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If there’s one big event that everyone waits for at the end of every year, besides Christmas, it’s Black Friday! After all, it is the biggest retail sales day in the U.S., so how could you not? But that’s not all. Black Friday is only the beginning since it is like the start of the holiday shopping season. After Black Friday, there’s only a short while before we get to Christmas and then New Year’s Eve. So, if there’s a perfect time to be shopping for yourself, your family, or your friends, now is the time to be doing it!

Wherever you look, you will find plenty of sales and promotion offers, be it on clothes, toys, electronics, and even various services. And this also includes many internet service providers! Yes, you read that right! ISPs offer plenty of promotional offers on their services. This is why if you are looking to switch your ISP, now is the time to do it. As for which ISP is offering better value in the form of a promotional offer, leave that to us!

The purpose of this blog is to share these offers with you so that you can see which one you want to look into or consider getting. So, without further delay, let’s get right into it!


AT&T is a well-known service provider that serves millions of people in 21 states. It is the largest residential internet provider in the U.S. and it also ranks as the largest fiber internet provider. With AT&T, you get access to the best internet, TV, and phone services so that you can browse, watch, and talk to your heart’s content. If you have been considering getting an AT&T internet plan, then you are in luck!

While AT&T has some amazing plans for you to select from, today, we will be talking about one specific plan only. This is the AT&T Fiber plan with an internet speed of up to 300 Mbps costing $55 per month plus taxes. There are some conditions to this plan that you can find on the official page or you can directly ask a customer service representative in the store. But, for now, let’s take a look at what promotional offers we are getting with this plan.

What Do I Get in This Offer?

There is an AT&T gift card promotion with this plan. If you sign up for a 300 Mbps fiber internet plan with AT&T, you will get a $100 Reward Card along with it! Moreover, you also get to take advantage of the switcher offer, which compensates you for any early termination fee that may have been demanded of you by your previous internet provider. This offer is exclusive to people who have switched from their old provider to AT&T and they must provide proof of the Early Termination Fee for AT&T to pay it off in full.

Why Should I Choose This Speed and What Can I Do With It?

After knowing what rewards or benefits you are getting with the plan, you might think about why you should choose this specific plan and not the others by AT&T. Some of you might even wonder if 300 Mbps will be enough to power your home, so let’s take a look at the plan in a bit more detail.

Firstly, this internet plan uses a fiber connection. It offers a symmetrical download and upload speed of 300 Mbps. As stated by AT&T, with this plan, you can connect 10+ devices at once throughout your home.

But how fast is 300 Mbps? It is fast enough to support online gaming, Zoom calls, and streaming in HD or 4K on multiple devices simultaneously. So, the answer is that it is definitely fast enough. Additionally, 300 Mbps is the highest starting speed for internet on the market and you get that at a competitive rate! You won’t have to worry about any price hikes after the first year, no contract-based services, and there’s not even a data limit. Lastly, there is no equipment fee included in this plan!


Optimum offers cable and fiber internet connections to 8.2 million people and more in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Aside from Optimum Internet services, you can even get TV and phone services from it. Optimum offers internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

Today, our plan of interest is the one that offers 300 Mbps download speed and costs $40 per month plus taxes. Keep in mind that the price for this plan will not change for the first 24 months. This condition holds true only with Paperless bills and AutoPay. Let’s take a look at the promotional offers that come with this plan and the reasons why you should be choosing this plan.

What Do I Get in This Offer?

If you choose to purchase this plan, you will get an Optimum $100 gift card! That is not the only thing you will be getting, however. You will be entitled to a free Gateway Modem, WiFi extender, and Stream Box along with this plan. And that’s not all either. There are some things you get with the plan itself so let’s take a look at what those are.

Why Should I Choose This Speed? What Can I Do With It?

Why get this plan when you have other faster speeds that you can look into? Well, for starters, this internet plan does not have any data limit and the services offered are not contractual. Add this to the promotional offer that you are getting, anyone would say that this deal is a steal!

To add to this, as we mentioned before, 300 Mbps is enough to power up 10 devices in your home, even if they are all performing very heavy internet-based activity. So, if not enough speed is your concern, it shouldn’t be with this plan!


