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We’ve become so used to having a ready, high-speed internet connection at our fingertips that even a few seconds’ delays can be agonizing. When a page doesn’t load or a message takes a bit longer to send, we get frustrated. When streaming stops and cable TV pauses, thanks to the integrated systems they have nowadays, it gets extremely annoying. The worst is perhaps when your screen displays an error message and along with no connectivity, you find yourself stuck with a problem you hardly understand. After all, RLP-1001 holds little meaning for the majority of users, and for the technologically challenged it can be pretty overwhelming.

Did you break or damage something? Do you need to call in professional help? How long will it take to get fixed? And how much will it cost to fix? These are some of the questions that are sure to run through your mind. However, this is nothing to be worried about.

Offering services in 41 states, Spectrum is one of the biggest internet providers in the USA, and with more than 31 million customer relations, it is both a popular and trusted name in the industry. So, if you think they’ll leave you out to dry you couldn’t be more wrong.

Spectrum strives to ensure your experience of Spectrum services is good, so any problem you may have, they’ll be more than happy to resolve?not that you’ll find much to complain about. As for the RLP 1001 Spectrum error though, it is not a frequently observed one but has sure been encountered by many a Roku user who has had a Spectrum TV app installed on their device from before the recent dispute between Spectrum and Roku.

While Spectrum Internet® & Cable subscribers eagerly await a resolution to the recent blackout of Spectrum TV app on Roku?albeit none seems to be in sight for now?for all current users of Spectrum TV app who love to stream cable TV via their Roku device, here is what you need to know about the RLP-1001 Error.

Why Do You Get the RLP-1001 Error?

Spectrum translates the RLP-1001 error as “unable to play” due to connectivity issues. Meaning, if one fine day you see this message and error code display on your screen, and you are unable to stream your favorite Spectrum TV networks via Roku, don’t panic. It only implies you are unable to connect with the Spectrum server, and so you cannot stream video via the Spectrum TV app on Roku.

In most cases, the RLP-1001 error disappears by itself without you having to fix it, however, in some instances people have reported encountering the message again and again. So, if you too experience the same, follow the steps below to resolve the matter. 

For more details call Spectrum customer service at 855-423-0918

How Can You Resolve RLP 1001 Spectrum Error?

The big blaring message on your screen is not as scary as it looks. If you follow the steps below, the issue with Spectrum HD channels not working can be resolved with relative ease. Here’s what you have to do:

Make Sure Your Router is Working Properly

Since the error stems from a connectivity issue, it makes sense you check for Spectrum router issues first. We suggest you open a browser and try visiting a website over Spectrum WiFi. If the webpage loads as it should, your router is working fine. If however, the page has difficulty loading, go ahead and reboot the Spectrum WiFi router. This will clear up the cached data and remove any bugs the device may have accumulated over time, allowing your internet to run smoothly.

To test whether the reboot has worked, open a browser again and surf the web. It is likely your online experience will be much better compared to the last time. Meaning the connectivity issue would be fixed. And, so would be the issue with the Spectrum RLP-1001 Error. Check by launching the Spectrum TV app via your Roku device?you should now be able to stream your cable TV favorites without a problem.

If however, you find there are no Spectrum router issues to fix, or rebooting the internet equipment has not fixed the Spectrum RLP-1001 Error, try out our next troubleshooting tip:

Clear the Spectrum TV App Cache

To get HD channels to stream via the Spectrum TV app, try ridding it of the cache accumulated over time?this may be slowing the app down. Go to the app settings and choose to Clear the Cache.    Chances are once all the cached data is removed from the app, the Spectrum RLP-1001 Error does not make a come back. Bear in mind since now data has to be retrieved all over from the servers, the app will take some time to reopen. Just be patient and everything should be up and running soon.

Troubleshooting the Roku Device

If clearing the Spectrum TV app cache also does not help resolve the Spectrum RLP-1001 Error, turn towards your Roku device for a probable solution. Albeit the problem is caused by a connectivity issue, it’s better that you rule out the likelihood of an issue at Roku’s end.

  • Press the Home key on your Roku remote, and exit the Spectrum TV Channel.
  • Now, go back and re-select the Spectrum TV Channel.

That’s a simple 2-step trick, but it can work to get you rid of the annoying error.

Alternatively, you can also reboot Roku. Unplug the device from the wall outlet, wait for 30 seconds, and remake the connection?again, it’s a straightforward tip, but often the most effective.   

Caution: Do Not Uninstall the Spectrum TV App!  

It is common to uninstall and reinstall an app when facing trouble with its functionality. But given the dispute between Spectrum and Roku, which has not yet been resolved, DO NOT uninstall the Spectrum TV app from your Roku device. If you do, there is no chance you’ll be able to reinstall it as it is no longer available for Roku?at least not until Spectrum and Roku are able to reach a mutual agreement, if at all.

Contact Spectrum Customer Service

If none of the methods above bring desired results, you can always turn to Spectrum Customer Service for help. Let them connect you to Spectrum tech support - trained professionals will be able to confirm if the error in connectivity is due to an issue at their end. This will not only give you a sense of closure on why your efforts didn’t yield result, but get the matter on track towards a resolution.  

Final Words

Spectrum strives to ensure its users get the best service possible so no matter what kind of trouble comes your way, ready help is always available. The best thing about using Spectrum Internet, TV or Voice is the huge Spectrum community, both online and offline, that you can get in touch with and ask for real-time help.

We hope though, this article helps you resolve the Spectrum RLP-1001 error, and you don’t need to search any further. With that said, happy streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Spectrum HD channels not working in the Spectrum TV app?

This can happen when your internet connection is unable to connect to Spectrum servers.

Why cannot I download the Spectrum TV app on Roku?

The Spectrum TV app is no longer available on Roku. The contract between Spectrum and Roku, which allowed customers to access the app via Roku, has not been renewed. While Spectrum subscribers who are already using the app via Roku would not be affected, new Spectrum subscribers can no more download Roku to stream via the Spectrum TV app.

How to restart the Spectrum TV app?

Turn off the device that has the Spectrum TV app installed on it. Wait for 60 seconds before switching it back on. If this doesn’t work, and you still face an issue with the functionality of your Spectrum TV app, we suggest you uninstall the app and reinstall?unless you are using it via Roku, in which case you must know the Spectrum TV app is no longer available for use on Roku.