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If there is one thing Americans love more than anything, it is perhaps sports. Because, the excitement and exhilaration you feel, as teams battle it out on the ground, cannot be fulfilled by anything else. We need our daily dose of sports if we are to survive and enjoy our life.

MLB is quite a popular league that hangs heavy in most U.S. households. The season is packed with excitement and no matter where you are watching from, you can rest assured the experience is the best. If you are subscribed to Spectrum™, you are fortunate. Spectrum users can watch their beloved Astros Game without having to face any hiccups. Only if you have recently joined the Spectrum Family, you may face inconvenience when trying to find the channel numbers you must tune into in order to watch Houston Astros games. And, that is exactly where our today article will come to your aid. By the time you finish reading, you will know exactly how to watch the Astros game on Spectrum Cable TV.  

Houston Astros and the World of Baseball

Baseball is the country’s favorite pastime and perhaps no other team is as revered as the Houston Astros. This professional baseball team participates in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) West Division. The team started off in the National League (NL) where it played for 51 seasons until 2013 after which they switched to the AL.

Houston Astros entered the NL in 1962, around the same time as the New York Mets. At that time they were called Houston Colt .45s. After the moon landing, and following the Astros move to the Astrodome, the name changed to reflect Houston’s role as the host of the Johnson Space Centre.

The Astros played in the NL West division between 1969 and 1993, then switched to the Central division between 1994 and 2012 until, in 2013, they moved to the AL West.

In 1972, they posted their first winning record, and in 1980 made it through the playoffs for the first time—progressively establishing their presence in the world of baseball. From there on out it was a tough ride. In 2005 they made their first World Series appearance but were crushed by the Chicago White Sox. The next decade was that of transformation for Houston Astros—utilizing Sabermetrics and innovative analytical technologies, Astros moved from being a franchise known for losing 100 games in 3 seasons to one that won 100 games in 3 straight seasons.

Without a doubt, Astros has given other teams good competition over the years. The team has been home to some great players like George Springer, Joe Niekro, Cesar Cedeno, Billy Wagner, Roy Oswalt, and Jimmy Wynn—watching each one of whom has been a privilege. It is no wonder then baseball enthusiasts can not wait for the Astros match.

Spectrum Cable TV Networks that Air MLB

The MLB tournament is not just the property of any one network. Since it is a league, multiple networks have the broadcast rights to Major League Baseball games. So you can tune into anyone, and watch to your heart’s content. ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, FOX and of course, the MLB Network. All these networks let you watch the game. The Spectrum base TV plan, which is the TV Select Signature includes all of these networks except the MLB Network in its 150+ channel list. However, if you really want to enjoy MLB on its original channel, you can choose to get TV Select Plus which includes MLB Network as part of its 160+ channel lineup. Plus, there are also a bunch of other premium networks such as the MLB Strike Zone that offer MLB games and you can get them with the Spectrum Sports View add-on.

Final Words

When it comes to sports, Spectrum cable TV plans are perfectly balanced, making each interesting in its own right. You get a little of everything from news to lifestyle, popular entertainment to kids programming, and of course sports. The best part is Spectrum TV packages are value-packed. What is more, Spectrum does not bound you with contracts and is even willing to buy out an existing one if you choose to switch providers.

Spectrum Channel Lineup gives you a bit of everything, and you do not have to compromise on your daily sports feed. You will not just be able to watch the Astros game, but any game given the huge selection of sports networks on Spectrum TV.

Watching the game is quality time spent with family and friends. With people choosing to stay at home more, the atmosphere can get stressful. But, with effort in the right direction, you can turn this opportunity into a great bonding time. So, if by any chance you are not currently subscribed, give Spectrum Sales Support a call at 1-844-481-5997 and place your order. And, while you are at it, we would recommend you check out Spectrum TV bundles too.

Remember the next season will be upon us before we know it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Sports View add-on from Spectrum cost?

The price of the Spectrum Sports View is around $7 per month. It gets you premium sports channels including the MLB StrikeZone.

What channels air the Astros game on Spectrum?

If you have access to ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, FOX, FS1, and the MLB Network watching the game should not be a problem.

Can I watch MLB online?

Of course, you can. However, it can prove to be a hassle as you will have to mix and match multiple plans from various platforms to get access to lots of playoffs. This also means you will end up paying a lot more. That is why we suggest you stick with Spectrum cable TV. It is a safe bet and does not strain pockets.