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Subscribing to a new cable TV service can be thrilling. You look through the channel lineup with a focus on your most-loved TV networks. Then you shortlist a few for news programming, some for game shows, some for sci-fi and fantasy, some for reality TV, so on and so forth depending on the genres you are the most interested in. But, if your choice in TV programming is focused on sophisticate quality, and you enjoy a range of programming genres—such as sci-fi, action, nature, mystery and drama—BBC America is perhaps the one must-have network for you.

A Quick Word about BBC America

Launched in 1998, BBC America is one of the popular cable TV networks in the United States. Initially, it aired content focused on drama, lifestyle, and comedy—which was acquired from BBC TV and other British TV broadcasters. Reruns of lifestyle shows like Changing Rooms and Ground Force, helped BBC America successfully establish a niche among non-British viewers. AMC’s acquisition of nearly 50% equity stake in BBC America gave the network a chance to “grow the creative quality and ambition from an already high base”—leading to creation of content that was still more compelling for the American audiences but stayed true to its British roots.

Today, about 81 million American households, who hold a pay-tv subscription, can tune into BBC America. The network has six sister channels too, which include AMC, BBC Entertainment, BBC World News, IFC, Sundance TV, and We TV.

Optimum Cable TV

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So, if you are a resident of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Connecticut, and searching for a good cable TV service to tune in to BBC America and more, we would suggest you go for Optimum TV plans and packages. Well aware of consumer choice, Optimum aims to deliver the best—so its not a surprise that BBC America and more sought-after networks are part of the Optimum channel lineup.

Optimum by Altice provides cable TV, internet, and phone services, which are available to about 13 million people. Optimum uses a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network to deliver services to audiences across four key states in the Northeast. High-speed internet is offered in a range of ultra-fast speeds. And, the Optimum cable TV service gives a good variety of channel lineups, with other advanced features that transform your traditional cable TV experience into a contemporary one. All at appealing rates when you bundle your TV with cable broadband from Optimum.

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Which Channel Number is BBC America on Optimum?

Following your first-time Optimum subscription, we presume you’d wonder about the channel number for BBC America on Optimum—among other network favorites. A number of ways can get you to that information, but when you are new to a service it is hard to get a hang of what is where. So, let us fill you in on the channel number for BBC America on Optimum

The Optimum TV channels for all three plans—Core TV, Select TV, and Premier TV—include the BBC America network. So, whichever Optimum TV package you may subscribe to, you will be able to take delight in all that BBC America offers on its programming lineup.

Optimum TV Core

Optimum TV Select

Optimum TV Premier

Total No. of Channels 220 340 420
BBC America Channel# 101 101 101
BBC News Channel#




IFC Channel# Not Available 83 83
AMC Channel# 43 43 43
WE tv Channel# 42 42 42
Sundance TV Channel# 192 192 192

Watch Your Favorite TV Shows with BBC America on Optimum TV

Fans describe BBC America as “interesting, informative, great for political news, engaging and positive”.

The popularity of BBC America is rightly owed to daytime programming during its early days, which invoked interest among non-British viewership—and over time helped establish a powerful bond between an essentially British network and its American audience.

Nature documentaries, action with a hint of sci-fi, intelligent comedy, drama full of intrigue, sports simulcasts, news telecast—there is all of that and more that BBC America broadcasts as part of its original and syndicated programming.

Here is a sneak-peek into authentic and diverse current programming from BBC America on Optimum:

Original From the BBC Syndicated

Blue Planet Now
(Nature Documentary)

Killing Eve
(Drama, Spy Thriller, Dark Comedy)

The Watch
(Fantasy, Police Procedural)

Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty
(Documentary, Drama)

Doctor Who
(Sci-Fi, Drama)

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Planet Earth
(Nature Documentary)

The Graham Norton Show
(Comedy, Chat Show)

(Nature Documentary)

(Nature Documentary)

(Crime Drama)

(Crime, Mystery)

(Nature Documentary)

Nature's Weirdest Events
(Nature Documentary)

Ripper Street
(Mystery, Drama)

(Nature Documentary)

The Hunt
(Nature Documentary)

Blue Planet II
(Nature Documentary)

(Nature Documentary)

Seven Worlds, One Planet
(Nature Documentary)

Star Trek
(Sci-Fi, Action Adventure)

Star Trek: The Next Generation
(Sci-Fi, Action Adventure)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
(Sci-Fi, Action Adventure)

Star Trek: Voyager
(Sci-Fi, Action Adventure)

Man vs. Wild (Adventure)

A Discovery of Witches
(Fantasy, Romance, Drama)

Law & Order (Legal Drama)

The Bottom Line

Optimum promises to deliver optimal service to its customers—just as the BBC has endeavored to create the best video content, in a number of genres, over many decades, for a great number of viewers around the globe.

So, if you are on the lookout for a quality experience without breaking the bank, and you happen to be in an Optimum service location, check out the Optimum TV Guide here, and take a look at Optimum TV plans and packages here. All you have to do is select a channel lineup that fits in with your TV watching regime, choose the speed that can take care of your online needs, and pair the two in a customized bundle at affordable rates. If need be, speak to an expert at Optimum TV Customer Service at 844-520-8978. You can get pro advice 24/7. The Spanish speaking can contact Servicio al Cliente Optimum at 844-527-5633.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Channel Number is BBC on Optimum?

BBC America is on channel number 101 on Optimum Core, Select and Premier TV plans.

What to watch on BBC America on Optimum?

You can watch top-tier entertainment content on BBC with Killing Eve, Blue Planet Now, Doctor Who, The Graham Norton Show, Planet Earth, The Watch and much more.