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Home security has become crucial for any home these days. Particularly for the ones where parents have to leave the house for long hours while children and/or an elderly family member are behind without present and active supervision. In such circumstances the duty of an active caretaker gets assigned to an all-round security system such as the one you benefit from with Xfinity home.  

As a new member of the Xfinity Home Family, it is critical for a subscriber to learn the ins and outs of the Xfinity Home security system so it functions optimally at all times. With Pro Protection and Pro Protection Plus plans, Xfinity Home professionals watch over things for you at the award-winning Xfinity Monitoring Stations around the clock. But it is equally important you play your part in eliminating threats by drawing on the full potential of your Xfinity Home security.  

Our today’s article walks you through the process of testing your Xfinity Home alarm. This is a critical part of making sure none of the secured zones are ever left open to threats. After all, the system will raise an alarm only if things at your end are performing at an optimal level.  

How to test your Xfinity Home Alarm  

For subscribers who have purchased an Xfinity Home security system, and have a touchscreen controller included in their Xfinity Home package, testing their Xfinity Home alarm is not a difficult process. By following the instructions, you can easily carry out a test every month. This periodic exercise may take time out of your day, but just ask yourself what good is an advanced home alarm system that you never test, until one fine day it does not even detect an intrusion which costs you dearly?

As for the Xfinity Home alarm system, testing not only assures it is working the way it should, and will promptly alert to any situation, but the Test Mode is what you put your system in even while replacing batteries in the smart devices to avoid false alarms.

1.   Testing the Xfinity Home alarm - Get started with the preliminaries

Now let's get started with the process, but don't forget to ensure the order you must follow with the steps below.

  1. Before initiating the test do inform the Central Monitoring Station. For this, you’ll have to call Xfinity Home at 800-455-1207.
  2. On the Home screen depending on your Xfinity Home system, swipe to display the Dashboard,  tap the gear icon, and then tap on Security. However, if you have apps on your touchscreen just go to Settings.
  3. Now insert your four-digit Master Keypad Code
  4. On the Security screen tap on the Alarm Test option
  5. You’ll be asked if you want to Send Test Alarm Messages or otherwise. Tap on Disabled if you want to activate the messaging service. And then tap on Next. Else, just tap on Next leaving the messaging option disabled.

Things to Remember

  • Keep in mind if you just want to replace batteries in your devices, you should stop at this step, and change the batteries.
  • Whether you should disable or enable alarm messages from reaching the Central Monitoring Station depends on the purpose of testing your Xfinity Home alarm. If it is a monthly test when you enable the messaging service to the Central Monitory Station, you can determine the signal is getting through, but it does not send out a false alarm. But if you are changing batteries in your smart devices, by disabling the alarm messaging service, you can restrict the alarm test to the local system.
  • Make sure to inform all members of the household and neighbors around you. You may also want to move kids and pets to avoid any hassle during the process.

2.   Testing the Xfinity Home alarm - Check all security zones in your home

Once you’ve set the enabling/disabling of the messaging service according to the purpose of your alarm test, you are good to move to the next phase of the process. And here is what you need to do next:  

  1. Make sure you have informed the Central Monitoring Station at the Xfinity Home number i.e. 800-455-1207 about your alarm testing activity.
  2. Also ensure all windows and doors, which have Sensors installed on them, are closed. And none of the Motion Sensors have been triggered in the last 2 minutes.
  3. Once you’ve ensured all preparation measures are in place, tap Arm. This will trigger an alert beep. And the Arm will switch to System Armed. Your alarm system is now in Test mode. Remember your exit delay is 10 seconds long.
  4. Tap Next to move to the screen that shows all security zones covered by Xfinity Home security.
  5. The next step involves triggering the sensors in each security zone to check if all are working right.
  6. Once you’ve completed the test, you’ll be able to see on the screen all the zones you’ve tripped during the process. When all is done, tap on Disarm.

Things to Remember

You will see an option on the screen with all the security zones, that says "Mute Siren". It allows you to silence the siren while testing the Xfinity home alarm system at any time. However, it is advisable you let your alarm system sound for a little while. This will help assure the security system is working properly.

3.   Testing the Xfinity Home alarm - Confirming the results

In this last phase of the Xfinity Home alarm testing process, you will review the results from the various security zones.     

  1. With the test complete and the system disarmed, tap on Next.
  2. Review all alarms by zone.
  3. Verify you’ve received text messages or emails for the alerts generated.
  4. If you chose to enable the alarm messaging service, check with the Central Monitoring Station at 800-455-1207 to confirm they also received the alarms. If all alarms have been received by them, let them know the test is complete.
  5. Now tap Return to Menu to get to the Settings

Things to Remember

What happens when you accidentally leave the system in the Alarm Test Mode for any reason?
Well, it is designed to automatically exit the Test Mode after 30 minutes so you don’t need to worry about that!

To sum up…

Congratulations! You have successfully tested your alarm system and it is functioning optimally to protect your family and home. Albeit not all systems will be identical as far as the interface, what you need to do is more or less the same. And if at any point you find yourself stumbling you know you can seek help from Xfinity.

Xfinity Home security is one of the finest and most advanced systems that assure maximum security for your loved ones and belongings. But as we said, that alone is not going to help prevent threats unless you too learn how to manage your Xfinity Home security and keep testing it periodically.  

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721


How much does the Xfinity Home security system cost?

If you have an Xfinity Internet subscription with xFi you can add on an Xfinity Home Self-Protection plan for as low as $10/mo. and build your system the way you want. And if you wish to go for a pro-monitored plan, however, Xfinity Pro Protection plans start at $40. These plans also require you to purchase an Xfinity Home system. Explore Xfinity Home plans and products here.    

Does Xfinity Home come with any term contract?

No. Xfinity Home plans do not tie you up in a Term Agreement. This way you are free to switch between plans as and when you need to.  

Can I take professional assistance with the Xfinity Home security system?

Yes. Plans that give you pro-monitored home security solutions start at $40 per month. This way you can take full benefit of the award-winning Xfinity Monitoring Stations and their fast response times in the event of a security breach. The Pro Protection Plus package, which costs $50 per month not only includes 24/7 pro monitoring but access to live video feeds and 24/7 video recordings.