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Let us guess, you have switched your internet service and you cannot wait to experience HD streaming, gaming, and standard internet surfing. Right? However, you cannot use your new service before the connection is installed. And, you’re here because you intend to go down the DIY installation route.

You probably headed to YouTube first in the hope of finding a thorough guide, but the profuse number of videos either left you confused or were of little help.

Looking for answers on how to install and connect your new Centurylink Internet, you stumbled here. Well, guess what? You’re in luck. Our CenturyLink self-installation guide makes the tedious process as easy as pie.

Steps for Self-Installation of CenturyLink Internet  

Carefully follow the instructions we have jotted down for you, and you won’t have to repeat a step over and over again!

CenturyLink Installation Kit – Equipment

  • CenturyLink Modem
  • Power Cord for your modem
  • Yellow Ethernet Cable
  • Green Phone Cord
  • Installation Guide 

How to Connect Your CenturyLink Modem

Installation Extras: Filter/Splitter

What exactly is a filter or splitter, and do they play an integral role in setting up your modem?

Well, a filter is essentially used to avoid high-frequency noise in the phone line. When you are not using a splitter to divide the incoming signal from your provider-line between your voice and data service, you can use the filter to block the ADSL signal. This will allow the voice to travel through without interference. On the other hand, a splitter would simply divide the input from the provider-line between your phone and the internet modem. 

Filters are commonly used with devices such as answering machines, FAX machines, telephones, and satellite TV receivers – so if you are using multiple pieces of equipment, use a filter on the phone jack for each. In case a filter isn’t used or is not functioning optimally, you can experience slow internet speeds.

All devices that are not employing a filter must be disconnected before installation. Or else, simply install a filter on the various phone jacks in use. If you run out of filters in the kit, you can always order more from Centurylink. But there’s an exception. The phone jack used to connect your Centurylink modem does not need a filter.


Step 1: Select the Best Location for Your Modem

This step is often neglected so before we jump onto the self-installation process, it’s necessary to know how the right location can make a difference in the modem’s performance. Make sure you choose a place to station your modem that is well-circulated with air. You do not want to deal with an over-heated modem for obvious reasons.

A modem can be used for both direct (Ethernet) and wireless connectivity. For better Wi-Fi coverage, the location you choose must be raised and central to your house.


Step 2: Startup Your Modem

Found the ideal location for your modem? Great! Now let’s move on to starting up your modem.

  1. Find the power cord in the self-install kit. Connect it to the modem, and plug it into a power outlet. If the modem has a power switch at the rear, turn it on. If there is none on the model of the modem you have received, the device will begin to boot up automatically.
  2. Booting up won’t take long. Once the power light starts gleaming, you know your modem has been correctly plugged in.


Step 3: Time to Connect the Cords & Cables

You must have fully explored your installation kit by now – and hopefully, you have not misplaced any of the equipment! Now, that the modem is powered on, take the green phone cord and the yellow ethernet cable.

  1. Plug one end of the green phone cord into the green port at the rear of your modem – this port may be tagged as DSL or LINE. There will also be a port labeled PHONE but do not plug the green phone cord into that.
  2. Locate the nearest phone jack on the wall, and plug in the other end of the green phone cord. A filter will not be added to this phone jack as indicated earlier – the reason being there already is one built-into the cord.
  3. Ethernet connectivity is rare nowadays, particularly if there are multiple devices to connect. Yet for the sake of setting up the service, connect your system to the modem directly via an Ethernet cable.
  4. There will be multiple yellow ports on your modem. Connect the yellow Ethernet cable to any of these.
  5. The other end of the Ethernet cable will then be plugged into your computer.


Step 4: Run a Setup Recap

To ensure no loopholes are left, it’s better to run a quick recap of the setup.

  1. You have successfully plugged in the modem.
  2. The green phone cord has connected the modem to the phone jack, with no additional filters.
  3. Ethernet connectivity has been ensured via between your PC/laptop and the modem, via the yellow Ethernet cable.
  4. With all necessary connections made, the modem must now show a solid green INTERNET light meaning you are connected to Centurylink high-speed internet. If however, the INTERNET light is amber, you must activate your internet service.


