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As a diehard sports fan, don’t we love to frequent the big games and tournaments in person? Alas, there are so many complications involved with that inclination. From steeply-priced tickets to the hassle of traveling and parking, all of that can put one off from frequenting live games.

And that isn’t all, the snacks and drinks, which we can safely assume are made from a secret elixir, considering their high-end prices; the not so comfortable seats; and God forbid if you ever find yourself seated beside a mischievous or rude fellow sports fanatic. All these complications surely make us pause before we decide whether or not to attend the event.

That’s the reason sports TV channels are thriving - the huge sports audience cannot always frequent their favorite sports events, so they decide to bring the game home.

The exciting commentary on the event keeps the thrill level up while you remain fully in the loop of the game; the camera angles don’t let you miss out anything on the field; and of course, the convenience and comfort factor makes you want to stay home. Such are the occasions in particular when you thoroughly enjoy investment in a Spectrum TV package that brings all the fun and excitement to your TV lounge.

Watch Your Favorite Sports Networks with Spectrum TV Packages

Cable TV: The Best Alternative Ever

Spectrum TV packages as well as Spectrum TV español are favored by most sports fanatics as they offer an extensive array of sports channels. However with the surge in the trend of cutting the cord, and streaming services becoming a rather ‘cool way’ to access TV entertainment, Spectrum must remain on its toes to ensure enticing features leading to greater choice and convenience for consumers are made available. With the provider’s competitors upping their ante, there are no signs yet that Spectrum would give up on its sports-loving customer base.

More recently Spectrum introduced a variation in its TV line up. For the not-so-sports crazy homes, the Spectrum TV Select Signature Plan and for the die-hard sports fans, the Spectrum TV Select Plus plan. The former is a sports-lite tier, with essential sports networks like ESPN whereas the latter also gives you access to regional sports networks and their apps. And if you are one of those sports fanatics who must have it all, there is the Spectrum Sports View add-on. It brings you over 20 additional sports channels inclusive of the ACC Network on top of what the Select Plus lineup offers.

Spectrum TV surely sets you up for a great sports experience with the NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB, NHL, PGA, MLS, College football and basketball, Tennis and Motorsports. Latino sports fans are not left disappointed either. Latino Sports brings them Spanish coverage of their favorite events. And you can even opt for Pay-Per-View events with Spectrum. Do note channel availability will vary across packages and will also be subject to the region of the U.S. you are in.

ACC Network On Spectrum

Even the more recent channels like the ACC Network (ACCN), which is not available via every cable or streaming TV service, can be accessed with Spectrum TV. Unfortunately, if you are subscribed to the former Time Warner Company (now Spectrum™), you may not find the ACC Network included in your lineup.

You could contact Spectrum Sales Support representative (or dial numero de telefono de Spectrum ) and explore all add-on options that bring you the sports networks you are after.

The ACC Network — What You Need to Know?

The newly launched American subscription-television channel came onto the TV screens in October 2019. Owned and operated by the popular and powerful ESPN Inc., its fresh status is one reason why its availability is limited to a few TV service providers.

ACCN is a sports channel that will be available to you 24/7 all year round. Packed with 24 hours of studio programming and live ACC sports, the channel is bound to make you have the time of your life – after all, you would get to watch an estimated 450 live televised sports events.

Expected to carry a total of 1300 events per year, ACC will include 150 women’s and men’s basketball games, 40 football games per season and multiple spring games, 50 soccer games, 15 volleyball games, 10 field hockey games, and a whopping 200 regular-season tournaments and competitions.

And that’s not all. The ACCN will be a part of the Power Five conferences so you can be sure to get a barrage of news related to all those events, hear the stories and news related to student-athletes, and follow discussions and debates by renowned sports enthusiasts. ACCN brings you access to 27 sponsored sports televised annually along with more original programming than you might have ever experienced before.

So, in its first year of birth, you can get together with ACCN as well as its digital platform i.e. ACCNX (more on that later), and relish 1000 Atlantic Coast conference events. Here it must be added, each school will not have their own block of time on the ACC Network as the channel is conference-wide and aims to offer coverage to every member institution.

Apart from Spectrum, you can watch ACCN with popular TV service providers such as AT&T, DIRECTV, YouTube TV, and VIDGO. For a complete list, go to If your provider does not offer the ACC Network, you can always ask them and see your request granted.

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What Channel is ACC Network on Spectrum?

If you are already a cable TV subscriber, you may have an itsy-bitsy problem with channel numbers. Previously, we had cable providers spread across the country in fragmented regional pockets. When big-time cable TV providers like Spectrum™ came to dominate the market share, their footprint was seen right across the U.S. To make the transition smooth for customers, however, Spectrum and other cable TV providers decided that regional channel numbers utilized by previous providers would stay the same.

In the case of most long-established TV networks, it is not very convenient to find your favorite channel in the long cable TV lineup offered by Spectrum – especially when it varies in the various regions covered by the provider.

Lucky for you that in the case of ACCN channel on Spectrum channel lineup, there is less hassle involved as it’s a fairly new one – not from the times when regional cable TV service providers were the only option. If you’re subscribed to it, you’d see it listed among your “subscribed channels” on the TV guide. Or else you can run your ZIP code on this page to determine the ACCN channel number on Spectrum in your area.

ACC Network Extra

ACCNX is the digital counterpart of the ACC Network. However, the coverage it provides is even greater than the ACCN, so it is named Extra. You could stream the service on the ESPN app too, however, there is a small catch to that. You are required to have held a subscription to ESPN for the past 3 years and you must also subscribe to ACCN to be able to stream the programming. Uninhibited access to exclusive live coverage of the conferences with 600 events encompassed, definitely makes that worth it for a sports fanatic.

ACC Sports App

The ACC network did not delay launching its own app, known as the ACC Sports app which can be operated on both iOS and Android devices. Now you can stay in the loop of your favorite teams and their news, exclusive videos, stats and scores, live coverage, insider video footage, ACC highlights, schedule, and school information plus a lot more while you are on the go.

All Things Considered

The ACC Network has all it takes for it becomes your new go-to sports point, where you get to feed all your sports cravings. The content quality is held up to the standards of its parent, ESPN, so you are sure to get hooked onto the myriad of programming it brings along. Coupled with Spectrum’s TV service, you stand no chance!

The coverage and availability of the ACC channel may be limited at the moment considering its newly-launched status, but it won’t be long before you see it included in the channel lineup of every cable TV and streaming service.

If you are one of the lucky lots to have access to the ACC Network already, don’t wait around here; go and relish all that the ACC Network has to offer now that you know more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What channel number is ACC Network on Spectrum?

ACC Network channel number varies with your location. If you don’t find it via the TV Guide, you can run a ZIP code check on this page.

What is ACC Sports app?

Stay up to date with your favorite teams and their news, exclusive videos, stats and scores, live coverage, insider video footage, ACC highlights, schedule, and school information with ACC network.