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This famed mile-high city is one of the largest cities in the state of Colorado, and the most populous too. Denver is a metropolitan city with quality infrastructure and an unmatched technology network. The city boasts tall buildings that charm the Denver skyline; a rich culture, courtesy of the large mixed population that graces the neighborhoods; and with the four major sports leagues, there is never a dull moment around.

In an overall comparison, the cost of living in Denver, CO, is about 14% higher than the national average, which makes some services, like housing, a tad bit expensive. However, with a wide selection of parks and mountains, a great food industry, and not to mention, employment opportunities in some of the best corporations in the U.S., it is no surprise that Denver, CO, remains high on the list of new movers.

As a new mover to the city, you would want to choose an internet and TV service that can serve your needs without weighing too much on your budget. Fortunately, Xfinity Service in Colorado not only offers you some of the best deals in the city but also has other services like TV and phone that you can get to add more value to your plans. So let’s dive deep into Xfinity services and see if they’re worth it.


Exploring Xfinity Services in Denver, CO

A great thing about choosing Xfinity is that whether it is internet, TV, phone, or even home security, you get all your favorite services under one roof, united by one bill. It is convenient and not to mention, Xfinity does get you some of the best price points in the market, especially when you bundle services together, adding more value to your plans for less.

Some of the quality service features that you get to enjoy with Xfinity Denver are given as follows;

  • Top-notch and high-tech equipment is an important component of Xfinity services ? from the Advanced xFi Gateway that gets you promising speeds to the X1 TV set-top box with its integrated streaming to enhance your TV experience and more. The Flex 4K streaming box and Xfinity Home equipment to show the commitment that Comcast has in leading the industry with innovative and novel products and services.
  • Get complete freedom to choose –  a promo offer with a term contract to save money for a certain time with a discount. Or, you can go with no term contract, and pay a higher price on a month-to-month basis. Whatever works for you, works for Xfinity too.
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that all your investment is taken care of until you are sure to stick with the service.
  • User-friendly Xfinity apps for easy management of all your services on the go, and 24/7 customer support that you can rely on.


Xfinity Internet Service in Denver, CO

With Xfinity Internet service in Denver, CO, you can rely on fast internet speeds on one of the largest gig networks in the country. But that is not all! You can choose from a variety of high-speed internet plans with Xfinity, ranging from low-tier 50 Mbps to high-end 1200 Mbps, depending on your and your family’s needs. Along with multiple service benefits, this speed-based division of plans ensures that you don’t have to pay more than you actually use.

The Xfinity Internet plans do come with a data cap of 1.2 TB, although it is essentially unlimited for an average household. Xfinity also waives the overage fees if you do end up going over the limit for the first time with the provider in a 12-month period, a courtesy month if you will. With Xfinity internet-only plans, you could also get the opportunity to access the Xfinity Flex device for unlimited streaming. Enjoy internet on the go with over 20 million safe out-of-home Wi-Fi hotspots, scattered across the country, so you never fall out of touch with the online world.

Here are all the Xfinity internet plans in Denver, CO. You can choose whatever you like with low-tier budget-friendly offers, such as 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps. Although the high-tier plans like 300 Mbps and over typically get you more value for your money.


Xfinity Internet Plan Max. Download Speed Promo Price
Connect 50 Mbps $24.99/mo.
For 12 months with a 1-Year Agreement. Paperless billing & automatic payments are required. Taxes and equipment are not included.
Connect More 100 Mbps $39.99/mo.
For 12 months with a 1-Year Agreement. Paperless billing & automatic payments are required. Taxes and equipment are not included.
Fast 300 Mbps $50/mo.
For 24 months. No Term Contract. Paperless billing & automatic payments are required. Taxes are not included.
Super Fast 600 Mbps $60/mo.
For 24 months. No Term Contract. Paperless billing & automatic payments are required. Taxes are not included.
Ultra Fast 900 Mbps $70/mo.
For 24 months. No Term Contract. Paperless billing & automatic payments are required. Taxes are not included.
Gigabit 1200 Mbps $80/mo.
For 24 months. No Term Contract. Paperless billing & automatic payments are required. Taxes are not included.
Gigabit Pro 6000 Mbps $299.95/mo.
For 2 years with an agreement


Xfinity is also a proud contributor to the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), where qualifying low-income households are eligible to receive up to $30/month in credit for internet and mobile services.


Xfinity TV Services in Denver, CO

Quite like its multiple internet plans, Xfinity TV is packed with fun entertainment options that are one of a kind. Not only do you get a diversity of plans to choose from, but also the experience is contemporary and unique. You can go for a mid-tier plan like Popular TV if you wish to complement it with HD streaming services of your choosing, such as the Peacock Premium app.  So if you like to keep things simple, Xfinity has your back. There is also a high-tier plan with Xfinity TV, perfect for those that like to channel surf, including not just local broadcasting but also sports, popular, and even premium TV channels that America so loves.

