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CenturyLink is among the top most internet service providers in the U.S. Its network coverage spans over 35 states. And its subscriber base is more than 4.5 million strong - which includes both residential and business customers. In line with its client-focused approach, and an aim to empower people through technology, CenturyLink ensures provision of high-end advanced equipment with its Fiber and high-speed internet services. And to back the quality of its services and products, CenturyLink Customer Service plays a critical role - the reason why in 2021 Newsweek ranked it among the best in the industry.

In spite of the endeavor CenturyLink makes to enhance customer satisfaction, there is little that can be done about “technological idiosyncrasies”. So it is not unlikely to run into equipment malfunctions that may necessitate a modem replacement. A replacement may as well be necessary if your current CenturyLink modem has become outdated. Maybe you’ve decided to put the ”techy” hidden inside you to some work, and save on the monthly rental fee by switching to your own equipment. Or perhaps a relocation is in the pipeline, and so you need to cancel your CenturyLink service.

In any case, you’ll have to return the CenturyLink modem, and you’ll need to know how to do that. Our today’s article runs you through the different aspects of returning the CenturyLink modem. So read on, and make the process as informed and hassle-free as can be.  

Let’s make it simpler for you to follow the process pertinent to your circumstance. Below we talk about the different scenarios that may or may not have prompted the return of CenturyLink modem. Scroll down to the one that applies to you.

Are you returning the CenturyLink modem because it is faulty or outdated?

Have you been experiencing issues with your in-home network? Have you tried to troubleshoot on your own? If not pick some great tips to fix problems with your CenturyLink in-home network here. While chances are a little DIY job will help resolve issues, if not call up CenturyLink Customer Service for tech support.

In any case, the process of CenturyLink modem-return does not begin until CenturyLink Tech Support confirms a replacement is necessary. The CenturyLink tech team will first confirm the modem cannot be repaired and must be replaced, or that it is outdated and a new one is required. Following which the process of replacement will begin.

Once the confirmation comes through, the replacement will be covered by CenturyLink in 3 cases:

  • You’re leasing the CenturyLink modem
  • You purchased the CenturyLink modem, and it is still under warranty
  • You purchased the CenturyLink modem with the @Ease protection plan

In any of these cases, CenturyLink will issue a new modem immediately. And, you can also return the old modem before the new one is shipped. A CenturyLink Customer Service representative can help you choose the right option.

And, in the event of an expired warranty this is what happens: Once the CenturyLink tech team confirms you need a new one, a customer service agent can help you decide whether it is better for you to buy again or lease. See if there is a promotional offer to help you replace your purchased CenturyLink modem with a new one. Currently, CenturyLink charges $15/mo. for its wireless modem which includes Secure WiFi. And, you can also purchase it for $150-$200 upfront. A 12-month warranty, which covers repair and replacement, comes included.

CenturyLink also helps you get your purchased modem recycled so as to “keep e-waste out of landfills”. You can send off the purchased modem for recycling at no cost, if you’re returning it at anytime after 30 days of purchase. 

Are you returning the CenturyLink modem because you want to BYOD?

So you want to unleash the tech savvy in you?

Well, CenturyLink keeps things pretty straightforward. You can easily make the switch from a leased/purchased modem to your own without incurring hassle. You’ll be responsible for the upkeep of your own equipment. But if you’re confident about that, it’d save you $180 in 12 months. Not bad! 

In case you are leasing the CenturyLink modem, as soon as the device is received by the ISP, your monthly lease will be cancelled. For any reason, if you don’t see the rental charge removed from your bill even after 30 days, contact CenturyLink Customer Service via live chat.

And, if you’ve purchased the CenturyLink modem, you can return it within 30 days. CenturyLink will credit you once they receive the device. But if you do not see the credit on your bill after 30 days, get online, and initiate a live chat with CenturyLink.  

CenturyLink recommends you go through the installation and setup of your own equipment before you return the leased/purchased modem. Like so you’ll not risk being without connectivity, just in case things do not work out right away. Also, CenturyLink does allow new subscribers to change their mind soon after opting for the leased modem. But expects them to return the device in new and working condition - whether leased or purchased. So do make sure the device is in as good as new condition.

