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There is no denying Smithville Communications is completely devoted to enriching its customers’ lives by delivering high-quality service to all its subscribers in Indiana. But whether you are an existing or potential Smithville subscriber, you are bound to have a myriad of questions about Smithville internet, voice, and security services and features. And while Smithville Customer Service belongs to the Hoosiers and is proactive at extending the necessary support, it is at times more convenient to access quick answers via online resources. 

If you are in search of useful information regarding Smithville Communications, you have landed on the right page! Here you will find detailed answers to all your concerns, and learn how to make the most out of your Smithville subscription.

So, let’s get started!

Can I use Smithville services in every part of the United States?

No, Smithville Communications is local to Indiana only. That’s the only state where it is available.

What services does Smithville Communications offer?

Smithville offers internet, TV, voice, and smart home security services to the residents of Indiana.

What is the service type of Smithville internet?

Smithville provides Indiana residents with two types of broadband connections—high-speed DSL and Fiber.

How many people can access Smithville internet in Indiana?

Smithville internet service extends coverage in 80+ zip codes across 50 Indiana cities. Around 63,000 Indiana residents have access to Smithville Fiber. Whereas, the Smithville DSL internet is available to nearly 30,000 Hoosiers.

How can I find out what type of internet is available in my area?

To find out Smithville’s availability in your area, reach out to a Smithville customer service representative at 1-844-343-1144. They will be able to guide you based on your address.

What is the maximum download speed I can get with Smithville Fiber?




What is the maximum download speed I can get with Smithville Copper?

Smithville hybrid Fiber-Copper network offers up to 50 Mbps download speeds. In this case, what affects your speed the most is your distance from the provider’s hub. Subscribers located in close proximity to the Smithville hub may be able to enjoy the best speeds available. But if you are farther away, the speed will get compromised to some extent.

What is the maximum upload speed of Smithville Copper?

Smithville hybrid Fiber-Copper network offers upload speeds typically around 15-20% of the download speed.

What is Smithville Giga Center?

The Giga-Center from Smithville is the only indoor Optical Network Terminal (ONT) available, which supports symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gbps and comes complete with built-in WiFi capabilities. It allows users to easily convert fiber optic signals into internet and voice. Meaning that if you are subscribed to a Smithville internet and voice bundle, one device will connect you on both fronts.

Does Smithville offer voice services?








Is Smithville Long Distance plan flexible?

Yes, the provider gives you flexible calling options for its long-distance plans. You can choose from the unlimited or regular plan, depending on your calling needs.

Does Smithville charge local, long-distance, and global calling together?

Yes and no. Smithville lists local and long-distance calling dues in one easy-to-read bill. However, Smithville charges global calling separately.

Does Smithville offer home security services?

Yes, Smithville offers world-class home security services— professionally installed and perfectly customized for your home.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Typically, Smithville has no contract options.

Where does Smithville provide security service?

You can get Smithville security services anywhere within South-Central Indiana.

What services does the Smithville home security system offer?

Smithville home security offers a perfect mix of products and services for any given plan. There is 24/7 professional monitoring, smart entry and motion sensors, video surveillance, Medical Alert Systems, and the Total Connect app. Plus, the service gives you digital control of your door locks, thermostat, and lighting. And if you are not sure what you need, the provider gives you the option to schedule your free security assessment too.

Can I use the Smithville Total Connect app away from home?

Yes, you can. The Total Connect app is a mobile app that helps you stay connected with your family and home remotely. And lets you monitor, control, and manage your Smithville Home Security from anywhere anytime.

Why Choose Smithville Home Security?

When you have a professionally monitored Smithville smart home security system installed at your home, you can travel without having to stress about the security of your family or house.  Check on your loved ones and belongings every once in a while no matter where your day takes you. By choosing Smithville security service, you not only get the benefit of receiving services from a trusted supplier but smart control of your home security with real-time notifications.

What does a Smithville security system typically cost?


What is the fee for Smithville’s security assessment?

Smithville security assessment is free of charge and there’s no obligation to buy thereafter. All you need to do is contact Smithville Customer Service at 1-844-343-1144 and request a Smithville representative to schedule your free assessment.

How long does an assessment typically take?

Most assessments are completed within 1 hour.

How long does it take to get an appointment after purchasing the Smithville security system?


How long does it take to install the Smithville home security system?

Well, this primarily depends on the size of your premises and the equipment you need to install. Most installations get completed within four hours.

How to pay the Smithville bill?

You can pay your bill online or via your smart device—powered by SmartHub.

Where can I pay my Smithville bill?

Visit the Smithville Customer Account web page i.e. to pay your bill.

How do I get the App for my phone?

Open App Store/Google Play Store on your iOS/Android device, and search for SmartHub. From there, you can easily download it.

Is my device compatible with the Smithville app?

All Smithville apps are compatible with iOS 3.1 and above (iPhone and/or iPad) and Android 2.1 and above (tablets or smartphones).

Is Smithville’s first bill always higher than expected?

Smithville charges subscribers one month in advance for its services. For this reason, your first monthly bill includes a full month of service— including applicable charges and taxes along with any proration for using services at the start, middle, or end of the billing cycle. Besides that, your first bill will also include any account activity or a one-time installation fee if applicable.

Where are Smithville’s offices located?

Smithville has its headquarters located in Ellettsville, Indiana.

How can I find the best Smithville package for my home?

If you are confused about which Smithville package to buy, get in touch with the Smithville customer service representative at 1-844-343-1144.

How can I order Smithville services for my home?

Smithville is dedicated to making your entire ordering process as smooth as possible. Dedicated Smithville sales representatives are available 24/7 to answer all your questions and concerns. Call Smithville phone number i.e. 1-844-343-1144 to place an order.

There You Are!

We hope this detailed guide helps answer all your questions regarding Smithville services and supports you through the decision-making process if you are a new customer. For plans and pricing in your area, reach out to Smithville Customer Service at 1-844-343-1144 and get any help you need. No matter how small or big your issue is, Smithville is always ready to assist you!