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Why Choose Wave Home Phone Service?

Unlimited Talk Time

For a flat rate the Wave Home Phone service gets you unlimited calling nationwide―make local and long-distance calls for only $10/mo. more when you include the service to your Wave Internet package―it’s a bargain deal that saves you money on your cellular service plan!

Built for Your Home Office

With its unlimited calling plan, Wave Phone does not only let you enjoy connecting with loved ones more fully, but is perfect for your home office!

You can count on its call clarity and business-friendly features to make the experience of working from home much more efficient and productive!


The feature rich Wave Phone service makes room for more convenience― and everyday communication becomes hassle-free.

Stay connected no matter where you are by having your voicemail sent over to your email. Let Nomorobo take care of all unwanted calls. And with SimRing take calls on whichever line you want!

Anywhere Access

Managing your Wave phone service is simple and easy―you can see it all in the app!

Find out who called, receive notifications from any of your devices, control your phone settings, set call preferences, listen to your voicemail, manage contacts―you can do all of that and more no matter where you are!

Great Global Calling Plans

If you often call overseas, Wave offers you two value-packed Global Saver plans―that let you connect to landlines in over 68 countries worldwide.

These Global Saver plans afford you 250 or 500 calling minutes, and you choose where you want to call. If you run out of your calling minutes for the month, you can still enjoy our discounted international call rates.

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Enjoy More Value with Wave Home Phone Bundle Deals

Internet Icon TV Icon Phone Icon

Wave Phone w/Internet & TV

  • Unlimited calling nationwide
  • Over a dozen essential features―Call Waiting, Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Nomorobo, Voicemail & more
  • Get a reliable, consistent connection at a great price, with download speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Local TV package includes over 40 major broadcast & local public channels with amazing picture clarity
$87.95/mo. in select markets
For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.
Internet Icon Internet Icon Phone Icon

Wave Phone w/Internet & TV

  • Unlimited calling nationwide
  • Over a dozen essential features―Call Waiting, Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Nomorobo, Voicemail & more
  • Get great value with super-fast fiber-powered speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Preferred TV package includes America’s favorite networks
$169.91/mo. in select markets
For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.

Not all services, speeds, packages, equipment, channels, tiers, pricing, streaming services, product offerings and product features are available in all areas.

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The Smart and Convenient Features of Wave Home Phone

The Wave Home Phone service offers over a dozen business-friendly features, which enhance the output of a regular landline device and prove highly useful for a home-based office. Many of these features may not be available on your cellular phone network either―giving you more reasons to subscribe to the unlimited service. Especially when you can bundle it with Wave Internet and TV at a low monthly flat rate.

Call Waiting

Find out who is calling, and choose whether to answer or not while the first caller holds.

Caller ID

Know the name & number of the caller before you decide to answer the call.

Call Waiting with Caller ID

These 2 features work together―you get an alert to the incoming call while you’re already on phone. And the Caller ID displays too, so you can choose what to do!

Anonymous Call Rejection

Program your phone to reject “Private”, “Blocked” or “Anonymous” callers, as well as those who block Caller ID.

Basic Voicemail

The digital voicemail lets your receive up to 20 messages that are saved for 30 days unless deleted.

Caller ID for TiVo®

When you have a Wave Internet & TV bundle with TiVo, you don’t need to leave the couch to see who is calling―activate this feature, and see the caller’s name & number on your TV!

Caller Forward Variable

Activate this feature and forward incoming calls to a number of your choice, when you are busy or cannot take the call.

Caller Forward Remote Activation

Activate and deactivate the Call Forwarding feature even when away from home!

Selective Call Forwarding

Forward incoming calls to another phone―if you’re going out of town, forward calls to your cell number.

Caller Forward Busy

Forward your calls to a designated number―for times when the line is busy.

Caller Forward Don’t Answer

If you don’t answer an incoming call after 6 rings, the call is forwarded to a designated number.


Block unwanted calls from telemarketers and robo-callers. The feature uses the FCC’s DNC list to block suspected numbers.

Selective Call Rejection

All you have to do is to enter the numbers you don’t want to receive calls from―and these numbers will be blocked!

Caller Logs

Want to track phone calls or find a number you recently dialed? You can view your call logs via the Customer Center.

Call Return

Get the number you last received a call from, along with date/time info, and return the call by pressing just one button!

Repeat Call

Set your phone to redial a number every 40 seconds for up to 30 minutes & receive an alert you when the call goes through.

Speed Dial

Program up to 8 numbers on speed dial―and dial the numbers you frequently call by pressing only one button!

Three-Way Calling

Add the third party to a 2-way phone call―its not a problem to have 3 people on 3 phones having the same conversation.

Distinctive Ring

This feature allows you to have 2 additional phone numbers on the same line―each has its own special ring to tell you which one are you getting a call on.

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Recapping the Benefits Our Customers Love

WiFi Equipment Options


No Telemarketing Calls!

TV Equipment Options


Flexibility in your everyday communication

TV Equipment Options

Quality Sound

Advanced phone networks give crystal clear calls!

WiFi Equipment Options


Emergency/911 support

TV Equipment Options


It’s a low cost service with no annual contracts required!

TV Equipment Options

Global Calling

Connect in over 200 countries worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Astound Broadband powered by Wave offers a home phone service that gives you unlimited nationwide calling minutes and many useful digital calling features. It costs you a low flat rate of $10/mo. when you include it to your Internet or Internet & TV bundle. For more details call at 844-343-1375.

Wave Home Phone service offers unlimited calling nationwide at just $10/month, when you bundle the service with high-speed Wave Internet & TV. To determine availability of Wave offers in your area call at 844-343-1375.

The cost of the Wave home phone service when bundled with internet and TV depends on which speed tier and channel lineup you choose, and where you are located. To see which Wave phone bundles are currently on offer in your area call at 844-343-1375.

Yes. The Wave home phone service includes basic voicemail in your plan. No need to hook up an answering machine when you can receive 20 messages that get saved for 30 days.

Astound Broadband powered by Wave offers customers 2 affordable global calling plans, with 250 or 500 calling minutes. Even when you run out of your minutes in any given month, you can continue to connect at discounted call rates. These plans allow you to connect to landlines in 68 countries worldwide.

Yes. The Wave home phone service is built for your home office. It is a reliable connection that gives you great call quality and many business-friendly features that make you more efficient and productive.