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You are seated at a basketball game. The tension is only rising and your favorite player scores a slam-duck. Your adrenaline rushes to the roof and your joy cannot be put into words. But, it does not mean you will get to experience this only if you’re watching a match in person. Tuning into NBA matches on your TV set or rooting for your favorite NBA team from behind your smartphone screen also has a charm of its own.

If your current local cable TV provider lacks in offering you the said experience do not fret because Spectrum TV has got your back.

With Charter Spectrum™ you get access to a wide variety of sports networks. If you want to binge-watch recorded sports programs, there is SEC Network for it. And, if you want to stay updated with the latest matches and news from the world of global sports, you can always tune in to ESPN.

But if your love for sports revolves around basketball, Spectrum TV has got just the fix for that. NBA TV, an American pay television network owned by the National Basketball Association and operated by Turner Sports, is available to over 53 million American households that carry a pay-TV subscription. And Charter Spectrum, with its 15 million video subscribers, offers the NBA TV channel in its Sports View add-on.

NBA TV – A Brief Overview of the Channel

National Basketball Association’s TV has been up and running since 1999. The sports network is known for featuring big games and big moments from the world of the NBA. NBA TV primarily broadcasts regular seasonal NBA matches, professional basketball league matches, sports news and analysis, documentaries, and other NBA-related specials.

In less than five years after its launch i.e. by 2003, the basketball-oriented network managed to outspread its availability to 45 million pay-TV households in the U.S. And by 2018, NBA TV was distributing programming in 40 countries via partnerships with the likes of Sky Italia (Italy), DIRECTV (South America), Canalsat (France), TrueVisions (Thailand), NTV Plus (Russia) and others.

What is the Number of NBA TV Channel on Spectrum?

Keeping tabs on the latest NBA news and schedule leaks is both exciting and tiresome. At times, all you want is to tune in to your cable TV and get the latest updates on your favorite sports team in one go-- no online searching, no time spent scrolling, and no clicking on multiple links until you reach the desired goal. When you tune into NBA TV on Spectrum, you get the latest updates, news, and schedule details on all major NBA-related content. You do not have to switch to any other sports channel for National Basketball or put up with the hassle of online search.

As mentioned earlier, Spectrum TV plans are classified into two tiers. Spectrum SELECT gives you access to 125 channels and does not break your bank. But, there is a minor con-- while SELECT offers a modest mix of channels, and includes free HD programming and more, the plan does not include NBA TV. The other half of Spectrum video is the selection of add-ons that give you many extra networks.


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Now, if you have recently subscribed to Spectrum Sports View add-on, you must be itching to find out which number is the NBA TV channel on Spectrum. After all, with hundreds of channels, it can be a hassle to skip channel after channel to get to NBA TV. 

To find out the channel number of NBA TV, call 1-855-423-0918 or check channel lineup


What to Watch on NBA TV?

NBA TV is designed to satiate your daily craving for basketball fun. The channel broadcasts Live basketball matches, rebroadcasts of popular matches, documentaries, NBA season news, and more.

As for the broadcast during the NBA season, NBA TV airs 90 regular games per season. The broadcast schedule is divided over 3-4 days, and also comprises of first-round playoff games and the NBA Draft coverage.

NBA’s programming is not limited to American basketball. The network broadcasts international games of leagues such as the Euroleague, usually on Saturday evenings.

Many NBA TV programs have earned widespread popularity, but primarily the channel remains renowned for its flagship program, NBA Gametime Live, hosted by Andre Aldridge, Ian Eagle, Brian Anderson among others.

Other notable programs on NBA TV are:

  • NBA Action
  • NBA Gametime Live
  • NBA Inside Stuff
  • NBA TV Originals
  • NBA CrunchTime
  • NBA TV Marquee Matchup
  • Inside the NBA
  • The Starters
  • Hardwood Classics
  • Shaqtin’ a Fool

To conclude

If you have not already, you can always score yourself a Spectrum TV subscription, and stay up to date with all the news and action from the world of National Basketball. The extensive Spectrum Select + Sports View lineup has something for everyone who craves televisual entertainment, not just the thrill of sports action. So everyone in the family gets to watch their TV favorites when you subscribe to either of these packages.

If you already have an eye on a Spectrum TV plan, but also have a few inquiries to make before the final decision, we would recommend you not to hesitate. Contact Spectrum Sales Support and let an expert make it easy for you to take your pick.


  1. Does Charter cable have NBA TV?

NBA TV is available with Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold plans. It is not available with the basic Select plan.

  1. How much is NBA TV on Spectrum?

Spectrum TV Silver starts from $74.99/mo, and Spectrum TV Gold is from $94.99/mo, both of which have NBA TV.

  1. Is there a Spectrum customer support number for Spanish speakers?

Yes; you can call 1-855-363-4902 for customer service if you are a Spanish speaker, and they will guide you further for anything else you may need regarding the service.

  1. How can I subscribe to Spectrum TV plans?

You must go to the Spectrum website and look at the cable TV plans. From there, you can select the right one for yourself and it will take you to a page where you must enter your address and other relevant information. You may also get area-specific instructions using the 24-hour customer service tab available on the lower right-hand corner of the website.