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Take a Look at HyperLink™ Plans & Pricing

EarthLink serves residential neighborhoods in its service locations with two types of internet connections. Fiber optic and DSL. And, in recent years EarthLink has introduced high-speed HyperLink™ internet to audiences in most service locations.

EarthLink HyperLink brings you a variety of speeds. And aims to take care of the deal-breaking dilemma that every internet user faces. Speeds that are too high or too low.

Depending on the infrastructure in your area, you can get pure fiber or Fiber-Copper hybrid speeds. These speed tiers are designed so that you are able to pick one which suits your needs—big or small.

Popular EarthLink HyperLink™ Speeds

EarthLink Internet Plan Max Speed*
(Download & Upload)
EarthLink Pricing*
(for 12 months)
HyperLink 1000 1 Gbps ↑ | 1 Gbps ↓ $99.95/mo.
HyperLink 200 200 Mbps ↑ | 200 Mbps ↓ $89.95/mo.
HyperLink 100 100 Mbps ↑ | 100 Mbps ↓ $79.95/mo.
HyperLink 50 50 Mbps ↑ | 50 Mbps ↓ $49.95/mo.

Pick the Speed You Need & Let EarthLink Internet Do the Rest


EarthLink Redefines Convenience

With MyEarthLink App

Another jewel in the EarthLink Crown of Convenience is the MyEarthLink App. MyEarthLink App is available for Android and iOS users. It’s a convenient mobile application, that is easy to use. And, brings all your essentials in one place. With the EarthLink App in your phone you get instant access to:

  • Your EarthLink Email and all your EarthLink contacts
  • Your EarthLink account settings, billing information and payment, email accounts, and more
  • Your customizable news feed and more news apps
  • Weather forecast while on the go
  • Updates on your favorite stocks or the latest S&P

How to Install MyEarthLink App?

Installing the MyEarthLink App is as convenient as the application itself. To download it on your respective phones, here’s what you must do:

Android Users

  • Access the Google Play Store from your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Search for the MyEarthLink App.
  • Download the app on your device. The installation will happen automatically.
  • Open the App, set things up and voila!

iOS Users

  • Go to the iTunes store from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Search for the MyEarthLink App
  • Download the app on your device, and it’ll automatically be installed
  • Open the App, setup your account and start using!


Some Facts & Figures

  • EarthLink is the largest residential DSL broadband provider in the U.S. by coverage
  • EarthLink stands among the top-5 Fiber broadband providers in the U.S. by coverage
  • EarthLink markets high-speed powered by Fiber Optic as HyperLink™. The service is available to an estimated 25 million
  • EarthLink services over 11,000 ZIP codes across the U.S.
  • In 2019 EarthLink announced its network coverage in the U.S. residential market had increased to 53%
  • EarthLink provides Smart Business Solutions, including directory listings, branding, web development & security, domain registration, and more
  • EarthLink tops up its residential internet service with an array of security tools, an online backup service, and remote expert Tech support

EarthLink Service Contracts & Miscellaneous Costs

Everything You Need to Know

Here comes the most crucial part. Understanding things like the contract, and other upfront costs that you incur when you subscribe to the EarthLink service.

EarthLink offers internet plans with a 12-month contract. Meaning you get to pay the same price for one full year with no surprises. But, if for any reason you cancel the contract before the end of the term, EarthLink would charge you an Early Termination Fee up to $200. The exact amount depends on how many months remain under your contract.

Some costs are upfront like the professional installation fee. EarthLink HyperLink connections require a pro-install which costs a one-time fee of $69.95. But, if you have a DSL connection, you can choose to self-install for under $20.

As for the internet equipment with your EarthLink internet plan, you can pay an equipment rental fee of $6.95 a month. Or, you can opt to pay a one-time cost and purchase the equipment upfront. Again, with a HyperLink connection you must use EarthLink provided modem with Wi-Fi. But, with an EarthLink DSL connection you can opt to BYOD.

EarthLink Availability

Here is Where You Can Find EarthLink Internet

After its launch in 1994, EarthLink service was available in 98 cities. But, with changing times, evolving internet tech, corporate mergers and acquisitions, EarthLink network coverage expanded.

Today, the EarthLink internet service is available in 30+ states. And, most urban service locations have fiber optic lines running either up to a distribution point in residential neighborhoods, or the subscriber’s location. Suburban and rural areas tend to depend more on twisted copper lines to carry data over longer distances. But, EarthLink is spreading its fiber optic tentacles fast, with an aim to make fiber powered internet reach underserved America. So, it may not be too long before all EarthLink service locations come to enjoy the benefits of Fiber powered internet.

EarthLink Availability by State

State Population Covered State Population Covered
Alabama 3,055,700+ Mississippi 2,245,600+
Arkansas 1,582,500+ Missouri 3,749,300+
California 26,332,900+ Nevada 527,800+
Connecticut 22,700+ New Jersey 6,482,000+
Delaware 596,000+ New York 12,212,700+
District of Columbia 555,700+ North Carolina 4,056,900+
Florida 10,098,000+ Ohio 5,908,200+
Georgia 7,054,300+ Oklahoma 2,484,400+
Indiana 3,390,500+ Pennsylvania 7,931,700+
Illinois 9,879,200+ Rhode Island 688,700+
Kansas 2,099,500+ South Carolina 2,537,600+
Kentucky 1,942,500+ Tennessee 4,361,400+
Louisiana 3,454,400+ Texas 17,184,000+
Maryland 4,158,500+ Virginia 5,184,700+
Massachusetts 5,027,500+ Wisconsin 3,225,700+
Michigan 7,332,200+

Top EarthLink Cities

Houston, Texas 2.7+ million people covered
Chicago, IL 2.5+ million people covered
Brooklyn, NY 2.4+ million people covered
Los Angeles, CA 2.1+ million people covered
Miami, FL 1.6+ million people covered
New York, NY 1.5+ million people covered
San Antonio, TX 1.4+ million people covered

Frequently Asked Questions

EarthLink is available in 30+ states, both in urban and non-urban areas.

EarthLink HyperLink™ costs $49.95 for a 50 Mbps connection. The highest speed tier gives 1000 Mbps which costs $99.95 a month. On the other hand, EarthLink pricing for DSL plans depends on the available speeds in any given locality. So, it is recommended you call at 1-844-343-1171, to get an exact estimate of the cost.

EarthLink Internet offers two types of connections, DSL and Fiber. But, an increasing number of EarthLink service locations is now being served by a hybrid Fiber-Copper network.

Trive Capital completed its acquisition of EarthLink in 2019.

EarthLink offers internet connections via its DSL and fiber optic networks.

EarthLink offers modems that also function as wireless routers. You can go for a DSL or fiber broadband connection from EarthLink. And, with a modem-router combo device you can connect multiple devices over a strong Wi-Fi network.

No, EarthLink does not provide cable broadband.

EarthLink offers high-speed HyperLink™ connections. These connections come powered by fiber optic lines for the greater part, if not all the way. And, fiber optic cables transmits data via light pulses without much degradation over longer distances. So, what you get is fast and reliable internet speeds starting from 50 Mbps going as high as 1000 Mbps in select areas.

No, EarthLink does not offer TV.

EarthLink offers a choice of security tools like EarthLink Guardian, EarthLink Protect & Protect+. These low cost services help keep online activities well monitored and safe from potential cyber threats.

When you subscribe to EarthLink internet service, you are offered 8 email accounts with automatic virus and spam protection included in your plan.

Yes, EarthLink email is encrypted.

Not. EarthLink and Charter Spectrum™ are two different broadband providers.

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