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Whether it’s casual surfing, seamless video streaming, or exhaustive gaming, fiber-powered Frontier Internet has got you covered. Depending on your location and available plans, in line with what your needs dictate, you get to choose from varied types of connectivity and plans from Frontier.

FiberOptic® from Frontier delivers 100% fiber-optic internet that connects homes and businesses alike. While with Frontier’s Vantage™ line of products you can opt for pure fiber connectivity or high-speed copper internet – according to what may be supported by Frontier’s network in your neighborhood, and what suits your needs and your pocket the best!

Apart from offering blazing-fast symmetrical speeds that can soar up to 1 Gbps, FiberOptic plans by Frontier come with a one-year price lock and the option to remain free from annual contracts. So, you get to enjoy a buffer-less connection without dreading unexpected price hikes and having to scrunch your budget.

Getting the Self-Installation Kit with Frontier Internet Router

If you are one of the lucky ones who have subscribed to the impressive Frontier internet service, and you also happen to love taking the DIY route, this guide will be the light that takes you forth as you go about self-installing your Frontier internet router.

However, in order to get on with the process, you first need to place an order for a self-installation kit. If you have already placed your order, contact Frontier Customer Service and request the self-installation kit. It usually arrives at your doorstep three to four days before your Service Ready Date with Frontier.

Note: Before you begin self-installing a Frontier internet connection, do make sure you are conducting the installation on or after the Service Ready Date, not earlier.

Got your Self-Install Frontier Internet Kit?

The best part about being a Frontier customer is that you don’t have to worry you’ll end up receiving low-quality or wrong equipment. Each self-installation kit comes with amenities that are tried and tested to give you robust speeds and reliable connectivity.

Some Tips for Frontier Internet Modem/Router Installation

  1. Always try to place the router at a central location in your house so that you get the best coverage everywhere
  2. It’s always great to place your router either right next to your primary TV set-top box or somewhere near it
  3. If you are also planning to connect your Frontier TV equipment, make sure to set-up the internet router first.

Once you have grabbed your Frontier internet self-installation kit, take a deep breath and follow these instructions. The process of installing Frontier Internet is as easy as pie, and should take you more or less thirty minutes if you stick to the guidelines accurately. The steps you need to follow are simple and only vary in terms of the type of connection you have chosen to subscribe to i.e. FiberOptic®, Vantage™, or high-speed DSL.

So, without further ado, let’s help begin your journey as a Frontier internet subscriber!

Note: If you are confident enough to install your equipment without equipment specific details, you can follow a quick FiberOptic setup guide too.

Fiber Optic from Frontier: Self Install Frontier Internet Router with Step-by-Step Instructions

Grab your box, take out the router, and once all the bits and pieces are in place, begin with the steps outlined here to connect any of the following routers:

• Arris NVG468MQ

• Arris MEB1100

You will have the choice to configure your new FiberOptic service with the Frontier internet router either by using Ethernet or MoCA from the Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

Step 1: Check the Package Contents

If you receive the MoCA adapter, you should have the following essentials in your FiberOptic self-installation kit:

• 1 MoCA Adapter

• 1 FiberOptic Router

• 1 Power Adapter

• 3 Coax Cables

• 1 Ethernet Cable

• 1 Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cable

• 1 Splitter

Total Contents: 9

If you don’t have the MoCA adapter, you should have the following essentials in the FiberOptic self-installation kit:

• 1 FiberOptic Router

• 1 Power Adapter

• 1 Coax Cable

• 1 Ethernet Cable

Total Contents: 4

Once you’ve double-checked all high-quality essentials that you need in order to set-up your Frontier internet router, you can proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Connect your Frontier Internet Router

If you are a new customer, depending on whether you are configuring with or without a MoCA Adapter, follow these simple steps first to set-up the router, before you proceed to connect it to the power supply.

For New Users, who configure the connection using the MoCA Adapter, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by connecting a Coax cable from the wall jack to the side of the Splitter (Coax In) with a single port.
  2. Once you’re done, grab the second Coax cable and connect it to one of the left-over ports on the Splitter (Coax Out).
  3. Then connect the second Coax cable to the port that you will find at the back of the MoCA adapter labeled as "ONT Broadband".
  4. Next, insert the third Coax cable into the spare port on the Splitter, and then to the port behind the Router labeled "Cable Line".
  5. Securely affix the Ethernet Cable to the RED port that you will find on the MoCA adapter labeled as "RG Broadband" and connect it to the RED port on the Router tagged as "ONT Broadband".
  6. Lastly, attach the USB cable to the port on the MoCA adapter that says "Power" and link it to the port on the Router that is labeled as "USB".

New Customers who are configuring without the MoCA Adapter can connect the router by following the instructions below:

  1. Pick up the WHITE Ethernet cable and link one of its ends to the Ethernet port on your wall or the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), if your router is located next to it.
  2. After that, attach the other end of your cable to the RED Ethernet port that is labeled as “ONT” on your router.
  3. Lastly, connect a Coax cable from the wall jack to the port that is present behind the Router tagged as "Cable Line" in case you have subscribed to TV service.

