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An American basic cable channel, Food Network is owned by Television Food Network, G.P., which is a joint venture between Nexstar Media Group and Discovery, Inc., albeit for all practical purposes the channel is operated and managed as a division of Discovery Networks US.

Formerly called TV Food Network, the channel was launched in 1993, and is available to an estimated 91 million U.S. households with a pay-tv subscription. As the name suggests, Food Network does not deviate from its intended programming i.e. regular episodic content that revolves around food and cooking. Viewers get to watch cooking shows featuring top-tier chefs, cooking competitions, travel shows that focus on cuisines specific to certain regions, and reality TV programs for viewers who seek televisual drama. The network’s popularity is not limited to the U.S. either. Food Network has gone international and is available in Asia, Europe, and Canada.

If that alone is enough to entice you to put the Food Network on your watch list, but you do not know if your local cable provider offers the channel, do not worry. With Spectrum TV service being as widely available across the country, it is very likely to be operating in your neighborhood. The main ordeal here is finding the exact number for the Food Network channel. Because as Spectrum cable TV subscribers would tell you, numbers differ from one location to another. Yet, do not fret. We have got that covered here!

What Channel Number Is Food Network on Spectrum?

Foodies should take a moment to rejoice with Food Network. It can be a hassle when you get into the action with a recipe you find online, only to find that it was a literal ‘recipe for disaster’. But when you have worldwide renowned chefs and budding culinary experts to guide you through your kitchen shenanigans, you will not have to look elsewhere. And that is exactly where Food Network steps in.

To find out the channel number of Food Network, you can use the Spectrum on-screen TV guide, or find a complete list of Spectrum channel lineup through your Spectrum account. Since channel numbers on Spectrum vary from one location to another, you must use your exact ZIP address to find out Food Network channel number on Spectrum. 

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What to Watch on the Food Network Channel?

You can be a rookie chef who is looking to polish your cooking skills. Or maybe you just like to binge on delicious recipes that you find online. Either way the Food Network channel brings together the best of American cuisine on your cable TV.

Food Network divides its programming into two main blocks—the daytime block goes by the name “Food Network in the Kitchen” while the primetime block is branded as “Food Network Nighttime”. The daytime programming lets you get hands-on in the kitchen with dedicated instructional content. On the other hand, the nighttime block focuses on entertainment programs related to food.

With a plethora of cooking programs, shows revolving around food and cooking, and reality TV series to pick from, here are some all-time Food Network favorites:

Food Network Channel  Favorites
 5 Ingredient Fix starring Claire Robinson  Holiday Baking Championship
 BBQ Blitz starring Eddie Jackson  Jamie at Home starring Jamie Oliver
 Chopped hosted by Ted Allen  Kids BBQ Championship starring Eddie Jackson
 Dessert Games starring Duff Goldman & Guy Fieri  Mystery Diners hosted by Charles Stiles
 Will Work For Food hosted by Adam Gertler  The Thirsty Traveler hosted by Kevin Brauch
 Everyday Italian starring Giada De Laurentiis  Nigella Express hosted by Nigella Lawson
 Food Feuds starring Michael Symon  Oliver’s Twist hosted by Jamie Oliver
 Sugar Rush hosted by Warren Brown  Restaurant Express hosted by Robert Irvine
 Valerie’s Home Cooking hosted by Valarie Bertinelli  TV Dinners hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
 Girls Meet Farm hosted by Molly Yeh  Pressure Cooker hosted by Christopher Durham
 Aarti Party starring Aarti Sequeira  Iron Chef America starring the likes of Mario Batali, Geoffrey Zakarian, Stephanie Izard
 Unwrapped hosted by Marc Summers
Trivia Unwrapped hosted by Marc Summers
Unwrapped 2.0 hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro

Popular Food Network Shows


Chopped is an American elimination cooking game show hosted by American writer and TV food and wine expert Ted Allen. The game show brings four chefs to head to head in a competition to win $10,000. The chefs have to prepare meals using mystery ingredients. What makes it thrilling is that every round gets intense as they progress.

The Great Food Truck Race

A cooking reality TV series, The Great Food Truck Race has been a part of the Food Network since 2010. With Tyler Florence as the show’s host, it features teams of three who have to drive around different U.S. cities in their food trucks and sell food when they make a stop every week. The show has secured itself twelve seasons, and eighty-six episodes have been aired so far.

Supermarket Stakeout

An American cooking reality TV series, Supermarket Stakeout features Chef Alex Guarnaschelli as its host. The show revolves around four chefs who have to prepare lip-smacking meals using ingredients bought from customers as they exit the marketplace. But that comes with another twist. They have to prepare every meal within a certain budget. The final prize for the winning chef amounts to $10,000.

To Conclude

The Food Network is the perfect binge-watch pick if you are a foodie, an aspiring chef or if you want to prepare scrumptious meals for your family on a bustling weekend. And, Food Network also has quite a few sister channels you can tune in to. For instance, Animal Planet, TLC, and HGTV are also available on Spectrum TV. Cooking Channel is among its sister channels too.

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