If you are located somewhere in the Midwest or Southeast, then you should look into the WOW! Internet plans. Even if you search it up online, you will find that it offers reliable internet services, exceptional TV plans, and wonderful phone service as well. WOW! has a customer base of around 1.9 million spread out in 6 states. Furthermore, WOW! has ranked #6 in the U.S. cable providers based on the population covered by network infrastructure.

As we said before for the previous providers as well, there is only one plan we will be focusing on and that is the 500 Mbps internet plan. This plan comes at a price of $54.99 per month. Aside from the plan’s own perks, you get some of the best promotional offers this time around. Let’s take a look at what those are.

What Do I Get in This Offer?

If you get the 500 Mbps internet plan from WOW!, you get a $100 gift card along with it. This is an offer that is exclusive to WOW’s higher speed tiers so if you were to get lower bandwidth, you won’t be getting it.

Why Should I Choose This Speed? What Can I Do With It?

Moreover, 500 Mbps is a very big number and is very speedy too. If you want an example of how fast it is, with 500 Mbps, you can stream UHD videos on 20 devices simultaneously without a problem. You can download an HD movie within 1 minute! That is how fast 500 Mbps internet speed is!

So, this makes it the perfect plan for families, even if they all enjoy some heavy internet-based activities like gaming, streaming in 4K, etc. Aside from the offer, you get a 2.5 TB data allowance, which is obviously a lot!


The last company on this list is Xfinity. Xfinity is a nationally well-known internet provider. It is available to 35 states and more and it serves over 112 million people currently. There is a high possibility that either you or someone in your area uses Xfinity internet services for sure, as it is just that common.

The Xfinity internet plan that we have chosen to focus on today is the 400 Mbps internet package. This plan is priced up to $55 per month making it quite reasonable according to the market. However, the price for Xfinity plans differs from area to area, city to city, and state to state. So, be sure to check in with your local Xfinity retailer regarding the pricing of the plan before purchase.

What Do I Get in This Offer?

With this plan, you get the free Getting Started Kit and shipping along with autopay discount. Depending on your area, Xfinity could be offering other perks with its internet plan, such as no term contracts, free WiFi equipment, unlimited data, or extra savings. Plus, you can also get the opportunity to enjoy the Xfinity Flex 4K, which is a voice-controlled streaming box. With this device, you can stream Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, and many more streaming platforms as they have all been brought together. You get to have access to 10,000 shows and movies in addition to 200 channels. So, really, what is there not to like about this offer?

Why Should I Choose This Speed? What Can I Do With It?

The price for this plan is locked up to 24 months, so you get to enjoy a promotional price for 2 years. But of course, you should check the terms and conditions of the plan to make sure this applies in your area as well. Depending on your location, you can even get equipment price included in the plan so you won’t have to additionally pay for that.

As for how speedy 400 Mbps can be, it is definitely an above-average speed. You can use it simultaneously for online gaming, streaming, video calling, and other activities without any problem. It is powerful enough to boost your activities but not powerful enough to keep your home active too. For example, if you have smart devices, you might want to consider a higher speed, but if you are a small family or even just using it for work from home, this speed works wonders.

In Summary

That concludes our topic of the best holiday promotions that you need to check out before the year ends. As we mentioned before in the beginning, if you are looking to switch your ISP because you’re not happy, now is the best time to do it as you can easily get it at a discount. Even if you are someone who is just moving in, you can subscribe to one of these plans and it might make things a lot easier for you. So, which promotion offer are you grabbing soon?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best internet promotion for the holidays 2022?

AT&T and Xfinity are currently offering the best internet promotion offer on the market. However, it also depends on the speed you are looking for. Depending on the speed you want, you can even go to WOW! or Optimum for their promotional offers. To find out more, contact us at 1-855-349-9328.

Which internet service provider has the best internet-only deals?

There are multiple providers that offer the best internet-only promotional deals. Some of these are Xfinity, Optimum, WOW!, and AT&T. To find their promotional offers, you can reach out to us at 1-855-349-9328 and we will surely help you out.