After your router is connected, you can amp it up with power supply by moving through these three steps:

  1. Look at your router to find the port that’s labeled “Power”.
  2. Once you have located the port, simply plug-in the power adapter into it and then fix it securely into a power outlet.
  3. Press the power button that’s located behind the router. Once you get a solid BLUE light, voila! The router is turned on!

Vantage from Frontier: Self-Install Frontier Internet Router with Step-by-Step Instructions

If you have received your Vantage DIY installation kit, then before we jump into the detailed step-by-step process, here are some things you need to do after you open the box:

Find out your connection type:

With ONT: If your Vantage service is provided over an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), then look for the ONT box that will be found in or outside your garage, the basement, or an in-house closet. Moreover, your home will have a primary Ethernet jack that you will need to connect to the RED ONT inlet on the router. For this use the Ethernet cable given to you in the kit.

Without ONT: Your house will use your regular phone/data jack which you must link with the provided green phone cable that will then connect to the GREEN BROADBAND port on the router.

One that’s done and dusted, begin with the detailed self-installation guide that tells you how to connect the following Frontier internet routers:

• Arris NVG448BQ

• Arris NVG448B

• Arris NVB443B

Step 1: Check the Package Contents

Before you start installing the Frontier Vantage internet router, make sure you double-check the items in the kit you have received against the check-list given below:

• 1 Router

• 1 Power Adapter

• 1 Ethernet Cable

• 1 Phone Line Cord

Total Contents: 4

Got everything you need? Hop-on to the next step to set up your new router in a jiffy!

Step 2: Connect your Frontier Internet Router

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer who’s just got a service upgrade then follow the steps given below to jazz-up your online activities with super-fast speeds!

  1. Find your existing router and observe how and where all the cables are connected.
  2. Then, carefully remove each cable from the existing router and connect it to the new router one at a time.
  3. Last, by using the new power adapter, connect the new router to power, and hit the power button to get the Mbps flowing.

New Customers

If you are a new customer, welcome to the Frontier Family! Just patiently read through all the steps laid out below, one-after-another, under “A” and “B”, to set-up your Vantage Internet all by yourself.


Connect the Router to the Internet

  1. If you have a high-speed DSL connection, start by connecting one end of the GREEN phone line cord to the phone jack on the wall.
  2. After that, look for the GREEN port labeled "DSL" on your router and attach the other end of your cable to it.
  3. For an Ethernet connection, find the Ethernet port on your wall and affix one end of the WHITE Ethernet cable to it.
  4. Next, spot the RED Ethernet port on your router that says “ONT” and join the other end of your Ethernet cable to it.


Connect it to Power

You have two options with regards to connecting your Frontier Vantage internet router to the power supply:

Option 1: Connect via a Standard Power Adapter

Find the port labeled "Power" on the router and attach the new power adapter to it. After that, plug the power adapter into a power outlet and press the power button that’s behind the router to turn it on.

Option 2: Connect via a Battery Backup Unit (BBU)

Insert the power plug into the power port of the router that you just received. Then, plug-in the new BBU into a secure power outlet, and hit the power button that you will find at the back of the router to turn it on.

Step 3: Check if you are Connected

Well done! Now that you have connected your router, all you need to fully accomplish the feat is to see a SOLID BLUE light appearing on the front of the router.

The blue light will tell you that you’ve done everything the right way and now you’re connected to high-speed Vantage Internet from Frontier!

Self Install Frontier Internet Router (NVG443B) with Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Check the Package Contents

Before you start, make sure to check the contents of your self-install kit. The kit should contain the following:

• 1 Router

• 1 Power Adapter

• 1 In-Line Filter

• 1 Ethernet Cable

• 1 Phone Line Cord

Total Contents: 5

Do you have everything you need? If yes, bounce to the next step!

Step 2: Connect your Frontier Internet Router

After you have all the necessary bits and bobs in your hand, whether you are an existing or new customer, you can proceed to set-up your new router by following the directions below:

Guidelines for Existing Customers

  1. Find your current router and attentively examine where the cables are connected.
  2. Next, remove each cable from the existing router one-by-one and affix it to the new router the same way. You may need to put your brain to some extra work as your new router may look a little different than the existing one.
  3. Finally, plug your new router into the power source using the new power adapter from your kit and push the power button.

Guidelines for New Customers

Welcome onboard, new customer! We admire your confidence – after all, you have chosen to set-up your high-speed Frontier internet connection yourself! Now gather all your wits and follow the instructions under “A” and “B” to hone your internet game!


Connect the Router to the Internet

If you have a home phone service, you will need to install an in-line filter first.

• Fix the filter onto the wall jack. Find the port labeled “DSL” on the filter and then connect one end of the phone line cord to it.

• Next, look for a GREEN port on your router that is tagged “DSL” and insert the other end of the phone line cord into it.

• Lastly, locate the port labeled “Phone” on the filter and connect your home phone to it.

In case you are NOT using a home phone, you won’t need the in-line filter either.

• There is a phone jack on the wall. Find it and connect one end of the phone line cord to it.

