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One Look at EarthLink Internet Connections

What Types of Internet Does EarthLink Offer?

EarthLink internet service namely offers two types of connections—DSL and Fiber Optic.

EarthLink DSL broadband service is far more widely available than the newer fiber optic internet. DSL internet is delivered over twisted copper lines that have been used to carry voice signals for nearly a century. These copper wires can handle more bandwidth or range of frequencies than needed for voice signals. DSL tech is able to exploit this capacity and helps transfer digital data without interfering with the phone line.

More recently, in urban areas EarthLink DSL speeds have seen a significant increase. This has been achieved by extending the fiber backbone to the “Node” in any given neighborhood. Meaning a combo of fiber and copper lines is used to deliver EarthLink high-speed DSL. But, in most suburban and rural regions, where such an extension of the fiber backbone is not yet done, internet speed is slower as with traditional DSL.

As for EarthLink fiber optic internet, network infrastructure is capable of delivering 1 Gig internet in select regions. But, in most urban neighborhoods fast hybrid speeds are easy to access. With that said, EarthLink is fast expanding its fiber network across the U.S., and is already estimated to cover millions of homes nationwide.

Fiber optic broadband technology makes it possible for data transfer to occur at speeds comparable to that of light. Light pulses carry data through optical fibers over long distances without much degradation. This results in consistent high speeds at the subscriber’s end. The hallmark of EarthLink fiber internet is you get symmetrical speeds. Meaning the same download and upload speeds.

EarthLink DSL Vs EarthLink Fiber

EarthLink fiber internet is the product of the latest in broadband technology. It is ideal for everyone looking to stream HD video content or enjoy competitive online gaming. Fast upload speeds make working from home easy. Upload big files or get onto conference calls. There won’t be a lag. Also, EarthLink fiber is big on bandwidth by default. So, you don’t see a drop in performance when multiple devices connect.

EarthLink DSL is good for users who do not require internet for bandwidth heavy activities. Not that you cannot use it to stream video or play online. Or you will be doomed if you have to work from home or attend school online. You can do all of that. Because high-speed EarthLink DSL internet gives you adequate speeds for such activities. But, you may not be able to hook up multiple users or devices. That is why EarthLink DSL internet plans work well for consumers whose consumption of internet is more limited. They get to pay for the speed they use, and nothing more.

What is EarthLink HyperLink Internet?

Well, you can say EarthLink HyperLink Internet is an affordable version of fiber optic internet. HyperLink connections from EarthLink began to roll out during the past few years. As the provider revamped and extended its fiber optic network infrastructure, it came to include more communities in its fold. And, this process is ongoing.

EarthLink HyperLink Internet brings a variety of speeds to the consumer. Depending on the infrastructure in the area, you can get hybrid or pure fiber speeds. Both pure fiber optic and hybrid connections offer you a good variety of speed tiers. Lower speed tiers for those who do not ‘live’ online. And, high speeds for those who love doing everything online.

So, when you switch to EarthLink HyperLink Internet you get a fast and reliable connection. Which comes super charged by a fiber optic network. And, does not limit your data intake. You also get 20 hours of dial-up access FREE every month. The best part is you deal with an ISP that knows the internet. And, has a long history of providing affordable internet access to America. A provider you can trust!

EarthLink Internet Service Features

Popular EarthLink HyperLink Internet Plans

Here take a look at the variety of EarthLink high-speed internet plans. Each comes powered by fiber optic lines—either all the way or up to the “last mile”—depending on where you are located. Also, not all speeds may be available in every neighborhood. Because of variations in network infrastructure. But, largely speaking you get to choose from a good range. And, pick one that does the job for you without draining your budget.

EarthLink Internet Plan Max Speed*
(Download & Upload)
What You Can Do Price*
(for 12 months)
HyperLink 1000 Mbps 1 Gbps ↑
1 Gbps ↓
  • Connect 10+ users
  • Ideal for every type of activity that you can possibly do online!
HyperLink 200 Mbps 200 Mbps ↑
200 Mbps ↓
  • Connect 10+ users
  • Ideal for every type of activity that you can possibly do online!
HyperLink 100 Mbps 100 Mbps ↑
100 Mbps ↓
  • Connects 4+ users.
  • Create data backups on Cloud, stream HD video, shop online, and more. Do it all fast and secure!
HyperLink 50 Mbps 50 Mbps ↑
50 Mbps ↓
  • Connects 3+ users.
  • Email, browse, make online payments, download apps on phone, stream HD and more. Without breaking the bank!
Gimmick-Free Pricing

More EarthLink Internet Speeds

Hyperlink™ from EarthLink gives you more speed tiers too. If you don’t need ultra-fast upload speeds, EarthLink offers options that give you asymmetrical speeds. Meaning download and upload speeds are not the same. So, if your consumption of internet is not extravagant, you can pick one of the following download speed tiers depending on your location. This way you pay only for what you use.

