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Previously two separate cities, Dallas and Fort Worth have now been connected by the urban spread. Both cities go together magnificently but each has a very distinct identity. It is each city’s special charm that attracts thousands of relocating individuals and families to the area every year.

If you have just moved to Dallas-Fort Worth, you’d be glad to know it is a great place to live—vibrant in arts and culture and booming economically. But let’s talk about the most important and basic necessity in every Fort Worther’s and Dallasite’s life – the unflinching connectivity and an abundance of TV entertainment.

If you are looking to find a reliable and economical internet, TV, or phone service in Dallas-Fort Worth, you are most likely to come across Spectrum™. After all, the telecom giant covers almost 89% and 94% of Dallas and Fort Worth, respectively.

Below, we have come up with a detailed overview of Spectrum Internet, TV, and home phone plans for Dallas-Fort Worth. So, let’s get started!

Spectrum hasn’t won its status as the second-largest residential cable internet provider in the U.S. at random. Its powerful Fiber-Coaxial hybrid network, which delivers Gig-order speeds at the economical price of cable broadband, makes it the most preferable option among Dallas-Fort Worth consumers.

With coverage spread across 41 states in the US, the ever-evolving Spectrum network is supported by the pre-existing old school infrastructure of coaxial cable TV lines. With Spectrum Internet, data is transferred over fiber lines for the most part until switching over to the coaxial cable network within a specific neighborhood. It is therefore only in the last-mile of this journey that the data is transferred to the destination via coaxial cable.

Moreover, Spectrum is truly generous in terms of service features—a trait that would not show in a standard ISP’s profile. Spectrum’s standalone services and bundles are rather standardized but that is what takes away the ambiguity for the consumer, relative to offerings from other ISPs. You would not have to work your way through a labyrinth to determine whether or not any particular Spectrum plan would fit the needs and budget of your household.

So let’s gander into why Spectrum Internet Plans for Dallas and Fort Worth should be your choice and why it’s likely that you would be happy with the said choice.

Spectrum Internet — Making Connectivity Better for Everyone

Courtesy of its fiber-powered cable network, Spectrum Internet speeds are faster than what cable broadband has traditionally furnished. In fact, Spectrum stands as the one ISP that offers the fastest starting speed of 300 Mbps. In select areas, you can get download speeds up to 1000 Mbps, more than enough to keep a house full of serious gamers, streamers, techies, and at-home businesspersons happy. With Spectrum Internet you forget how frustrated lagging connectivity and forever buffering loops can make you feel.

Spectrum Internet Plans Dallas-Fort Worth

Spectrum in Dallas-Fort Worth offers three-speed tiers to households across the U.S. Of course, variation in available speeds does occur from one ZIP code to another. Essentially due to the numerous ground realities involved. However, Standard, Ultra, and Gig define the existing categories and bring you speeds of the order of 300, 500, and 1000 Mbps respectively.

Perhaps the best thing about Spectrum Internet is the price tag. You get to subscribe to high-speed internet starting from $49.99/month. For low-income households, Spectrum offers an Internet Assist program and an Affordable Connectivity Program to provide eligible individuals households and individuals broadband internet services at much-discounted rates.

Below is a quick glimpse of Spectrum Internet-only plans for Dallas-Fort Worth. Let’s take a look!

Spectrum Internet Plans Max Download/ Upload Speed Features Promo Price
Spectrum Internet 300/10 Mbps
(wireless speeds may vary)
  • Suitable for connecting up to 5 devices at a time.
  • Ideal for streaming, video gaming, browsing, downloading music, uploading photos across multiple devices, etc.
for 12 months with Auto Pay
Spectrum Internet Ultra 500/20 Mbps
(wireless speeds may vary)
  • Perfect for connecting 6-8 devices at a time.
  • Enjoy a significant speed boost for nonstop streaming, video gaming, browsing, downloading heavy files, uploading documents and photos across multiple devices, etc.
for 12 months with Auto Pay
Spectrum Internet Gig 1 Gbps/35 Mbps
(wireless speeds may vary)
  • Ideal for connecting 10+ devices at a time.
  • Enjoy fiber-rich speeds as high as 1000 Mbps for lag-free 4K streaming, video gaming, browsing, downloading heavy files, uploading documents and photos across multiple devices, etc.
for 12 months with Auto Pay

*Data effective as of published date. For the latest plans and pricing, call Spectrum phone number i.e. 855-423-0918

Spectrum Internet Features

Spectrum Internet plans come with the following incredible perks:

  • No data caps
  • Free access to Spectrum out-of-home WiFi connections
  • Free Spectrum App for online account management, monthly bill payment, and more
  • Free Internet modem
  • Free antivirus software
  • No term contract
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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Spectrum Cable TV Dallas-Fort Worth

Spectrum TV in Dallas-Fort Worth has been consistent in upping the game of cable entertainment by modernizing and enhancing cable TV service with a myriad of options on its menu.

