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For those of you, who were using the internet back in the late 90’s EarthLink must ring a bell. The service provider ruled the realm of internet connectivity at the time. Two decades later, EarthLink is still the 2nd largest DSL provider in the US, albeit operating in a unique way, much unlike others in the industry.

How EarthLink Works Today

EarthLink offers broadband services by piggybacking on the established DSL and Fiber networks of providers like Verizon, CenturyLink and AT&T. While this strategy works in EarthLink’s favor in the sense it helps expand EarthLink’s reach in so many markets, the effects of this arrangement can affect the speed and pricing aspects of the service.

One big positive which has remained consistent over the past 25 years, from dial up to DSL and Fiber, is that EarthLink has not changed its stance on unlimited data. Back in the day EarthLink pioneered the concept of unlimited internet with dial up internet, when few would have ventured to take such a bold business approach, and held onto it through the decades when most others only allowed capped data.

With the right partnerships in place in terms of coverage, EarthLink services are now available across 50 states. And, California, New York, and Texas are the 3 most comprehensively served ones. In 2019 EarthLink reached more than 50% homes in America and today that number is up at 63%.

As the bundle approach is anticipated to become less and less popular with the rise in cord-cutting, the EarthLink Internet service aims to deliver the full benefit of the right technology, aka speed, at the right price to the consumer, via straightforward offerings, that also protect consumer privacy and security. The company’s partnerships are a reflection of its endeavor to ensure delivery of the best available technology which coupled with managed services from EarthLink can make for an exceptional customer experience.

What Type is EarthLink Internet?

As we said, EarthLink now partners with Verizon, CenturyLink and AT&T across the U.S., and utilizes their DSL and Fiber networks. So, depending on which network EarthLink is piggybacking on in any given vicinity residents will be delivered a DSL or Fiber service. The ISPs it partners with provide these 2 types of internet in their respective service locations.

As Fixed Wireless becomes more common in rural America, consumers may find EarthLink utilizing fixed wireless broadband infrastructure via right partnerships, especially in regions without access to wireline services.

EarthLink DSL Internet

Nearly half of EarthLink’s customer base is in non-urban markets. And EarthLink DSL is a viable option for many rural communities. However it accounts for less than 20% of its customer base.

DSL speeds delivered by EarthLink are as good as a partner network gets in the area. While in some areas this may result in only one speed option available, EarthLink does vow to deliver via the best available technology. And, where possible, a variety of speed tiers is offered.

For this reason however, EarthLink DSL speeds and prices can vary considerably with the region you are in.  

EarthLink Fiber Internet

EarthLink Fiber Internet, is delivered over partner Fiber networks where the infrastructure is available. In its Fiber locations EarthLink connects you to the Fiber back-bone via fiber optic lines up to your doorstep, giving symmetrical speeds i.e. equal download and upload, with speeds maxing out at 1 Gbps.

EarthLink HyperLink is the brand name the company uses to market its fiber-based services, pure and hybrid. However, where installation of fiber optic lines to homes is not an option, copper phone lines maybe utilized to deliver data over the “last mile” resulting in asymmetrical high-speed internet. Your distance from the Node in the neighborhood will thus play a role in the delivered speeds.

EarthLink Internet: HyperLink Pricing

For Hybrid Speeds  

Gig speeds and pure Fiber are not everyone’s thing. A moderate set of needs in an average US household can be easily fulfilled with download speeds upwards of 25 Mbps. And, if your usage is limited to a single user or shy consumption of the internet, EarthLink Internet speed tiers like 12 and 18 can do the job.

EarthLink logo

Get the Right Connection for Your Home with EarthLink

Plans starting at $49.95

  • Download speeds ranging from 12 Mbps-75 Mbps
  • Unlimited data
  • Work with confidence and have fun without a care
  • No teaser pricing

Call to check availability and price in your area

For Pure Fiber Speeds

EarthLink Fiber, an FTTH connection delivered via the HyperLink service, gives you speeds starting at 50 Mbps, maxing out at 1 Gbps, with 100 and 200 Mbps speed tiers in between. Knowing well not all users find value in Gig plans, EarthLink ensures more than one lower speed tiers are offered to take care of standard household usage.