Step 5: Open Your Web Browser for Online Activation

With all the aforementioned steps fruitfully performed, it’s time to complete activate your service with CenturyLink. Remember you can do this only on or after your Service Ready Date.

  1. Open any web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) on your system.
  2. Your browser will redirect you to the CenturyLink Welcome message. From here on, you need to follow the prompts that appear. If however, a CenturyLink screen does not show up, type in to complete the process.
  3. Remember, this is when you must have your CenturyLink account number handy. You will find your account number on the Activation Letter that you received from the provider with the self-installation kit.


Step 6: Setting Up Your Wi-Fi Connection  

Quite obviously, you do not intend to remain connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable forever. The final step, therefore, is to boot up the Wi-Fi network and set up wireless devices.

  1. Pick your modem and look for the network name and default password/security key pasted on a label at the back of the device.
  2. Locate the system tray on your computer screen, at the bottom right, and click the wireless connectivity options.
  3. Select the name of your network from the list.
  4. Input the security key/password when prompted.
  5. Once the key has been fed in, and a connection established, open a browser window and type in computer. Follow the instructions to complete the setting up of your CenturyLink Internet.


Self-installation – The Final Word

A little effort can go a long way. Choosing to self-install your CenturyLink internet helps you save, makes it convenient for you to incorporate the installation in your schedule, and all it takes is 30 minutes or so, to get your internet connection up and running.

The installation time, however, depends on your operating system and the applications you have installed on your system. 30 minutes is the standard estimate.

The Pro Route – Professional Installation of CenturyLink Internet

Opting for the pro route is easier, and saves you from the hassle of putting together every bit and piece of installing your internet connection, all by yourself. However, it does come with a price tag.

The tech installation fee can be as high as $125. Despite the costly price tag, the pro-installation too comes with a mix of pros and cons.

Looking into the Pros & Cons of Pro-Installation

As for this option, all you require is the time for an appointment to fit into your schedule. You would not have to bother with the technical aspects of the process. The professionals from CenturyLink will be there to look into everything as they execute the installation with the utmost attention.

Alternatively, the appointment itself can become a con. It’s quite possible that you purchase your internet service plan, but cannot accommodate an installation appointment, at the time of your choosing. The fee charged for a pro installation is another visible drawback – as indicated earlier, you could end up incurring approximately $125 to get the professionals to install your Centurylink Internet.


Since self-installation might not be every subscriber’s preference, a pro installation may appear to be the quickest way out. Both routes to installation work, and if you are opting for the techs from CenturyLink to come over and do it, you may want to have a few questions answered:

Is my presence needed when a technician installs my internet?

Yes. Your presence is required, and you have to be 18 to permit the technician access to all the devices. Once the installation is complete, you will have to sign the invoice. 

Who will deliver my modem to my place?

The technician will bring your modem along, plus the other equipment necessary for the installation process or any equipment you have exclusively ordered.

What if I want to reschedule my appointment?

A request for rescheduling needs to be made 24 hours in advance.

You Are All Set!

Do not be daunted by the idea of being hassled. You can choose to take the pro route or the DIY route, it works either way. If you are a DIY enthusiast, do not drain yourself, especially if you miss a step or the installation instructions seem muddled. Trial and error are key, and soon your CenturyLink high-speed internet will be all yours to use!


1. How do I install CenturyLink Internet by myself?

You need to have the CenturyLink Installation Kit ready to self-install the internet. Start by choosing the best location for your modem, then start the modem, and begin connecting the cords and cables. Once that is done, you need to run a setup recap, open the web browser for online activation, and simply set up your Wi-Fi connection.

2. How much does CenturyLink professional installation cost?

You will be saving a lot of time by going for the pro route. That being said, their tech installation fee can cost you up to $125.

3. How do I activate my CenturyLink modem without a computer?

You will indefinitely need your computer/laptop to activate your CenturyLink modem. This is essential when you are setting up your Wi-Fi connection at the end.

4. Do I need a phone line for CenturyLink Internet?

Yes, you will need a phone line in order to set up the CenturyLink internet. This is essential when you are connecting the cords and cables, and when running setup recap.