the major local channels that every American family enjoys. So, if you were wondering how to get local channels on Spectrum TV, we hope you have the answer!

There are various Spectrum TV packages and Premium Add-ons you can consider subscribing to and enjoy a mix of local channels as well as some of the most popular international networks. If you want to truly enjoy all of Spectrum's range of services, you should look into Spectrum bundles. Call Spectrum customer service at 844-423-0918 today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Spectrum TV offer all major local channels?

Spectrum TV offers all major local channels such as ABC, NBC, PBS, and more as part of all Spectrum TV packages. Give Spectrum customer service a call at 844-423-0918 to learn more.

I enjoy live sports, does Spectrum offer all major Sports channels?

Spectrum offers a range of local channels that broadcast local sporting events and games. For a much greater variety of sports content on Spectrum TV, you can subscribe to the Spectrum Sports View Add-on and access all major American sports channels.

Should I get a Spectrum Bundle?

Spectrum bundles offer the best value when you combine Spectrum Internet, TV, and Voice to enjoy these services at discounted rates. Spectrum bundles start from $109.98/mo. for 12 mos. To explore Spectrum bundles, call 844-423-0918.

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