Are you returning the CenturyLink modem because you’re cancelling the service?

Moving to a new home where CenturyLink services are not available? 

Well, if you’re currently leasing the CenturyLink modem, make sure you return it within 30 days of service cancellation. Otherwise you may incur the entire retail cost of the modem.

If however, you purchased the wireless modem and cancel the service within 30 days, you maybe eligible for a refund. The device must be “as good as new”. After 30 days, the return will not earn you a refund, but CenturyLink will sure help you get it recycled. Just send it back at no cost, and let them take care of the e-waste.

To start the process of the CenturyLink modem-return, you’ll have to first get a return label from CenturyLink. This can be conveniently done online.

Click here. And, once the pertinent web page opens, click on the “Continue as Guest” button.

The next screen will ask for your information such as the full name, address, phone number and email address. Feed in your info, and then click on one of the 3 options you are provided with as to how you wish to receive the return label.

  1. You can select the Print and email label option - the label will be emailed to you as a PDF file, which you can print right away or later. If you cannot get access to a printer, the UPS store personnel can help at the time you ship it to CenturyLink.
  2. If you wish to avoid the hassle of printing, click on Request QR Code. You can take to the UPS store when you go to ship the CenturyLink modem.
  3. Option #3 allows you to receive the return label via US Postal Service. But in this case, it can take from 1-2 weeks before you receive it. Make sure you provide the correct name and mailing address for it to be sent to you. This info should match what is on your account, if you’ve not already moved. In case you’ve relocated, you must provide your current mailing address.

Once you receive the return label, you are good to start packing up the equipment for shipping. It is critical that you follow the instructions to the T, so as to avoid mishaps, and ensure the modem reaches CenturyLink safely, and is processed correctly without you having to face unreturned equipment charges.

Here it must be noted, CenturyLink allows you a 30-day window within which the modem must be returned if you are cancelling the service and returning the leased equipment. Even if you are returning the current CenturyLink modem to receive a replacement, the 30-day window is applicable.

Now here is how CenturyLink advises you to go about packaging and shipping of the modem:

  1. Put together all the bits and pieces you have from CenturyLink which includes not just the modem, but cables and cords, as well as any wireless accessories you may have with your subscription.
  2. Get a box which is sturdy enough to carry the equipment, and has its flaps intact. Packing material can be used to ensure there is enough cushioning to keep the equipment in place and well protected.
  3. Use a shipping tape to secure the contents of the box, and if there are any previous labels or stickers on the box that you are using, make sure all are removed or covered.
  4. Next, get the printed return label, and fold it at the solid line. Attach the label to one side of the box either in a clear shipping pouch or you can cover the entire label with clear shipping tape.

Lastly, drop the box off at the nearest authorized UPS Shipping Center location. To search for the location in your vicinity click here. The package must have the official UPS return label on it for it to be tracked, and also to be correctly linked to your account. 

Concluding words...

Before we close our discussion, here are a few quick ways to access CenturyLink customer service, just in case you find yourself scrambling around:

  • Chat live - the service is available 7 days a week, and among other areas of support handles technical matters too.
  • Call at 1-800-244-1111 - representatives are available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm local time. Spanish-speaking customers can also call at this number for assistance in Spanish.
  • Click here to learn about how to move and transfer your CenturyLink services.

We hope this article helps clarify the process of returning the CenturyLink modem, and you feel well-prepared to handle the ins and outs of it. Just make sure you do not overlook any part of the instructions, so as to avoid any hassle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I get a refund when I return my CenturyLink modem?

Yes. If you purchased the CenturyLink modem and you return it within 30 days of the purchase, you maybe eligible for a refund. CenturyLink however expects the device to be as good as new. If however you return it after 30 days of purchase, CenturyLink can only offer you to recycle the e-waste. Just ship it off to CenturyLink with no added cost. 

What happens if I do not return my CenturyLink modem?

If you are unable to return the CenturyLink modem within 30 days after your request for a replacement or service cancellation is generated, there will be a penalty. CenturyLink can charge you the equipment non-return fee up to $200.