Spectrum TV Select Signature comes with 150+ channels with free HD programming—the most from any provider. As for the huge Latino audience in the States, Spectrum offers Mi Plan Latino to make sure you enjoy the best of both worlds with Spanish and English programming.

Below is a quick glimpse of Spectrum Cable TV plans for Dallas and Fort Worth!

Spectrum TV Plan Channel Count Price
Spectrum TV Signature 150+ live channels $64.99/mo.
for 12 mos. Availability varies by location.
Spectrum TV Select Plus 160+ live channels $74.99/mo.
for 12 mos. Availability varies by location.
Spectrum Mi Plan Latino 145+ channels, including 75+ Spanish & 70+ English channels $39.99/mo.
for 12 mos.

*Data effective as of published date. For the latest plans and pricing, contact Spectrum Sales Support at 855-423-0918

Want more information regarding Spectrum TV plans?

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Spectrum TV Features

Take a look at these irresistible Spectrum TV features:

  • Thousands of On Demand titles
  • FREE Spectrum TV App
  • Watch your favorite shows at home or on-the-go
  • No contracts
  • Customize your channel lineup with amazing add-on channels
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Spectrum Home Phone Dallas-Fort Worth

Spectrum in Dallas-Fort Worth also offers a home phone service, which comes at a highly discounted price of $14.99/mo. for 12 months when bundled. Getting started with Spectrum phone is simple—just add it to your Spectrum internet and/or TV package and enjoy multiple services under one roof.

Keep in mind that offer, speed, and channels availability may vary depending on your exact location. Please reach out to Spectrum Sales Support team at 855-423-0918 to check deals and packages available at your address.   

Spectrum Home Phone Features

Here is a list of features that make Spectrum home phone all the more worthwhile:

  • No contracts, no added fees or taxes, and no dropped calls
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and more
  • Includes Voicemail and Call Guard
  • 28+ calling features
  • Instant tracing to 911
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Spectrum Packages Dallas-Fort Worth: Hidden Fees

Spectrum is quite straightforward about its pricing, but there are certain additional/hidden fees that you should know about before subscribing to a package. This may help you avoid some of those costs and save a few bucks on your monthly Spectrum bill.

Type Fee
Standard Professional Installation (one-time) $59.99
Self-Installation – Service Activation (one-time) $24.99
Unreturned equipment fee (one-time) $59 (Modem)
$76 (wireless router)
Reconnection fee (one-time) $4.99
WiFi Service (monthly) $5
Spectrum Service transfer (one-time) $59.99

*Data effective as of published date. For the latest plans and pricing, contact Spectrum Sales Support at 855-423-0918

Bringing it All Together

That was a summary of the numerous features and perks that come to you if you opt for Spectrum Dallas-Fort Worth services!

Here we would like to reiterate the offerings can vary from one Fort Worth or Dallas neighborhood to another. While this guide may be comprehensive, mentioning offerings by the ZIP would be implausible. We recommend you contact a Spectrum Sales Support representative at 855-423-0918 to get expert advice from our trained professionals.  

Spectrum’s team can extract the exact offers available at your address using your ZIP code while also providing more details. Get all the information you need regarding the perks you get and the available add-ons so that you can make the most of Spectrum's offers in Dallas-Fort Worth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spectrum Internet available in Fort Worth?

Yes, Spectrum offers three internet speed tiers—300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1 Gbps—to its customers in Fort Worth. For details regarding Spectrum Internet availability in your area, call Spectrum Sales Support at 855-423-0918

How much is Spectrum Internet in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX?

The price for Spectrum Internet in Dallas-Fort Worth starts from $49.99/mo. for the first 12 months. This plan provides you with speeds up to 300 Mbps. Please call Spectrum Sales Support at 855-423-0918 to check out the availability of Spectrum Internet plans in your region.