HyperLink 75 Mbps | HyperLink 30 Mbps | HyperLink 25 Mbps | HyperLink 24 Mbps HyperLink 18 Mbps | HyperLink 15 Mbps | HyperLink 12 Mbps

Customizable Internet Plans

EarthLink Internet Data

Well, that is perhaps the part consumers have always loved the most about EarthLink internet plans. None of the plans comes with a data cap. EarthLink follows its tradition and continues to provide unlimited internet access to subscribers.

With EarthLink you can squeeze all the juice out of your home internet connection. You won’t get throttled, experience slowdowns, or face unpleasant shutoffs. EarthLink believes in getting you ”internet the way it was meant to be”.

Unlimited Internet Access

EarthLink Internet Contracts

There’s a 12-month contract with each EarthLink high-speed internet plan. This means, you can enjoy your EarthLink internet plan for one full year at the same price as you first purchase it for. No price hike during the term of your contract. But, if for any unforeseen reason you must cancel your contract before the end of the term, EarthLink charges you an Early Termination Fee.

Cancellation during Month 2-6 $200 Cancellation during Month 7-8 $175 Cancellation during Month 9-10 $150 Cancellation during Month 11-12 $75

Unlimited Internet Access

EarthLink Internet Miscellaneous Costs

EarthLink internet prices are straightforward and free from introductory gimmicks. There are no teasers at all! What you see is what you pay for one full year. But, taxes and other fees are added based on the tariffs in the area where you live. That is why it is recommended for an accurate estimate you call at 1-844-343-1171. Speaking to an EarthLink professional will help you determine the full cost you may incur.

Here are the fixed costs that an EarthLink subscription comes with:

  • Professional installation for EarthLink HyperLink Internet costs $69.95. Self install option is not available for Hyperlink™ connections. But, self-install kit for EarthLink DSL comes for under $20.
  • Monthly modem rental fee costs $6.95. Use of EarthLink provided Modem with Wi-Fi is required for all HyperLink™ internet connections. For EarthLink DSL you have the option to BYOD.

Pick the Speed You Need & Let EarthLink Internet Do the Rest


*Taxes, other fees and other restrictions may apply. Actual speeds Actual speeds may vary based on network activity, configuration and other factors.

Why Choose EarthLink Internet Service?

Get on-board the Nation’s Biggest DSL Network

Accessing fast and reliable internet speeds is a routine for residents of urban America. But, things haven’t always been this way for millions in rural parts of the country. Where the dilemma of dealing with the digital divide is still real. That is why EarthLink has long undertaken to offer affordable internet access to non-urban localities all over the U.S.

EarthLink DSL connections transmit data over industry’s long-trusted network of twisted copper lines. You get a dedicated line and do not suffer a drop in connection at peak usage times as with a shared cable connection.

EarthLink DSL internet plans are made to fit a variety of usage patterns. EarthLink DSL speed range might seem like it won’t be enough for multiple users. But, without data caps these plans prove enough for limited internet consumption. More so, when you consider how competitively priced EarthLink DSL internet service is.

EarthLink HyperLink™ Comes with the Power of Fiber

EarthLink markets its fiber-powered internet plans under the brand name HyperLink™. EarthLink HyperLink™ appeared on the scene with a vision to make high-speed internet easily accessible. Acquisition by Trive Capital resulted in an expanded EarthLink fiber footprint. And, today a large swath of U.S. territories is covered by EarthLink fiber internet.

Similar to DSL plans, EarthLink HyperLink™ internet plans also have no limit on data usage. You get symmetrical speeds starting from 50 Mbps. And, there is a plan for light to moderate and heavy internet usage. EarthLink fiber internet prices are competitive and fit most household budgets with ease.

EarthLink Gives You More than Internet

EarthLink internet service does not only provide residential connectivity solutions. But, offers a variety of other services.

Gimmick-Free Pricing

EarthLink Webmail

This service allows subscribers to add up to 8 email accounts. You get 100MB storage with each. If you need, you can sign up for additional storage for a reasonable price. The EarthLink spamBlocker automatically blocks a lot of spam. And, also gives you the option to choose a level of protection right for you. To access your EarthLink email you can sign into your account at

Gimmick-Free Pricing

EarthLink Online Backup

EarthLink Online Backup service automatically backs up your data to prevent loss. You can back up and sync more than one device to your personal storage. All data is secure and encrypted. You can view and share files online. And, also access backed-up data via mobile apps. You have the option to pick 50, 250 or 500GB storage plan. Priced at $5.95, $6.95 & $9.95 per month respectively.

Gimmick-Free Pricing

The EarthLink App

MyEarthLink App is a mobile application which makes your online life remarkably easy to manage. You can catch up on the latest news, check the latest stocks, get weather reports, run your email, and more. Access to your EarthLink account is also possible via this app. View billing information, add/delete email accounts, or add new services. This app puts everything on MyEarthLink Portal right in your pocket.

