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Internet speed is a common concern for users as more and more bandwidth extensive online activities are becoming part and parcel of internet consumption in American homes. Adults routinely work from home and kids attend online classes. Internet is also frequently used for video streaming, gaming, video chatting, mundane tasks such as shopping and banking, as well as to power smart home security devices and other smart gadgets.

The speed of your internet is one of the biggest factors that determines the quality of your online experience. And the reason why you should decide on an internet plan while keeping your consumption of the internet in mind. So whether you like it or not if you are finding it difficult to sustain the increased usage of internet in your home on the current internet speed, chances are its time to upgrade to a higher speed. Without that you are unlikely to be able to sustain simultaneously connected devices for bandwidth-extensive activities.

As for Spectrum Internet subscribers, not only does the provider make it easy to upgrade your speed plan, it allows great choice when it comes to higher plans. Our article today not only tells you how to order an upgrade, but explores higher Spectrum Internet speed options.

Let’s start by first taking a look at what you can do to verify it is not a service or equipment issue causing slow connectivity, rather the increased consumption.

Before You Upgrade Your Spectrum Internet Speed

Several factors can affect the performance of your Spectrum Internet connection. And, in most cases it is not the service itself, rather modem or router issues which play a key role in slowing things down. Here are a few things you can try out before considering an internet speed upgrade with Spectrum.

1. Check Your Spectrum Internet Speed

Use the Spectrum Speed Test to determine what speeds are you receiving. And when you conduct the test, make sure it is not over WiFi. WiFi speeds are slower than what an Ethernet connection gives you. Plus if the problem is experienced over WiFi, checking out the delivered speed via an Ethernet connection can help pinpoint where exactly the problem is. Also, attempt the speed test more than once during the day at different times. And keep a record of all so you can later assess the overall picture.

2. Change the Placement of Your Router

Replace your wireless modem-router at a spot that is better elevated, and is not in a space that is closed off with brick or concrete walls. Chose an area that is central to the house, so the signal is able to travel in all directions without obstacles, such as electronic appliances (baby monitors, wireless headphones, microwaves etc.) and large pieces of furniture, cabinets and windows.

3. Periodically Reboot Your Internet Equipment

Internet equipment, modems, routers, modem-router combos, all need to be given the chance to start afresh. Spectrum recommends you reboot the device periodically to keep it functioning optimally. You can reboot it manually or online. The process is simple, and you can learn how to reset your Spectrum Internet equipment even if you are not tech savvy.

Also remember your router has 2 settings. For fast speeds you should use the 5GHz band, and for better range connect via 2.4 GHz. It all depends on how you want to prioritize network traffic.

4. Contact Spectrum

If none of the above tips seem to work, do not ignore the probability of a network issue that maybe causing a slowdown to your Spectrum Internet connection. While there may not be a complete blackout in the area, it is only prudent to check with representatives on the Spectrum Helpline before you explore the upgrade option.

Spectrum Internet Plans You Can Consider for an Upgrade

Spectrum is pretty straightforward in how it categorizes its speed-based internet plans and puts a price tag on them. If you are currently on the starting Spectrum Internet plan which gives you up to 200 Mbps downloads, you’ve 2 more speed tiers available to you.

Spectrum Internet Ultra

Relative to the starting plan, the mid-tier Spectrum Internet Ultra brings you double the download speed at 400 Mbps. And, you can also enjoy two times the upload speed at 20 Mbps. Which can prove more than adequate for the increased usage in your home for just $20/mo. more.

The introductory price of the Spectrum Ultra plan is $69.99/mo. And it gives you a better speed to cost ratio as well compared to the starting plan. While Spectrum Internet 200 costs you $0.25 per Mbps, this one saves you money, while giving you double the speed at $0.17 per Mbps.

With Spectrum Internet Ultra you can support 8-10 devices with ease, quite without having to run into a chokepoint that kills your experience. Work with confidence, video conference seamlessly, attend class without a drop in connection, and do your homework fast. With more speed you can enjoy video streaming without hiccups on multiple devices.

As for perks, you’ll continue to enjoy all that you do now with your current Spectrum Internet plan. No contracts, FREE Internet modem and antivirus software, FREE access to the Spectrum out-of-home WiFi hotspots and more.

Spectrum Internet Gig

Spectrum Internet Gig is the highest speed tier offered by Spectrum for residential consumption. It gets you up to 1,000 Mbps downloads, and 35 Mbps uploads. With 5 times the speed of the starting plan, and 2.5 times the speed of Spectrum Ultra, this is the ultimate internet speed you commonly come across in the residential U.S. market. And according to Spectrum sources, virtually all 53 million homes, that its advanced hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network passes by, can access gigabit speeds.

The Spectrum Gig plan now comes at the new reduced introductory price of $89.99/mo., and offers support to ultra-connected homes where multiple (10+) users and devices must stay connected simultaneously. For smart homes where devices such as security cameras are connected to the Cloud can benefit from this plan the most because it gets you up to 35 Mbps uploads. Also, if your work from home needs include big file uploads, and you video conference frequently, the fast uploads will make things smoother.

The one perk which you get only with the Spectrum Internet Gig plan is the FREE home WiFi. While the other 2 plans require you to pay $5/mo. so as to use Spectrum in-home WiFi, with Internet Gig you get it included. Your modem however may require an upgrade to support the Spectrum Internet speed upgrade. All other perks you get with Spectrum Internet Gig are the same as with the lower speed tiers.

Upgrade Your Spectrum Internet Speed Online

As we said Spectrum makes it really easy for you to upgrade your Spectrum Internet connection speed. You need not go to Spectrum retail store, or call on the Spectrum Helpline. Because the provider facilitates you by allowing a speed upgrade via your online Spectrum Account.

  • Sign into your online Spectrum account (remember you must be the primary account user).
  • Navigate to the sub-tab Statements via the Billing
  • Select Spectrum Internet from the drop-down menu under the Statement Details
  • Next select Upgrade. You will be directed to available options in your area.
  • Voila! Now you can pick any that suits your needs the best!

Pro Tip: While Spectrum may charge you a fee for the upgrade, chances are you’ll manage to have it waived if you negotiate with a sales representative.


We hope this guide helps you figure out whether or not your experience of slow speeds is connected to an issue at your end or the provider’s. If you are getting speeds in the range of what your plan offers, yet your online experience is being troubled by lag, chances are you require a Spectrum Internet speed upgrade due to increased consumption. And the logical option is to go for Spectrum Internet Ultra or Gig.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the fastest Spectrum Internet plan?

Spectrum Internet Gig offers 1,000 Mbps downloads and 35 Mbps uploads for the new reduced price of $89.99/mo. for 12 months.

How do I check my internet speed?

You have to access an internet speed test tool to check your internet speed and analyze the download and upload speeds, as well as ping time and jitter.

What is a good internet speed for an average household?

A high-speed internet connection that delivers at least 25 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps uploads, and meets the FCC benchmark of broadband, is good for standard household usage for a small family. With more users, more connected devices, and more bandwidth-extensive activities, you will require higher speeds.