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MSG – A Word about the TV Channel

Owned by a corporate spin-off of the Madison Square Garden Company, MSG Networks, Inc., MSG is an American regional cable and satellite TV network as well as a radio service. Formerly known as the Madison Square Garden Network, MSG was launched in 1969. The network has since been broadcasting live games, talk shows, and series about New York City sports teams. 

Popular teams featured on MSG are:

  • New York Rangers—NHL
  • New York Red Bulls—MLS
  • New York Islanders—NHL
  • New York Knicks—NBA
  • New Jersey Devils—NHL
  • New York Buffalo Sabres—NHL
  • New York Giants—NFL
  • New York Riptide—NLL

For a brief overview of the network’s origins, let us rewind back to 1969 when the TV network aired an NHL hockey game between the New York Rangers and Minnesota North Stars. It was right then that the network earned its unique standing by becoming the very first North American regional sports network. The channel was carried by Manhattan Cable Television under a 1-year 125 event deal, yet it remained a nameless entity. However, fast forward to 1980, the TV network began to use its full name—Madison Square Garden Network, as well as the abbreviated “MSG Network”. Soon after, MSG snowballed its way to the success it has secured over the many years since.

MSG Channel on Spectrum Cable TV

Spectrum TV packages are well-assorted in three tiers 

When it comes to MSG and its sister channels, MSG Plus, MSG 2 and MSG 2 Plus, you get the four networks in all three Spectrum packages.

To learn more about the available channels in each package, you can view the complete Spectrum TV channel lineup.

What Number is MSG Channel on Spectrum TV?

MSG’s broadcast area mainly covers the Mid-Atlantic United States—New York, Southern Connecticut, Central New Jersey, Northern New Jersey, and Northern Pennsylvania. However, MSG programming focuses on live game telecasts and talk shows that revolve around New York City sports teams, so the TV channel is the most dominant in New York. 

Since you have landed here you may as well be a passenger of one of the two boats. Either a new Spectrum cable TV subscriber or one who has recently relocated to a new neighborhood. In both cases, you are here to find the number for the MSG channel on Spectrum TV. So, let us cut the chase.

Here is a compilation that comprises New York cities and counties where you can tune into the MSG Network on Spectrum TV. The list includes popular Spectrum markets in the region and is not entirely exhaustive. In case you do not see your area listed, you can visit here, insert your ZIP code, and pull up the number for the MSG channel on Spectrum in your area.


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A Word about MSG Channel Programming

For the sports-obsessed who are always anxious to keep a tab on their favorite sports team(s), and have a taste for critically acclaimed original sports programming, the MSG channel is a great place to be.

The MSG channel boasts a wealth of archival programs such as: “The 50 Greatest Moments at Madison Square Garden” showcasing historic events held at the venue, and “MSG Originals” which expands on the 50 Greatest Moments; the “MSG Vault” which has had a remarkable following over the years and “TXT MSG” that puts classic sports events in the spotlight; not to forget “WWE MSG Classics” that have aired classic WWE matches held at the Madison Square Garden.

Moreover, Inside the Knicks, Inside the Rangers, Islanders Illustrated, and Beyond Blue and Gold are a few titles from MSG original magazine shows which have given fans the chance to know their favorite sports teams and personalities from close quarters.

Here is a sneak-peek into popular MSG shows in the running:

·         Connections: Mets Fandom with Jim Breuer & John Franco

·         MSG PM: How the Chiefs Can Beat Brady

·         The MSG 150: How Will Kakko Help in Playoffs

·         Unfiltered Knicks: An Inside Look at Knicks Media Day with Julius Randle!

·         Unfiltered Rangers: New York Rangers—Good at Hockey, Bad at Singing

·         Giants 1st & 10: Daniel Jones on His First NFL Win & What to Improve

·         People Talking Sports & Other Stuff: How Cruz Got Discovered by Giants

·         Beginnings: LundqvistFrom the Draft to the First Win


With an estimated 500 live professional games, and a full-fledged lineup of other popular sports events collectively broadcast on MSG and MSG Plus, as well as all popular shows and series, New York sports teams’ fans have plenty of entertainment to feast on with the MSG channel on Spectrum.  

To Conclude

And there you have it—information about the MSG channel on Spectrum TV that will do you good if you have been looking to tune into the network with your new TV service or in your new home! And, if you are also looking to explore upgrade options with Spectrum bundles, you can always contact the Spectrum Sales Support team at 1-855-423-0918 for pro advice.


What is the Spectrum Sales Support phone number?

Dial 1-855-423-0918 to get in touch with Spectrum Customer Service. Spanish-speaking Spectrum customers can contact Servicio al Cliente de Spectrum via Telefono de Spectrum i.e. 1-844-487-2710.

Is Spectrum cable TV a part of Spectrum bundles?

Yes, Spectrum Bundles carry cable TV, internet, and home phone services. You can view all available bundles and offers here.