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What Makes CenturyLink a Distinguished Choice?

Currently making its telecom offerings available to over 45 million people across 50 states, CenturyLink boasts a significantly visible footprint in Arizona, Washington, and Colorado. With the CenturyLink DSL network outspread nationwide, fiber optic internet from the provider is also accessible to over 9 million Americans.

With the aim to empower Americans through smart deployment of innovative technology that helps them maximize the benefits of a digital lifestyle, CenturyLink continues to expand its capacity to furnish Fiber to the Premises connections. Today, CenturyLink ranks as the 3rd largest DSL provider in the U.S. and the 5th largest in the Fiber Broadband arena, although pure fiber optic connectivity from the provider is more sparsely available than DSL connections that come well boosted by Fiber in the Loop.

What adds to CenturyLink’s truly distinguished standing is consistency of pricing - a huge plus that long-term subscribers greatly benefit from, and rightly appreciate in this day and age of frequent price hikes.

Be it a sturdy DSL connection furnishing fiber-powered speeds up to 100 Mbps, or 100% fiber optic Gig-level connectivity, speed isn’t the sole offering from CenturyLink. The provider also leads in the domain of home phone connections. You can either subscribe to standalone CenturyLink Phone, or bundle the service with internet to benefit from discounted rates.

Not only do CenturyLink Bundles allow you to avail yourself of high-quality connectivity at an amazingly discounted price, you don’t have to scamper around acquiring telecom services in bits and pieces from different providers. This cuts on the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and having to pay different bills every month.

Simply put, you can make your everyday life simple and convenient by subscribing to CenturyLink!

CenturyLink Sets You Free - No Contract or Early Termination Fee!

CenturyLink isn’t your ordinary internet service provider. The provider amps up its game in the ISP realm by letting subscribers remain without shackles. Say what? CenturyLink follows a no-mandatory-contract policy. You can stay subscribed to a plan on a month-to-month basis for as long as you wish, and you can cancel your subscription at any time you deem necessary. In case you discontinue the CenturyLink service for any reason, your bill wouldn’t be bombarded with an Early Termination Fee either. CenturyLink believes in sustaining a relationship with the consumer that is based on “respect and fairness”, so what you get is total freedom!

CenturyLink Price for Life – You Get to Keep the Same Price Forever!

Amidst the galore of perks CenturyLink offers, the provider’s no-mandatory-contract policy isn’t the only enticing feature. Perhaps even more luring is the Price for Life feature that accompanies internet plans and bundles.

Your monthly internet bill gets locked at the same price you initially subscribe at, and that too for LIFE. The price sees no hike as long as long as you continue to dwell at the same address and stay subscribed to the same package.

The Price for Life is applicable to all CenturyLink internet plans besides the Fiber Gigabit. Whether you acquire a double play with internet and phone or go for standalone internet service, CenturyLink’s customer-focused approach keeps you covered forever!

CenturyLink Internet – Crafted for the Consumer

Consumer-centric CenturyLink attitude fully reflects in how the provider designs its internet plans based on speed.

High-speed internet from CenturyLink encompasses a broad range of unique consumer needs - starting from the modest internet users who may not need any more than 15 Mbps downstream speed, extending to the tech-savvy who enjoy heavy-weight online activities and would not mind Gig order speeds.

With speeds as reliable as delivered via CenturyLink’s fiber backbone DSL connections, streaming, downloading, gaming, standard internet browsing and social media surfing, everything can be done seamlessly, affordably, and simply. Connect multiple devices with 100 Mbps-fast CenturyLink Internet and keep everyone in the family happy!

CenturyLink’s Fiber Broadband however takes the cake. Fiber Gigabit plan from the provider is equipped to make HD streaming uncomplicated, downloading bandwidth-heavy games quick, and 4K streaming as easy as pie. Yet, that’s not all. CenturyLink’s fiber broadband doesn’t leave you dry when it comes to the upload power either. You get to experience wired symmetrical speeds up to 940 Mbps - video conferencing, uploading high-definition content, gigabit files etc. all that happens free of jitters and stutters.


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Say goodbye to dropped calls, distorted voice, and the unreliability of phone connectivity.

CenturyLink doesn’t play around with its claims. If you are guaranteed seamless voice connectivity, you get it! And no, CenturyLink doesn’t do it the old-school way. The provider’s take on digital voice service comes with unlimited nationwide calling, economical international calling plans, and all the essential digital calling features.

CenturyLink Phone is a sound alternative to your cell phone, yet this landline will by no means feel outdated, rather prove to be one that brings you coverage, safety & security, and quality that you expect of any 21st century home phone service.

Processing ... The Best of CenturyLink Comes in Bundles

Just when you thought the perfect bundle doesn’t exist, CenturyLink Bundles proved you otherwise.

CenturyLink brings you internet and home phone bundles that vary only in terms of internet speed. From 15 Mbps to 940 Mbps, you can take your pick. No matter which plan you opt for, what doesn’t change is the price-point. Not only that, you get the chance to keep your bundle price for life!

So if you want to spend less, save big, and get yourself equipped with state-of-the-art high-speed internet and a reliable home phone connection that always keeps you in touch, there is little reason for you to not subscribe to CenturyLink Services!

Frequently Asked Questions

CenturyLink currently operates in 50 states. The provider’s DSL coverage is colossal compared to fiber broadband but you can input your ZIP code in the search tool above and find out if fiber service from CenturyLink is available at your address.

No, CenturyLink does not make contracts mandatory. You are not bound to a term commitment rather continue subscription on a month to month basis. If you wish to unsubscribe at anytime, you would not be charged an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

Standalone CenturyLink internet plans start at $49/mo. with the maximum speed as high as 100 Mbps. These internet plans also come with a Price of Life guarantee. Fiber Gigabit is priced at $65/mo. and comes with a free internet modem when you order online.

CenturyLink Internet and home phone packages have no contracts and no price hikes. With internet speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 940 Mbps, you get to include Unlimited CenturyLink Phone, and the bundle costs you $85 per month for each available speed tier. The bundle price is locked for life.