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There are several worthy internet service providers in the U.S., but CenturyLink is one of the best you get. With a particularly impressive footprint in Arizona, Colorado, and Washington, CenturyLink delivers services in more than 35 states. Millions have access to the CenturyLink DSL network, while CenturyLink Fiber is also becoming available in more and more service locations.

As a CenturyLink Internet subscriber, you must have received a CenturyLink modem. And if you have young ones in the family, it is only logical you will want to figure out how to implement parental controls on the device and ensure a healthy online environment for your children.

Today we will share with you information on how to set up parental controls on your CenturyLink modem router.

CenturyLink understands as a parent, everyone has a well-justified concern about how the internet is used by the young ones in the family. Children nowadays have more than one reason to use the internet, such as education, social interaction, and entertainment.

The question every parent ponders upon is how can they protect the kids from the dark and shady aspects of the internet. And, how can they ensure a healthy level of screen time without getting into a tussle?

With Centurylink however, you can rest assured it is very much possible. Because the CenturyLink modem-router comes with built-in parental controls, giving you the ability to shield your children from age-inappropriate content, while also allowing them to consume healthy material. You can control access to content, create groups for the kid devices, and set up an access schedule to manage their screen time.

While the tools you get to manage your kid online experience with the CenturyLink modem are surely effective, it is recommended you also engage in 2-way communication with the child. Often including the young ones in the process, and asking them as to what type of content may be safe for them to encounter, you can gain insights that may otherwise elude you.

With that said, let us now look at the process of making your CenturyLink in-home WiFi network safe for the young ones at home.

With CenturyLink Secure WiFi it becomes ever so convenient for you to access and set up parental controls. You can do so via the My CenturyLink web portal or the My CenturyLink app, depending on whatever you feel more comfortable with.

  • Sign in to your CenturyLink account via the web portal or the app using your CenturyLink login Chances are you have had an “interaction” with your CenturyLink account prior to this, perhaps when you changed the default CenturyLink WiFi password or to viewed your bill.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the Internet service option from the My Products menu (if you are accessing your account via the web), and from the My Products screen (if you are using the app). You’ll find options here that allow you to manage groups of devices, control content and internet access time.

Create Groups to Manage Kids Devices

First and foremost you must identify all kids devices. You will see them all displayed under Connected Devices, and you can also rename any to make it easy to identify and remember. Group them all in one or create separate groups, but do keep in mind each device can be listed only in one group at a time.

  • To create a new group of devices, navigate to Manage Groups, and then click on Create Group.
  • Next name it. For instance Junior Devices, All Kids, etc., and click on Save Changes.
  • Now from the Manage Groups screen or menu, select the group you have created.
  • And then click on Manage Devices. This will display all connected devices. You can click on the ones you want to add to the group. In the same way, you will also be able to remove any when necessary.

The CenturyLink Modem-Router gives you the ability to block web content and services as well. You can block websites or services by content category for a group of devices connected to CenturyLink Internet.

  • Navigate to Manage Groups, and then click on Block Web Content.
  • Next, select all the categories you want not to be accessed by the group. For instance, dating, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sexual or violent content. Here you can also block services, such as entertainment & streaming. The web content and services you select to block off for the group will apply to all devices included in the group.
  • Click on Save Changes.

CenturyLink parental controls also give you the option to create schedules. You can set WiFi to be disabled at homework time, family time, dinner time, or bedtime.

  • From Manage Groups, navigate to Schedule Access Time to get started.
  • To add a schedule click on New Schedule.
  • Then select days of the week you want to allow internet access to the group, and enter a start and end time.
  • Next Save Changes.

You can also edit a schedule, meaning change access days and timings, as well as remove a schedule.

While most leased CenturyLink modem-routers include Secure WiFi if you are not using one which has this feature you can still set up parental controls, albeit via the modem’s web interface. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  • Connect your computer, tablet, or laptop to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable running from your modem.
  • Open a tab on your browser and type in in the URL field.
  • Log into the CenturyLink modem’s settings interface using your Admin Username and Password (unless you have already changed the default password).
  • Once you are logged in, you will come across different menu options, which you will be using to set up parental controls on your in-home CenturyLink Wi-Fi. For instance, website and service blocking and creating an access schedule.

Block Websites & Services

To implement parental controls on the access of websites via the CenturyLink modem settings, and thus protect your kids from age-inappropriate content, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Advanced Setup and select Website Blocking from the side menu.
  • Select the device on which you want to control the content. You can choose the relevant device from the drop-down menu (all connected devices will show here), or enter the IP address manually.
  • Once you have selected the device, go ahead and enter the URL you want to block. You can include multiple websites, but one at a time. All these URLs will display in the Blocked Website List where you will also have the option to remove whichever you want.
  • When done, click on Apply to save changes.
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Similarly, you can block certain online services which you may observe are causing distraction or which you deem unsafe for your child. For instance, instant messaging, gaming, and social networking services. And, here is how you can do that:

  • From the Advanced Setup,the side menu selects Service Blocking.
  • Then enter the device which you want to block from accessing a service. Choose one from the drop-down or enter the IP for the device manually.
  • Next, select the service from the drop-down to which you wish to block access. Here you can also Create New Rule to include more blocks. Similar to the blocked websites above, you can remove blocked services at any time.
  • When done, click on Apply to save changes.

Create an Access Schedule

In order to create an internet access schedule for the kids, and keep them from getting engaged online at dinner time or bedtime, for instance, this is what you need to do:

  • Navigate to the Wireless Setup menu of the CenturyLink router
  • Click on Wireless Schedule from the side menu.
  • Select Enable to turn on the scheduling mode.
  • Next, select a device from the drop-down menu or manually enter an IP address. Create unique schedules for one or all. Choose days of the week as well as start and end times as to when you would like network access to be blocked off.
  • Click on Apply to save changes.

In order to specify times for the WiFi to be enabled on selected devices, navigate to Access Scheduler, and select the device from the drop-down menu or enter its IP address. Set up the days and timings when you want the device to access the network, and then Apply changes.


Well, there you go!

Parental controls are easy to set up on your CenturyLink modem especially if you have the Secure WiFi feature on it. Keep in mind that sometimes your modem might face issues, which means that you might need to reset your modem. This can cause all your customized settings to erase and so, in order to ensure you can save these settings and learn how to properly reset, we have published a guide for you to follow!

With the information we have shared today, we hope you find it easy to ensure your kids’ online experience is safe. With that said, however, it is always advisable to talk to your children and help them understand why certain content may lead to grave harm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the CenturyLink modem have the option for parental controls?

Yes, CenturyLink modems come with the option of implementing parental controls.

What is the purpose of setting parental controls?

Parental controls allow you to ensure a safe and healthy online environment for the young ones who have yet to understand what online content is not appropriate for their age. Parental controls allow you to control the web content and services as well as manage internet access for one or more connected devices.

Can I control my kid internet activities through the CenturyLink App?

Yes. If the leased modem you received with your CenturyLink Internet subscription includes Secure WiFi, you can implement parental controls via the My CenturyLink app, and also via My CenturyLink web portal.

Is it possible to block certain websites through the CenturyLink App?

Yes. When you get a CenturyLink modem with Secure WiFi, you can block websites by using the Block Web Content option via the My CenturyLink app.