Customizable Internet Plans

EarthLink Security & Tools

EarthLink internet service provides you with a variety of value added options, which come with a FREE 30-day trial!

EarthLink Guardian draws upon the strengths of Bark. An award-winning product which has gained the trust of parents and schools around the U.S. It keeps your family and personal information safe from online hazards. Priced at $9.95 per month.

EarthLink Protect is powered by NortonLifeLock™. You can rest assured it will detect all threats to connected devices. And, keep you safe as you socialize, bank or shop online. If you pick EarthLink Protect+ features like Secure VPN and Identity Alert System get added. Priced at $7.95/mo. and $9.95/mo. respectively.

EarthLink Internet Plans

Let Us Pick the Best for Your Household

EarthLink Internet 30 Mbps


(for 12 months)

  • Type of connection: HYPERLINK™
  • Download speeds: Up to 30 Mbps*
  • Best for: Web browsing, streaming High-Def videos, downloading media and more—connect 1-2 users

EarthLink Internet 100 Mbps


(for 12 months)

  • Type of connection: HYPERLINK™
  • Download speeds: Up to 100 Mbps*
  • Best for: Single-user online gaming, video streaming, Zoom video calls, web browsing and connecting 3+ users

*Taxes, other fees and other restrictions may apply. Actual speeds Actual speeds may vary based on network activity, configuration and other factors.

EarthLink Internet

What You May Not Know!

  • J.D. Power ranked EarthLink the highest for customer satisfaction for 3 years in a row: 2002, 2003 and 2004.
  • In October 1996, EarthLink was named "Internet Company of the Year" by the Southern California Software Industry Council.
  • In 2000, EarthLink won PC World's World Class Best ISP Award.
  • In 2002, the company was named Top ISP by CNet for the 3rd straight year. And, Smart Business also rated EarthLink with a 5-star rating.
Internet pic by Metronet Internet

Additional Services on the EarthLink Portfolio

Digital Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

EarthLink also provides Digital Marketing solutions to small businesses. For instance:

  • Custom Branding
  • Domain Registration
  • Website Design & Security
  • Reputation Management
  • Find My Business Service
  • Online Fax Service
  • Branded Email Accounts & Professional Email Addresses (up to 50)

EarthLink Internet Availability

Exploring EarthLink Network Coverage

EarthLink Internet is available across 30+ states in over 11,000 ZIP codes. Service availability is the most widespread in California, New York and Texas. From dialup internet access to DSL, and then on to the cutting-edge fiber optic internet. EarthLink has invested persistent effort to ensure affordable internet access can be provided to communities across America.

EarthLink DSL connections are widely available. Because Digital Subscriber Line tech is based on a network of traditional copper phone lines. Whereas EarthLink fiber optic internet network is still in the process of spreading out. No doubt it is one of the largest in the country, but it may be some time before EarthLink Fiber becomes available in all EarthLink service locations. That is why EarthLink recommends you speak to a customer service representative to check EarthLink fiber internet availability.

EarthLink Service States

Alabama Arkansas California Connecticut
Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia
Indiana Illinois Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan
Mississippi Missouri Nevada New Jersey
New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma
Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee
Texas Virginia Wisconsin

Check EarthLink Internet Availability


Is EarthLink Internet Good?

A Recap of Pros & Cons

If you’re seeking traditional DSL internet plans, EarthLink is hands down the most available and affordable option out there. EarthLink DSL internet plans give rural communities across America a decent range of speeds to pick from. And, at rates that are hard to beat. The same is true for EarthLink Hyperlink internet. It may not be available as far and wide yet, but offers a solid high-speed internet option to urban neighborhoods and suburban communities.

Customizable Internet Plans


  • Variety of internet types and speeds
  • Gimmick-free pricing
  • No data caps or speed throttling
  • One-year Price Lock
  • Widespread availability of DSL & Hybrid high-speed internet
Customizable Internet Plans


  • Available internet speeds vary from one location to another
  • EarthLink Fiber is available in select EarthLink service locations

Frequently Asked Questions

EarthLink offers a high-speed DSL broadband service which comes powered by fiber. You can get HyperLink speeds starting from 12 Mbps and going as high as 1 Gbps.

EarthLink offers two types of internet connections: DSL and Fiber-Optic based.

No, EarthLink does not offer TV.

EarthLink offers the latest equipment to go with its HyperLink connections. You get a modem & router combo which ensures strong in-home Wi-Fi.

EarthLink is now owned by Trive Capital.

EarthLink HyperLink™ costs $49.95 for a 50 Mbps connection. The highest speed tier gives 1000 Mbps which costs $99.95 a month.

Yes, EarthLink HyperLink™ is fiber-optic based.

No, Earthlink does not impose data caps on any of its internet plans.

The fastest internet plan from EarthLink is HyperLink 1000 Mbps.

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