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  • Automatic Robocall Blocking
  • Unlimited nationwide calls
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Wave Home Phone

Unlimited Wave Landline Calling

Wave’s digital Home Phone service offers limitless talk feature for all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This means you don’t have to worry about running up the bill when speaking to your loved ones. Not only that, you get international calling to Canada, where so many of us have families and friends, rendering this feature such a blessing. With Wave Home Phone, it does not matter Canada is across the border from US. Your phone calls to your loved ones in Canada are classified the same as if you were calling the next town over.

Wave Cloud Phone

At least half the time you are probably not home – you may be at work or out with family and friends. With traditional landline phones, you had to rely on voicemail to find out who called in your absence. Well, this is the 21st century and Wave Home Phone does not make you wait to know who is trying to contact you.
The free Wave Cloud Phone application for your smartphone enables you to carry your Wave digital Home Phone in your pocket! As long as you have data or a Wi-Fi connection, you can use your Wave Home Phone from anywhere in the world.
That means, even when you are on vacation or on a work related trip in a foreign country and do not want to pay roaming charges, you can access your Wave Home Phone!
Another cool feature of the Wave Cloud Phone app is call transferring, so you can have a family member take the call on a connected device.

Wave Home Phone Features

Wave digital Home Phone offers several features, which enhance the output of a regular landline device, and prove highly useful for a home-based office too. Many of these features are not available on mobile networks either. Overall, Wave Home Phone features only furnish more reasons for you to subscribe to Wave’s digital service.

Call Waiting

During a call, if another person is calling, this feature sounds a tone to alert you of an incoming call. The advantage is you can decide if the incoming call is too important to miss, and switch to it right away.

Cancel Call Waiting (*70)

Turn off call waiting for particular calls.

Caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID

A feature that has been around for a while, and is really useful for almost everyone. After all, don’t we all like to know who is calling before we decide to take a call?

Caller ID Block (*67)

It makes it possible to hide your own caller ID on outbound calls. Dialing the code prior to a call enables the feature for that particular call.

Disable Caller ID Privacy (*82)

Dial this code if you’ve blocked caller ID on your outgoing calls permanently, but the recipient does not accept unknown callers. By dialing this code, getting through to such recipients becomes possible.

Automatically Block Robo-Dialed Calls

Nomorobo, a free service to block spam and unsolicited calls from telemarketers, is available on Wave Home Phone. Never have your family dinner interrupted by an annoying sales call which drives up your blood pressure.
Nomorobo rings your phone once whenever it automatically blocks a call.

Repeat Dial (*66)

If any number that you have been trying to dial is constantly returning a busy signal, this feature automatically redials that number for up to 30 minutes. An alert sounds when the call goes through.

Cancel Repeat Dial (*86)

This feature comes handy when you wish to cancel repeat dial before it automatically expires.

Return Call (*69)

Returns call to the person who called you last. Continues to redial for up to 30 minutes in case the return phone number is busy.

Cancel Return Dial (*89)

Allows you to disable call return prior to the 30-minute expiration limit.

Call Forward (*72)

Forwards incoming call to a different number. It is advisable call forwarding is set up with a local phone number to avoid long-distance charges.

Cancel Call Forward (*73)

Disables current call forwarding.

Selective Call Forwarding (*63)

Build a list of up to 10 numbers you can use to automatically forward a call to. Re-enter the code to edit or delete the selective call forwarding list. Numbers not on the list get through normally.

Selective Call Rejection (*60)

Build a list of up to 12 numbers to automatically reject a call from. Re-enter the code to edit or delete the selective call rejection list. Numbers not on the list get through normally.

Cancel Anonymous Call Rejection (*87)

Disables anonymous call rejection.

Distinctive Alert (*61)

Allows you to set custom ring tones for up to 12 phone numbers. You won’t even have to look at the caller ID to know who is calling.

Speed Dial (*74)

Up to 8 phone numbers can be saved to call quickly by just pressing a number and the # key.

Selective Call Acceptance (*64)

For a monthly subscription, you can specify up to 10 numbers which will be the only ones able to call you. All other callers will hear a message that you are not taking calls at the time.

Anonymous Call Rejection (*77)

Automatically blocks numbers that have disabled their caller ID information.

Two-Digit Speed Dial (*75)

Up to 30 phone numbers can be saved to call quickly by just pressing a number and the # key.

Three Way Calling

Speak simultaneously with two other people using two other phone lines. Call waiting is unavailable during a three way call.