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CenturyLink or Lumen Technologies, as some people may know it, is a telecommunications firm based in Monroe, Louisiana in the US. With over 90 years of experience under its belt, CenturyLink proudly delivers network solutions, cloud, and communication services. CenturyLink offers not only local and long-distance voice but also broadband of various kinds, data integration, web hosting, and more. Even with the whole plethora of services that it offers, CenturyLink is best known for its high-speed residential internet services and TV entertainment bundles.

In this article, we discuss some of the best CenturyLink TV and Internet bundles in 2022. Since CenturyLink often collaborates with several other TV providers to only bring you the best across the board. CenturyLink teams up with DISH, DIRECTV, and other third-party streaming services to get you some of the best TV and internet deals out there, which we will talk about today. However, in terms of TV entertainment, our focus would remain on DIRECTV as it’s the most widely available satellite TV service that offers vast benefits.

How to Choose the Perfect Internet and TV Bundle?

Whether it is CenturyLink, Xfinity, or Spectrum, choosing the right bundle is a tedious job indeed. Deciding on the services or plan that fit you like a glove can sometimes require a lot of research. Luckily, however, it is not as scary or draining as its sounds. You just have to remember to look out for a handful of things and you should ideally be good to go. Some of the features that you need to consider while choosing an internet and TV bundle include:

A Speed Tier That Works For You

While a smaller speed tier like 50 Mbps will work for most small families, it may not work if you have a large family, particularly with power users. It is better to get a speed tier that serves you and your family in the best way possible. Similarly, there is no point in paying a large bill every month for high speeds that nobody even uses. Understand the internet speed needs of your household and pick a tier that works best.

Consider TV Channel Choices

More often than not, you end up paying for more TV channels than you are ever going to watch. However, with CenturyLink and DIRECTV, you can carefully go over the TV plans and decide on what you want to get. There is a great possibility that some of your favorite channels like the NFL are not included in the lower-priced plans.

DIRECTV unlike many other TV services also offers premium network channels like CINEMAX and HBO Max in some plans, free for a limited time period. Once the promo period is over, you may have to pay for the premium networks you’d like to keep. It is the perfect investment if you are going to use them, but if you are looking to save money, you can simply drop them and save a few bucks afterward.

Compare Bundle Prices with Other Providers

As cliché as it may sound, this trick never gets old. When you are deciding on a bundle to get for your internet and TV, do look around the market. Compare other providers and their pricing and what they are offering you for the price. You might actually discover better deals or may be able to negotiate with the provider of your choice.

CenturyLink offers a variety of different bundles when it comes to the Internet and TV. The choice of your CenturyLink bundle can change depending upon your budget, high-speed internet, and TV needs. We have presented the best of CenturyLink Internet and DIRECTV bundles on the offer.


This plan is best suited to you if you are looking for a good budget plan. It gets you CenturyLink Internet with up to 100 Mbps of speeds from its DSL network. If you are lucky enough to have CenturyLink Fiber Internet coverage in your area, then you can rely on even higher speeds in just a little more addition to your monthly bill.

On the entertainment avenue, you’ll get a DIRECTV plan with around 160+ channels. This is a perfect plan that gives you access to all your favorite channels like Disney Channel, ESPN, and HGTV among many others along with access to 45,000+ on-demand titles.

This is a pretty good deal that you can get out of CenturyLink service, considering it comes to just about $124.99 per month. Since this deal may vary from location to location, you may have to check its availability at your address. But it’s safe to say, you’ll find it in most CenturyLink service areas. The bundle gets all your entertainment and internet needs in one place so you are always connected to the outside world.

CenturyLink Fiber + DIRECTV CHOICE TM

If you are a high-speed internet junkie and live off gigabit internet speeds, this may just be the plan of your dreams. This CenturyLink Bundle gets you gigabit speeds of over 940 Mbps, which works quite well for your heavy online needs. From gaming to video conferencing, remote learning, and working. The best part is that since this service is through fiber, there are symmetrical upload and download speeds, and the connection is quite reliable.

The Choice All-Included DIRECTV plan with this service is definitely a great winner too. It gets you over 185 channels with premium channels like HBO Max, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, EPIX, and STARZ free for over three months. The plan also includes a free NFL Sunday Ticket along with 50,000+ on-demand TV shows and movies. If you are looking for the perfect entertainment bundle with good internet speed, this is the one for you.

