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If you want to become familiar with the Wave Internet service, you’re at the right place!

Wave Broadband has been engaged in providing high-speed internet, advanced TV, and voice services to residential consumers on the West coast for more than 15 years. Now an Astound Broadband company, Wave continues to leverage its Fiber-rich network, making the fruits of advanced communications and network technologies accessible to about 2 million people in Washington, California, and Oregon.

Our article today takes a look at the different aspects of the Wave Internet service, the plans it offers and what more do you get with an internet connection from Wave Broadband. If you happen to be located in one of its markets, we recommend you read on so you are better able to compare how well do Wave Broadband offers compare with whatever else maybe available at your address.

Take a Look at Why You Should Choose Wave Internet

Wave has been twice recognized by PCMag Annual Reader’s Choice Awards. The Wave Internet service ranked #1 in “value, customer service, tech support and the most likely to recommend” categories, ahead of quite a few big names in the industry.

Delivered primarily via a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, fast Wave Internet plans offer exactly what consumers look for when out to buy. It gets you the reliability and bandwidth advantage of Fiber even though it is a hybrid connection. You can rely on it for a flawless experience when surfing the web, video chatting with loved ones, playing online games, streaming TV, or powering your work and school activities.

Wave Broadband offers a selection of internet plans to suit the needs of any household. It offers a variety of speeds and add-ons at competitive rates helping you choose what you need, and not have to pay for the speed and data you don’t use. Whether your goal is an affordable internet plan that can fulfill your requirements and also ease the financial strain every month, or you want to gain an edge over whatever you are using right now— Wave Internet plans can be a go-to option.

Top Wave Internet Plans & Prices

While Wave Internet speed offerings can vary in its different service regions, you are likely to see download speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, with 250 and 500 Mbps tiers in-between. As for data, Wave Internet plans come with a generous data allowance every month. From 400 GB to unlimited depending on the speed tier you pick.

Here is a quick look at the available speed tiers and what they can do for you.

Wave High-Speed 100

If internet usage in your home is moderate, and the number of users is up to 4, this Wave Broadband plan is a suitable pick because it delivers a fast connection and fits into a limited budget. You can have fun with streaming TV and also get your office or school work done without an interruption. The plan allows you 400 GB data allowance which works well for standard usage in a small household.

  • The plan costs $29.95/mo. for 12 months in select markets.

Wave High-Speed 250

Some households are in desperate need of a boost, and the High-speed 250 plan gets you just that. On top of everything that High-speed 100 can do for you, this plan lets you connect more devices, and have more data on hand. Like so more users can connect simultaneously for gaming, streaming, sharing large files, etc. This Wave Broadband plan allows 500 GB data for the month.

  • The plan costs $39.95/mo. for 12 months in select markets.

Wave High-Speed 500

The High-speed 500 plan is an ideal and affordable bet for mid-sized households where many users and multiple devices connect for school and work related activities, the in-home entertainment relies on streaming TV, and there are gamers around too. The 1 TB data allowance you get with this plan can prove to be virtually unlimited for the vast majority of homes on this fast Wave Internet plan.

  • The plan costs $40/mo. for 12 months in select markets.

Wave High-Speed Gig

The High-speed Gig plan is surely something to look out for. The Wave Broadband Gig service gets you the fastest internet speed available for residential consumption. PCs, gaming consoles, tabs, smartphones, smart home gadgets, connected security devices. All of that can be supported by this Wave Internet plan if yours is an ultra-connected home. The Gig service from Wave gives you unlimited data to put all that speed to good use.

  • The plan costs $69.95/mo. for 12 months in select markets.

To determine which speed tiers are available at your address, call Wave Broadband Customer Service at 1-844-343-1375 anytime.

What More Does Wave Internet Get You?

Enjoy Unlimited Data

Wave Broadband plans, except the Gigabit tier, get you capped data which is in line with the offered speed and sufficient for standard usage. But if you need unlimited data, Wave makes it easy for you to do so, quite without costing you an arm and a leg. No need to upgrade to a higher speed tier only to get more data, because Wave gives you 2 options:

  • Double the data at $10 or $15 per month for 12 months (depending on the region you’re in).
  • Or go for unlimited data at $20 or $25 per month for 12 months (depending on the region you’re in).