As riveting as the channel count and lineup on Xfinity is, the X1 unlocks a whole new world of TV experience. It consolidates all your entertainment options in one place, such as Live TV, on-demand, 20 hours worth of DVR recordings, and the integrated streaming experience that the X1 offers is like none other. The award-winning Xfinity voice remote means that you only have to voice your search, and you can immediately find it on your TV screen.

The Xfinity TV service is full of surprises with the elaborate X1 experience, an incredible channels lineup and so much more. Check out the best Xfinity TV plans in Denver, CO, and choose whatever you feel fits you best!


Xfinity TV Plan Channel Count Channel Favorites Price
Popular TV 125+ FX, TLC, HGTV, Bravo, ESPN, NBCSN, Nickelodeon, TBS $60.00/mo.*
Ultimate TV 185+ NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, Nat Geo Wild, TeenNick, Disney Channel $78.50/mo.*

*With no term agreement. Paperless Billing and automatic payments are required. Price exclusive of broadcast TV fee. Price subject to change. Taxes and equipment are not included.


Xfinity Phone Service in Denver, CO

The Xfinity home phone service is furnished with great features and offers unlimited nationwide calling. A perfect addition to your quaint little home, especially if you want to save on your cellular plan. Home phones are generally reliable, so you can trust the service completely to be available at all times. Since the Xfinity Phone is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, it not only gets you crystal-clear call quality but also helps you avoid annoying spam calls with its innovative call blocking tech. There are also a variety of international calling plans to help you stay connected with your family and friends around the globe at affordable rates.

Here are some more of the most valuable features of the Xfinity phone service:

  • Enhanced 911 tracks your live location while you are on the call, during emergencies
  • Your phone line can stay connected for up to 24 hours via the backup battery, even during storms and outages
  • The Xfinity Connect Portal assists you to set up and manage your phone services from any mobile device or computer
  • Key calling features include 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Call Return, Anonymous Call Rejection, Caller ID with Call Waiting, readable voicemail, and more

Add the Xfinity Phone service for only $30 per month in Denver, CO, and enjoy premium quality with other Xfinity services.



Smart Home Security in Denver, CO

Denver, CO, is perhaps not one of the safest cities in the U.S., however, with smart security solutions from Xfinity Home you can rely on a safe home as ever. Xfinity Home offers security solutions that deliver 24/7 monitoring with fast response times. You can choose to go for the Self Protection, option which is more economical and lets you monitor things yourself, or if you want to be safer, just get professional monitoring and let the experts handle the rest.   

Xfinity Home is the name of cutting-edge technologies with quality equipment and responsive monitoring stations with pro monitoring around the clock. You can personalize your security system the way you want it to be. Plus, take total control of it through the Xfinity apps no matter where you are. All of this makes the Xfinity Home, a security system worth investing in.

The Xfinity Home plans are quite affordable and come in a few plans. Self-Protection starts at $10/mo., Pro-Protection at $40/mo. and Pro-Protection Plus at $50/mo. with no term agreement. If you are feeling fancy, you can choose from a range of smart add-on equipment that helps you automate your house just the right way. Customize your security system and add smart lights, indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks, video doorbells, motion sensors, door and window sensors, thermostats, and more to create a smart home that is all you.


Bundle Xfinity Services for Greater Value

Great convenience with Xfinity is that you can bundle their services together, adding more value to your plans and perhaps saving a little money. You can choose a pre-built bundle or build one yourself, with the services that work for you best. This way you not only get to enjoy a variety but if you bundle services with a term contract, you may be eligible for a discount for the length of the promotion.

One of the best things that you get when you bundle Xfinity services is that you can pay for all of it on one bill rather than having to take care of different bills.



 Xfinity offers the full range of its service to over 98% of Denver, CO, which means that the services are not just available, they are widespread. The advanced Xfinity network supports multi-gig speeds, and top-quality entertainment options, and the service gets you valuable perks of commendable quality. All at extremely market-competitive rates, which makes the provider stand out in a hoard of competitors that serve the city of Denver in Colorado.

To learn more about Xfinity services or to order, call us at 1-844-207-8721 and speak to our experts at any time of the day.

Explore all that you get with the Xfinity Internet Service!




1. Which Internet service providers can you get in Denver, CO?

Denver, CO, gets quality internet services from providers such as Xfinity, CenturyLink, HughesNet, and Rise Broadband. However, Xfinity has the highest coverage around the city. To check service availability and the best deals at your address call 1-855-349-9328.


2. What do you get with Xfinity Internet Service in Denver, CO?

 Xfinity Internet service in Denver, CO gets you a selection of download speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 1200 Mbps, a generous monthly data allowance, and Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box. You also get FREE access to over 20 million out-of-home safe Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. Call at 1-844-207-8721 to check promo deals at your address.


3. Where is the Xfinity Store in Denver, CO?

 There are multiple stores for Xfinity in Denver. Their addresses are given below:

1390 S. Colorado Blvd.                   

Unit 180

Denver, CO 80222


8286 Northfield Blvd


Denver, CO 80238


100 Detroit Street

Suite 105

Denver, CO 80206