Since the total for this bundle comes up to $144.99 per month, this is certainly a valuable deal as it comes with benefits that not many TV providers offer. In most cases with other providers, you would be paying about that amount with just gigabit internet speeds. Hence, CenturyLink certainly adds value to your bundles, bringing you more. Since CenturyLink Fiber is available in very limited places as of now, you may not find it at your address. There are some cities where CenturyLink is available in majority areas like Omaha (NE), Idaho Falls (ID), etc. So, if you happen to live in these areas, you’re in luck! If you do, however, what better TV and internet bundle to get if not this?

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet + DIRECTV PREMIERTM

If you are searching for an option with unlimited TV channels and entertainment prospects, Premier All-Included is the way to go. It sets you up with over 330 channels, including a ton of premium channels like HBO Max, Cinemax, Starz and SHOWTIME, and more. For die-hard sports fans, this CenturyLink bundle comes with the latest seasons of the NFL Sunday Ticket at no extra charge. Not to mention, the 70,000+ on-demand titles that are always there at your fingertips for unlimited entertainment!

This bundle is very good on the entertainment front, but it does have some limitations on the internet speeds. The internet speed for this bundle is up to 100 Mbps, which is pretty average but does the work for most households. Plus, you don’t need internet service to watch live TV as DIRECTV utilizes satellite signals to deliver entertainment to every nook and cranny of the US.

This CenturyLink TV and Internet bundle is priced at $199.99 per month. It may appear steep but considering all the entertainment options and premium channels you get with the service, it isn’t a bad deal. It gets you all that you and your family could ever want without going too over the fence as some other providers may do with these benefits.

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited + Simply Unlimited Phone + DIRECTV ULTIMATE

CenturyLink also offers a few triple play plans, which bundle all three services together. So, you get CenturyLink Internet, DIRECTV, and Home Phone all bundled up in the plan. Since these services are frequently used in most households, they work quite well together and are a flawless fit.

With this CenturyLink bundle, you get internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps, since it is typically a DSL plan. Note that CenturyLink DSL internet speeds vary across locations. The internet service may not have the bling that CenturyLink Fiber offers, but it is reliable and good, nonetheless.

This bundle with CenturyLink also gets you a home phone service that you can use for unlimited calling across the US. The use of landline and home phones has seen a decline since cell phones became the new norm but it is still a trusty device, especially in the case of emergencies. And, with unlimited nationwide calling, what more could you want?

The DIRECTV plan for this bundle, or the Ultimate All-Included, is a nice little package to consider. You can access 250 and more channels with this plan along with some of the premium ones, including HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more. You also get all the seasons of the NFL Sunday Ticket free and 60,000 on-demand titles to spice up your weekends.

All of this is priced at $189.99 per month, which is quite a market competitive rate, considering all that this triple play deal has to offer. All of your home communication and entertainment needs are met with this bundle and the tag seems like a small price to pay for all that you get.

We put forth some of the top quality internet and TV bundles that CenturyLink has to offer, but the final selection always is your call to make. Ask yourself, what are you looking for? Are you worried about sticking to a budget and still having TV and internet? Or, are you looking for mind-blowing internet speeds to make your day? Perhaps, you are looking for something that covers all bases, from internet and TV to home phone?

CenturyLink has a bundle to suit all your needs, depending on what they may be. And remember; the question never is which bundle is the best. The question is what bundle fits your needs the best. And there is where you will find your answer.

Explore more of the top internet and TV bundle options with CenturyLink.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does CenturyLink have a cable TV service?

CenturyLink does not have its own cable TV service at the moment. However, it does team up with DIRECTV, DISH, and other streaming services to bring you all the entertainment that you crave.

Does CenturyLink Internet have contracts?

CenturyLink Internet plans do not come with any contracts, which is what makes CenturyLink so popular with the people.

Which is the best CenturyLink bundle for people on a budget?

If you are on a budget, consider getting CenturyLink Internet + DIRECTV Entertainment All Included bundle. It is priced at $124.99 per month and gets you 100 Mbps of internet speed, unlimited data, video-on-demand, and 160+ channels with some premium ones too.