Also, when you do exceed your data allowance, Wave Broadband charges you an overage fee of $5 for the first 1-25 GB extra. And for each additional block of 1-25 GB over that, you’re charged $5.

Contract-Free Plans

Wave allows customers flexibility by not making annual contracts mandatory. But if you opt for a Wave Broadband promotional offer which requires a minimum term commitment, and cancel before the end of that term, you’re likely to be charged an early termination fee associated with the promotion.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Wave Broadband plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the Wave Internet service, you can cancel within 30 days of service installation. Wave will refund your first month’s charges. For all practical purposes, this makes your subscription risk-free!

Streaming Equipment Deals

  • When you subscribe to a Wave Internet plan you can include the FREE TiVo Stream 4K device for 12 months (available in select service locations with internet-only plans).
  • And, if you want to complement your skinny Cable bundle with streaming TV, you can include the Roku streaming device to your Wave subscription for only $5/mo. more.

Wave Internet Equipment Options

Wave Broadband gives you the liberty to choose how you want to connect to the internet at home.

  • If you’re a tech wiz who prefers to customize the internet equipment as per your liking, Wave allows you to BYOD even with its Gig service.
  • Also when you want to use an internet modem for connecting to the Wave Broadband network, but your own router, Wave lets you take the modem-only option for up to $10/mo. (rental fee varies with region).
  • And, if you want Wave equipment for WiFi, you can go for the Modem + Standard WiFi option which includes a modem and a wireless router, again you can take the option for $10/mo. (rental fee varies with region).
  • What’s more, Wave offers you to include Enhanced whole-home WiFi with via an Eero setup which includes 1 base Eero and 1 Eero beacon. For larger homes Eero TrueMesh technology is an ideal option, especially because the arrangement is scalable. Plus, with the Eero app managing your in-home WiFi network is as convenient and flexible as it gets.

Wave Service Protection Plan

The Wave Service Protection plan covers any issues you may encounter with your Wave Internet, TV or home phone services.

  • It covers repair to internet, cable TV and phone wiring from the point of demarcation to your home, as well as wiring and fittings inside the house.
  • Service and troubleshooting calls for diagnosis of problems related to customer-owned equipment are also covered under the plan.

Plus any calls made for support and customer education if needed.

The Wave Service Protection Plan can cost you up to $5 per month depending on your location.

Maximize the Value of Your Wave Subscription

Bundling is a better option when you are searching for quality services under one roof, and also wish to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. Cable TV from Wave Broadband is a great option to include with your internet.

Current Wave Internet offers include the Local TV without an additional monthly cost. It gets you broadcast TV favorites such as ABC, NBC, FOX and more, along with digital music channels. And, if you wish to expand your entertainment options, you can make a double play with internet and the Expanded Content. The best thing about Wave Cable TV service is how it offers you a variety of mini add-on channel packs to customize your Expanded Content. Premium networks are also available as à la carte add-ons to spice up the Local TV lineup. Like so you pay only for the channels you actually watch.

Moreover, Wave collaborates with live and on demand streaming services i.e. fuboTV, Sling, Netflix and Hulu. So you can put the reliable and fast Wave Internet to good use with a streaming subscription if you so wish.

The Final Note

Wave Broadband is among top choices for customers in its service locations. Taking its pledges to the consumer with a degree of seriousness, Wave makes a value option if you reside in its Washington, California and Oregon service areas. Offers are affordable to say the least and give you good worth for your money in terms of the benefits you get.

We hope our discussion of Wave Broadband Internet helps you choose better when you are in the market to buy. We do however suggest you speak to others in your area and get a first hand Wave Internet review. That can be of great help in your decision-making process.

To determine availability of Wave Broadband offers at your address call Wave Broadband Customer Service representatives at 1-844-343-1375 anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get a Fast Wave Internet plan?

Speak to Wave Broadband Customer Service representatives at 1-844-343-1375 anytime. You can explore Wave Broadband plans on your own here, and then call us to help you through the subscription process.

How can I contact Wave Broadband Customer Service?

Here are a few ways to contact Wave Broadband Customer Service.