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CenturyLink is the name of service excellence in the US telecommunication industry. Why? It is hard to provide a one-liner answer for this query. However, you can learn what has made this internet service provider stand out among other top-notch telecommunication services providers in the country.

CenturyLink Internet is providing to its customers amazing home phone services. This internet service provider is not less than any other giant competitor leading the industry. Moreover, affordability is the key attribute that you will find in all the CenturyLink Internet Plans. Thereby, the ISP meets the needs of huge markets across the country.

To meet diverse customer needs, CenturyLink has loaded its platform with a wide range of internet packages. These packages vary in terms of customers' data and internet speed needs, price points, and other important aspects. The rage of internet packages available at this internet service provider has contributed significantly to making it possible for CenturyLink to retain its position among the industry leaders.

You must be thinking what's new in it? Almost every leading internet service provider is offering high-speed internet at budget-friendly price tags and has a broad range of internet packages, plans, and bundles. Then what's the difference? We agree with your point. However, at this ISP you will witness the true meaning of affordable internet packages with high internet speed.

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Based on data usage, and internet speed CenturyLink has designed many internet packages for its customers. Fortunately, all these internet packages with different price tags allow you to pick the right fit without putting extra strain on your budget. So, without any further ado let’s check out some of its best internet plans.

CenturyLink Internet 15 Mbps

You will get internet speed of up to 15 Mbps in this internet package only by paying $50 every month. So, enjoy without worrying about data caps because the ISP is offering you unlimited data in this package.

CenturyLink Internet 20 Mbps

If you feel that 15 Mbps is not the right internet speed for you and your family but you cannot go beyond the limit of spending $50 max for internet services then this internet package is for you. By acquiring this internet package you will not only enjoy 20 Mbps internet speed but the perk of unlimited data as well for paying the same price. Isn’t it great?

CenturyLink Internet 40Mbps – 80Mbps

Still not satisfied with the internet speed? Worry not because CenturyLink has more speed options for you. If you find your internet need lies anywhere in between 40 Mbps to 80 Mbps but you are afraid of huge price tags then your times of worry has over now. Because CenturyLink has designed this internet package for you where you can get unlimited data and 40 Mbps to 80 Mbps internet speed only at $50/month. Awesome!

CenturyLink Internet 100 Mbps

However, if your family or you have intense internet activities and all the aforementioned internet packages failed to meet your internet needs then you can try out this 100 Mbps speed internet package.

Worrying about the monthly charges? You should not because at CenturyLink you will always enjoy the true taste of affordability. Want can be more exciting than getting 100 Mbps internet speed at the price of 15 Mbps? Of course, nothing.

So, get this 100 Mbps to speed CenturyLink internet package today that won’t take out some extra money from your pocket to enjoy high speed and unlimited data.

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit

For instance, all these internet speeds do not suit your needs then you can try out this internet package. Just by paying $65 every month, you will enjoy freedom from the data cap and the fastest Fiber Gigabit speed.

Another aspect that has made a remarkable contribution to making it possible for CenturyLink to become prominent in the industry with many big names is the performance of its customer service team. You can access its customer service around the clock, seven days a week. The team at CenturyLink always listens to its customers to understand their questions or issues and responds promptly, by all means, to get these resolved.

Another perk that you will enjoy at CenturyLink is the freedom of choosing either to buy a modem/router or to get it on rent from the ISP. Once you decide on the internet speed and the internet package available at the ISP it’s time for you to settle on purchasing or renting a modem/router from CenturyLink.

We know that most of you are interested in these two options and must be looking forward to acquiring a modem/router from a third party. Why? Because that's the reason which has driven you to this blog!

So, if you want to know whether your router can work or not with your CenturyLink internet then you have landed on the right blog. Because we have gathered every piece of information essential to an understanding before opting for a router from any third party. So, keep reading to get to know if you can use your router or not with CenturyLink.

Key Attribute that Makes a Router to Work with CenturyLink

We are not saying that it is not good to connect your router with your CenturyLink internet connection at home. Neither are we supporting always going for a third-party brand on the market to get a router for your internet connection. What we emphasize is to grasp some basic knowledge regarding networking technology before making such purchasing decisions.

Because such attempts may introduce you to great inconvenience, disappointment and financial losses in future which you none of you will prefer to have. Therefore, we will only advocate purchasing your router only if you have the technical know-how about the networking and compatibility criteria of an ISP. 

Buying a router from your internet service provider is the easiest of all because it does not require you to seek various important aspects like compatibility of router, price, and quality. The internet service provider always sells or rents out a router that can perfectly match your internet plan. Similarly, the router you get from your internet service provider is high in quality. Ultimately, these attributes contribute a lot to providing you with an uninterrupted and stable internet connection.

However, if your final stance is to stick to your router instead of buying/renting CenturyLink’s router then we would advise you to look out for some key attributes before buying your router. So, without wasting any moment let’s learn what attributes a router must-have if you want it to work perfectly with your CenturyLink network.

DSL Technology

The DSL technology used in your CenturyLink connection line is very important to know before buying a third source router. DSL technology used in your connection line will support the internet speed of your CenturyLink package. Therefore you must look for the same DSL technology in your router if you want your internet connection to work in line with your router.

We have added a list of DSL specifications that work in line with CenturyLink connection here so check all these parameters thoroughly.

  1. ADSL – Supports up to 7 Mbps
  2. VDSL2 – Supports up to 80 Mbps
  3. Bonded VDSL2 – Supports up to 100 Mbps
  4. ADSL2+ – Supports up to 20 Mbps
  5. Bonded ADSL2+ – Supports up to 25 Mbps
  6. GPON – Supports up to 1000 Mbps

Wireless Ability

The next important attribute that you must check in your router is its wireless ability. Today, routers are available in two broad categories including 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency bands. If you choose the 5 GHz you will have the fastest internet speed but with a short connection range whereas for 2.4 GHz you will have a wide range and stable internet connection but with lower internet speed.

So, we would like to advise you to evaluate your preferences and internet usage before finalizing the wireless ability for your router.


After deciding on the aforementioned attributes don't forget to talk with the CenturyLink Customer Service representative. They can assist and guide you about other compatibility issues or requirements if any. Even if you wish to return your modem or router, CenturyLink customer service will guide you through the entire process! So, you can make the right decision.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can I use my own router with CenturyLink Internet?

Yes, CenturyLink internet allows you to use your own router. You should, however, verify that your equipment is compatible with CenturyLink internet service.

How can I connect my own router to CenturyLink?

You can easily connect your own router by contacting CenturyLink customer service and getting your PPoE, VPI/VCI, and password. Keep in mind, with these credentials, you will be able to connect your equipment with the CenturyLink internet.

How can I get in touch with the CenturyLink customer service department?

You can contact CenturyLink Customer Service at 1-855-349-9310 for basic CenturyLink service questions and to place an order.