EarthLink logo

Supercharge with EarthLink Fiber Internet

Plans starting at $49.95

  • Equal upload & download speeds ranging from 50 Mbps-1,000 Mbps
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Unlimited data
  • Work from home or attend class online, stream video or play online games

Call to check availability and price in your area

About EarthLink Internet Prices & Additional Costs

EarthLink Monthly Service Charge

As we said, EarthLink Internet prices, like its speed tiers, can vary with location. In fact the 2 are inter-related because EarthLink sells a whole range for the same price tag. Meaning you may get 12 Mbps for $49.95/mo. in one region, while in another EarthLink may be delivering 15 Mbps for the same price. Similarly, speeds between 18 and 30 Mbps will all be priced the same at $59.95/month, but delivered speed will depend on the broadband infrastructure in the area.

Unlike fiber-based asymmetrical HyperLink plans, EarthLink Fiber to the home service gets you 3 popular plans which deliver symmetrical speeds and are individually priced at $49.95/mo. for 50 Mbps, $79.95 for 100 Mbps and $99.95 for 1 Gbps.

While EarthLink prices do come across as higher than what most ISPs ask for with their advertised offers, the biggest perk here is transparency. EarthLink does not have a hiked up monthly service charge lurking around to go in effect after the end of the promo period. In other words, EarthLink does not tease you with a low price only to bump it up after the first 12 months promo term. This does not mean the price would never change, but that you get to enjoy higher yet stable pricing and this arrangement can work out fine in the long run.  

EarthLink Contract and Early Termination Fee

EarthLink Internet comes with a catch, i.e. a contract. With each plan that you opt for, there’s a 12-month contract. The price remains locked for a year so you won’t have to worry about un-called-for spike. Should you plan to call your EarthLink contract off before it’s due, you would have to pay a cancellation fee. How early or late you cancel your contract, decides the ETF you pay. EarthLink can bill you up to $200 depending on the number of months left under the agreement. But may also waiver it under pre-defined terms and conditions.   

EarthLink Internet Installation & Equipment Costs

EarthLink professional installation for HyperLink™ connections costs $79.95. And for these connections, you must use the EarthLink provided equipment. But, with DSL connections you can BYOD and self install. You’ll have to pay $9.95/mo. for the EarthLink Wi-Fi modem.

EarthLink Internet Availability

EarthLink partnerships give an edge to its services. With partner networks in a number of states, EarthLink can boast one of the strongest ISP footprints across the US. Today, EarthLink Internet service is available in 50 states. But given how EarthLink works, it is recommended you confirm availability in your are by speaking to EarthLink Customer Service at 1-844-343-1171.

All Things Concluded

While you may find EarthLink prices on the higher end of the spectrum, in the long term the overall cost is not that different to what you may end up paying another provider, which offers a 12-month discounted price but then hikes it up significantly. EarthLink keeps things straightforward and transparent with its customers.

With that said the biggest advantage you get with EarthLink is the unlimited data every month no matter which internet plan you are on. Plus EarthLink Internet reviews do tell us the provider offers great customer service, with quick resolution to technical, billing and account related questions and concerns. So, if you find yourself interested in no-gimmick internet, speak to EarthLink professionals at 1-844-343-1171 and have your questions answered anytime.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is EarthLink Internet fast?

EarthLink gives a range of speeds, both for fiber-based DSL and pure fiber internet. EarthLink HyperLink connection speeds range from 12 Mbps to 75 Mbps for asymmetrical hybrid plans and 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps for FTTH (Fiber to the Home).

What kind of internet is EarthLink?

EarthLink provides both DSL and Fiber internet services using partner networks across 50 states.