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According to a 2017 Pew Research study, 61% of Americans aged 18 to 29 claimed they prefer to stream TV via the internet. With such statistics, we can safely assume as time moves on streaming will be the most preferred, if not the only way of watching TV for vast numbers of Millennials and Gen-Z. One big reason why cable service providers like Spectrum have endeavored to make the cable TV experience more contemporary, convenient, and flexible for consumers.

Your subscription to Spectrum Cable TV plans gives you more than one way to stream live and On Demand content anytime anywhere?be it via Spectrum TV app, over the web or via network apps. And, if you are subscribed to a Spectrum Bundle with internet and TV, you are in luck. Because the service brings you fast and reliable internet over an advanced network and is able to sustain streaming on multiple devices.

While the Spectrum Internet service is reputed for its reliability, and largely speaking it is rare to encounter problems with Spectrum Internet, it is inevitable there will be instances when you will find yourself looking for ways to fix Spectrum WiFi at your home. After all, slow Spectrum Internet is bound to cause a Spectrum streaming buffer issue, and can easily ruin your streaming experience.

While it is natural to think the problem is with the ISP anytime your internet does not perform up to the mark, more often than not the problem is at your end instead. So, if you are looking for answers to tackle such an instance, you have come to the right place. Today, we’ll share some simple tips and tricks which you can put to use the next time you are looking to find how to fix Spectrum WiFi.

Check Your Internet Speed

When you subscribe to Spectrum Internet you not only get fast speeds but unlimited data. So you don't have to worry about running out of data in the middle of the month?and this also implies if internet speeds slow down at any time, it cannot be because of your data allowance hitting rock bottom. So, the first thing you must do is get a fair idea of what speed you are getting.

Run a speed test here?and make sure you stop all activity on other devices to control the inflow and outflow of internet traffic which can affect the accuracy of the speed test results. If it turns out you are not getting speed in the range of what is promised, this could be the reason behind the Spectrum streaming buffer problem.

Reboot Your Spectrum WiFi Modem or Router

When it comes to a WiFi modem or router (whichever way your internet is setup), people tend to forget about these pieces of hardware once installed. But, it is important to understand these devices need care?a break ever so often if nothing more. Rebooting your Spectrum WiFi modem or router can only help get rid of any bugs that maybe keeping it from performing optimally, clear its memory, and allow it to start afresh?and most likely fix the problem with Spectrum WiFi allowing your video streams to run seamlessly.

Learn how to reboot/reset your Spectrum WiFi modem or router.

Reposition Your Router

Your WiFi modem or router plays a vital role in keeping your internet connection performing optimally. Among other things, placing the device in the right spot is crucial?so make sure the environment where the device is placed is conducive to its performance. If you place the device in a cluttered and closed-off space, it is likely to prevent a smooth streaming experience.

Ideally, your wireless modem or router must be placed in an open space central to your house. This allows the signal to transmit equally in all directions. Also, try to ensure it is positioned above the floor level, and if possible with no electronic devices in the path of the wireless signal sent out.

Keep Everything Up-to-date

Outdated software is another plausible cause of slow Spectrum internet. Whether it is your internet-enabled device or your internet equipment, you should always endeavor to keep all devices updated. While Spectrum gives you an upgraded internet modem, when yours becomes outdated, it is your responsibility to contact Spectrum for a replacement. On the other hand, if you are using your own router with the Spectrum-provided modem, ensuring an upgrade is solely your responsibility.   

Moreover, you can get rid of the dead weight your internet-enabled device(s) maybe carrying?clear the cache every now and then, and ensure your device(s) and network are safe and secure?free of viruses,  malware etcetera.   

Manage Connected Devices & Close Other Applications

When the network is crowded, it is common to experience video buffering. And in order to overcome the problem, the most obvious and simple action is to reduce the number of devices connected to Spectrum WiFi. This can get a bit difficult if you have a full house where everyone uses the internet?but if the number of users/devices exceeds the capacity of your subscribed plan, you are ought to face problems with streaming video in particular.

Figure out which devices are connected to the network unnecessarily, and disconnect each. Also, close all apps running in the background on your device, so these do not add to the bandwidth and speed consumption causing problems with the Spectrum Internet connection.

Reduce the Video Quality

In case none of the above works in your favor, at peak traffic times it is a great idea to stream video in low resolution?go for SD/DVD quality video, and you are bound to see a difference. Obvious as it is, streaming large-sized video files puts more strain on your network? the higher the resolution, the more it draws on your internet resources.

Most subscription streaming services offer a choice to watch content in standard definition?so try that out, when facing the Spectrum streaming buffer issue during the “rush hour”.

Pause the Stream for a While

In case lowering the picture resolution also doesn’t help or you are someone who likes to get entertained in HD, pause the stream for a while. Let the video file load, and no matter how tempting it maybe, don't play as soon as it has loaded. This way you will not have to get interrupted with buffer breaks.

Stream at a Different Time

Cable internet providers distribute available bandwidth in any given neighborhood?that is just how cable broadband services work. And when you are on a shared connection, streaming video during peak hours is likely to result in frustrating buffer breaks?it’s a time when perhaps everyone in your vicinity is connected to the Spectrum network. Try changing the time you stream video content?avoid peak traffic times altogether.

Go for an Ethernet Connection

Most internet users prefer to use WiFi because of convenience. However, if your priority is strong signal strength and an uninterrupted streaming experience, be willing to make little compromises. Ethernet cable is your best option to connect the device you like to stream on?quite like gamers do.

You will face minimal interruption as you stream since your device will no longer rely on the wireless signal to connect. The Ethernet cable can transmit a solid signal even if it is run as far as 100 meters (328 ft.)?depending on its type.

To Narrow It Down

Spectrum is one of the most widely recognized ISPs serving millions of broadband subscribers across the US. But, at times when you do face issues with your connection, resulting in a Spectrum stream buffer, the simple tips we have discussed are likely to resolve the problem. In case you continue to experience issues and can't figure your way out of it, contact Spectrum staff and allow them to guide you as necessary.


How can I stream online videos with Spectrum?

Spectrum Internet and TV bundles are ideal for you to stream video content. Spectrum TV service lets you stream live and on-demand content via the Spectrum TV app anywhere anytime. And, you can also stream TV via the web or network apps. Spectrum Internet is fast and reliable, with starting speeds up to 300 Mbps in most service locations, which is good enough for streaming HD video on multiple devices.   

Where can I stream Spectrum TV?

You can download the Spectrum TV App on compatible devices such as your Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, or Android or iOS device(s). This way you can access networks from your subscribed Spectrum TV channel lineup anytime anywhere.  

How much is Spectrum basic cable a month?

You can subscribe to Spectrum TV Select if you are looking for a more basic plan. With this plan, you will get more than 125 channels with free HD. The Spectrum TV App comes along for free and allows you to stream your favorite content anywhere anytime. For more details, contact us at 1-844-481-5997.