• Afterward, spot the GREEN port that is labeled as “DSL” on your high-speed internet router and connect the other end of the phone line cord to it.


Hook it to the Power Supply—

• After you are done with step A, find the port on your router that reads “Power” and plug the new power adapter into it. Then, carefully affix the power adapter into a power outlet.

• Press the power button that’s behind the router to turn it on.


Check if your Frontier Internet Router is Connected

After you have keenly followed all the given instructions, it’s now time for the internet light at the front of the router to turn solid BLUE to show you are now fully connected to the internet.

How to Connect Your Internet-enabled Devices to the Frontier Internet Router?

Tip: As soon as you open your self-installation kit and unbox the Frontier internet router, remember to note down or click a picture of the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and Password that’s mentioned at the bottom of your router. You will be need this later to connect your gadgets wirelessly.

Wired Devices

To connect your wired devices such as the PC to the router super-quick, locate any Yellow Ethernet port on the router and link one end of the Ethernet cable to it while attaching the other end to your device’s Ethernet port and that’s all!

You are all set to enjoy seamless downloading, streaming, gaming, and what not!

Wireless Devices

We asked you to note down or take a photo of the wireless network name and password details that are written on the sticker that’s pasted at the bottom of your router. Remember?

Well, now you can find that piece of paper or image, grab your device and go to its Wi-Fi settings to select the Wi-Fi network name that matches with the one that’s mentioned on the router.

After selecting the Wi-Fi network, just type in the password to securely connect your gadget to the router. Now experience what a fast and reliable internet connection is like, courtesy of Frontier Internet.

Having Trouble?

Congratulations on successfully configuring and installing your Frontier internet router all by yourself!

However, if you face any issues such as the light on the router doesn’t turn solid blue after you connect it to the power supply, or any of the self-installation kit contents are missing, feel free to contact  Frontier Customer Service for guidance.

On the other hand, you can simply opt for professional installation with Frontier and get your internet set up without any stress or tears.

Should You Go For Professional Installation or the Frontier Self-Install Kit?

Whether you should get a pro to perform the installation or do it yourself with a self-install kit. There are pros and cons to each decision. Have a look, and decide which Pros appeal to you more and which Cons you’d rather avoid.

Frontier Internet Professional Installation



Seamless Process — The technician sent out by the provider is a pro. Has probably conducted thousands of installations. So the technician would know the best way to quickly and efficiently get the installation done. And would save you time and a lot of effort. Also, prior to the day of installation, you will be sent a reminder text by the provider. In case, you were too busy and didn’t remember the appointment.


Safe — The technician is well-versed in performing installations. Though it’s quite a safe process, anything can go wrong. Unexpected safety or technical issues can arise, and the technician is just the person to deal with them effectively.

Expensive — The professional service comes at a price. Frontier charges $75 if you get the installation done by their technician.  


Inconvenient — The process can get inconvenient and annoying even with a professional technician at hand. First. You will need to set up an appointment, which is feasible for both, you and the provider (technicians don’t work 24/7, they need off days too.)

Also, you need to make sure someone over the age of 18 from your household is available to supervise the technician. The installation can take up to 4 hours or more, so you will need to keep your schedule clear for the day.


Frontier Internet Self-Installation



Free — The Frontier self-installation kit is free, though you may be charged a small fee for activation and delivery/handling. But you will save up to $75.


It is Quick — The Frontier self-installation kit promises that your Frontier Internet Router will be set up in mere 30 minutes.


You are the Boss — The good thing about self-installation is that you can do it at any time, any day, at your convenience and pace. No setting up of an appointment or taking an off day from work to attend to the technician. But, remember you need to perform the installation on the same day or after the Service Ready date, not before.  

Technical Skills — There are plenty of instructions provided on how to set up your Frontier Internet router, and our self-install guide here even aims to account for different variables and situations. However, if you are not a technical person, the process can get quite difficult. And you’d rather sign up for professional installation.


No Assistance — The problem with self-installation is that you are on your own. If there is an unexpected snag in the installation, you need to identify it by yourself. Your knowledge of Frontier Internet router and service may not be as vast as that of a technician, so you may have trouble handling surprises. And your 30-minute easy self-installation may just turn into a full-day nightmare.

Frontier Customer Service is there to offer assistance, but they can only help to a certain extent.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can easily self-install Frontier Internet Router through the provider’s self-install kit in 30 minutes.

  1. Can you self-install Frontier Internet Router?

You can install the Frontier Wi-Fi router yourself, but the method varies. It depends on your Frontier internet service plan, router type, your status as a new or existing customer, etc. Check out how to easily install the Frontier Wi-Fi router through our detailed self-installation guide.

  1. How do I set up my Frontier Wi-Fi router?

It depends on which Internet Provider’s service you have subscribed to. Many internet providers now let you install the router yourself through their self-install kits. While some only allow for professional installation.

  1. Can you install a router yourself?

The Frontier professional installation costs a one-time $75 fee.  

  1. How much is the Frontier installation fee?

It is easy with our step-by-step instructions for Frontier FiberOptic internet router self-installation. Check it out here.

  1. How do I install my FiberOptic router myself?