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The mediums of entertainment we enjoy today have greatly evolved over the years. A decade or two ago, when we wanted to watch content for free, we mostly resorted to YouTube. But our go-to option was always our local cable TV. Fast forward to the present, things have changed a lot. Cord-cutting is becoming increasingly common and an inclination towards streaming video content is fast becoming a more popular preference.

However, cable TV providers have stepped up their game as well. Cable service providers like Charter Spectrum™ offer On-Demand video content and a streaming app to subscribers – thus enabling them to watch their TV favorites on their own timeline and without being restricted to their TV screen alone. That is not all. Along with a choice of useful perks, subscribers get access to a maximum of 200 channels, as well as premium entertainment and sports networks, which are available as add-ons.

Undoubtedly, the biggest strength of Spectrum TV™ is the diversity of its channel lineup and the fact the provider brings you the most HD content. You are at liberty to choose a more economical TV plan and subscribe to add-on networks of your choice. This way you would be able to watch what you love and pay only for what you watch.

Spectrum TV™ caters to the needs of all those who crave quality entertainment, not only through its well-designed channel lineup but with an array of premium networks widely loved by Americans. You get to pick from HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, EPIX®, and STARZ®® - your go-to binge-watching networks.

Here, we bring you an all-round account of the STARZ®® network and its programming. We will also tell you which channel number you must tune into in order to watch your STARZ®® favorites on Spectrum TV™.

The STARZ® Network – A Brief Introduction

Owned by Lions Gate Entertainment, STARZ® is an American premium network. Launched in 1994, the network has since gone through many variations in its programming lineup. These days, the network is primarily known for running original TV shows and motion pictures.

The STARZ® network offers 12 multiplex channels and broadcasts content both in SD and HD. You wont be restrained to your TV set either. With access to STARZ® On Demand and the STARZ® network app, you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies on the go. Whether it is about catching up on your favorite series or killing the boredom of a long commute, premium TV entertainment from one of the most sought-after networks is always at your disposal.

Other STARZ® Network Channels

    • STARZ® Edge
    • STARZ® Cinema
    • STARZ® Kids & Family
    • STARZ® Comedy
    • STARZ® In Black
    • STARZ® Encore Action
    • STARZ® Encore Black
    • STARZ® Encore Classic
    • STARZ® Encore Suspense
    • STARZ® Encore Westerns
    • STARZ® Encore Family

What Channel is STARZ® on Spectrum TV?

The best way to make the most out of your weekend is to switch into your cable TV service and run movies and TV show marathons. And that's exactly what Spectrum TV makes possible. Spectrum TV plans are divided into two tiers – TV Select Signature, and TV Select Plus. Each tier has a defined set of channels and perks to offer. However, the crème de la crème of Spectrum TV plans is the Premium add-on channels like STARZ. With the premium channels add-on, you can tune into STARZ and many other premium networks including MAX, SHOWTIME, and more. 

To tune into the channel once you have added it to your subscription, you can look for its channel number on the on-screen TV guide features included in all Spectrum TV plans and packages. The guide will help you not only find your desired channels, but also manage your personal favorites and create customized lists. You can also use the Spectrum account to find channels included in your subscription. Since the channel numbers vary from region to region for Spectrum users, you will find the on-screen guide and the Spectrum account very handy in figuring out the channel numbers. 

What to Watch on STARZ® Network?

STARZ® has a wide range of sister networks - STARZ® Encore and MoviePlex® are two top names when it comes to STARZ® networks movie repository. You get to watch Hollywood blockbusters, first-runs, television series, and great plenty of acquired programming on each available STARZ® channel. STARZ® has so far aired sitcoms like Party Down and comedy shows like Now Apocalypse, while notable co-productions include the likes of Howards End, The White Queen, and Da Vincis Demons.

The current STARZ® official programming is also as enticing as ever. Take a look at some popular titles.

Current STARZ® Programming

    • P-Valley
    • Dublin Murders
    • The Spanish Princess
    • Outlander
    • The Girlfriend Experience
    • American Gods
    • Hightown

Upcoming STARZ® Shows

    • Power Book II: Ghost
    • Power Book III: Raising Kanan
    • Power Book IV: Influence
    • Power Book V: Force
    • The Continental
    • Run the World
    • Black Mafia Family
    • Becoming Elizabeth
    • Dangerous Liaisons
    • Heels
    • Step Up

Former STARZ® Favorites

    • Spartacus
    • Camelot
    • Now Apocalypse
    • Vida
    • Head Case
    • The Pillars of the Earth
    • Da Vincis Demon
    • Party Down

Now you have a very good idea of the kind of entertainment you can binge-watch on STARZ® with Spectrum TV™. With a premium network added to your TV repository, entertainment knows no bounds! If you have spotted a TV show you like to add to your watch-list but dont know its broadcast time, head to STARZ® website to view the complete weekly schedule.

To conclude

Spectrum TV™ has a lot to serve that surely satiates your entertainment cravings. For those looking for zesty reality TV gossip, there TLC to tune in to. And for those who like to get their hands on another American premium network, they can switch into SHOWTIME. With Spectrum TV™, you never run out of options.

If you arent a Spectrum TV™ subscriber yet and would like to get assistance, contact Spectrum sales support to learn more about Spectrum offers and subscribe!