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Nick Jr. is like staple food for every home that has kids. Offering quality entertainment at all hours of the day, it stimulates young minds, giving them much to think about and reflect on. Helping them learn new things, it also teaches them core social skills to ensure they grow up to be strong and confident adults.

For parents, it is a Godsend. They don’t have to spend hours watching it and censoring the content. Or seek help from Parental Controls. They can let children watch it with the knowledge that movies and shows aired are age-appropriate.

It is not surprising then that soon after subscribing to Spectrum TV packages, the first few channels people look to place on the number list is Nick Jr. One of the networks most favorites, its shows have a fan following like no other. It’s the little ones leading the way and you know how they can be.

There’s no way kids will miss their morning cartoon, and there’s no way you’d want to start the day off with having to deal with the tantrums that follow. Browsing hundreds of channels is tedious work that nobody enjoys. It is time-consuming and if you’re not paying attention you could easily miss the one you are looking for. So, if you’re searching for an easy way to avoid this hassle, you’ve come to the right place. With a huge community of Spectrum users, you’re sure to find help, and here we are. We’ll tell you exactly where you’ll find Nick Jr. and spare you the headache that you’d surely get otherwise.  

Why Is Nick Jr. So Popular?

ViacomCBS runs a variety of channels for children of all ages through its domestic network division’s Kids and Family Group. And Nick Jr. is one such channel with many sister channels under the same banner—all geared towards kids programming. Launched in September 2009 as a spin-off of Nickelodeon’s pre-school programming block, Nick Jr. primarily targets an audience aged 2-7. For this reason, the content is simpler, more visually engaging, and uses language that kids in this age group can easily relate to.

Over the years, ViacomCBS has developed many other channels too, that are specific to a variety of age groups among the young ones. For instance, TeenNick, which offers content created for teenagers, unlike Nick Jr. which is popular among little children. Nick Jr. owes its popularity mainly to original series and re-runs of Nickelodeon’s weekday morning programming, but also gained fame for airing a programming block aimed at parents by the name of NickMom between 2012 and 2015.  

Which Spectrum TV Packages Offer Nick Jr.?

Nick Jr. comes included with the Mi Plan Latino of Spectrum. However, if you want to enjoy it, you can simply get the entertainment add-on with Spectrum which includes this and other Nick channels for you to enjoy. However, all plan of Spectrum carry Nickelodeon in their lineup so you can rest assured your kid is taken care of.

What Channel is Nick Jr. on Spectrum?

Changing your cable TV provider can sometimes change your life, and if it’s Spectrum that you’ve or you’re about to switch to, you’re in for a treat. Spectrum Channel Lineup offers you a bit of everything. Men, women, children, and teenagers, they’ve got everyone covered. To learn what channel number is Nick Jr. on your TV, you can check it on the on-screen channel guide offered by Spectrum.

Popular Shows to Watch on Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. offers hours upon hours of engaging content. Their cartoons are a huge hit among children and the craze surrounding them is like none other. Here are some popular favorites your kids are sure to enjoy.

Dora the Explorer

It’s simply not possible that you haven’t heard of Dora the Explorer. You’re sure to see its caricature everywhere. And kids just can’t have enough of the “Dora merchandise”. Be it school bags, lunch boxes, stationery, or clothes, everything is sure to carry Dora and her gang. In just a short time it has become a classic, the likes of perhaps Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse.  

So, what’s it all about?

The show centers on Dora, a young girl who goes on adventures, exploring the world. She is accompanied by her friends and together they visit new places, interact with animals, and use new tools, among other things. The best thing about the show is how interactive it is. Dora engages with the viewers, asking them questions and including them in her travels. What’s more, children can join in on sing-alongs that guarantee a fun time.

Paw Patrol

Another cartoon that has seeped into the collective consciousness of children and made a long-lasting impression is Paw Patrol. There’s hardly a kid that isn’t amused by animals, especially the smaller cute ones, and this show gives you just that. The animated rescue dogs are led by a young boy named Ryder. They work together to protect the shoreside community of Adventure Bay, and kids get to join them on their missions. There’s always something to learn, so they’re in good hands.

Butterbean’s Café

Cafes are a hub of activity and this show adds a bit more magic to an already magical environment. Butterbean is a fairy who runs a neighborhood café with her friends. Watching each episode unfold, kids find themselves on an adventure, and along the way are taught a moral lesson that is subtly embedded in the story.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Who doesn’t love monster trucks? They’re big, beautiful, and sure to make for a fun time. This show follows the story of an 8-year-old AJ, a techie who drives Blaze, which is the top racer in Axle City. Kids get to join in on the adventures and learn some science and math along the way.

Blue’s Clues & You

Blue’s Clues is one show that we all remember. And, luckily Nick Jr. gave it a reboot. Following in the footsteps of the original series, the reboot also boasts of a live-action host in an animated world, who interacts with the audience and asks for their help in finding the clues left by Blue—the dog we all grew up adoring. Children enjoy solving mysteries and learn new words every day.

Sunny Day

The great thing about Nick Jr. is the versatile characters it gives the viewers. From running an investigative agency with rescue dogs to a fairy running a café, the shows give children an insight into how things are run. In Sunny Day, children get to follow the adventures of Sunny, the best hairstylist in Friendly Falls. Using determination and creativity she sets out to overcome every obstacle that comes in her way. And, along the way she teaches kids to do the same.

The EndNote

So if you have already joined the Spectrum Family, with all that you have learned about Nick Jr. here, we’d say you are all set to keep your kids engaged watching wholesome content—minus the hassle of finding the channel number for Nick Jr. on Spectrum. And, if you are contemplating switching to Spectrum TV service, we’d recommend you talk to professionals at Spectrum Sales Number at 1-855-423-0918. A chat with people who are well versed in all things Spectrum can help you pick the Spectrum TV package that is right for your family needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch Nick Jr. Spectrum on demand?

Of course, you can! Spectrum TV has a huge selection of movies and shows in its on-demand library so you can easily access the Nick Jr. favorites for your little ones.  

Can you add Nick Jr. to Spectrum?

There’s no need to add Nick Jr. to Spectrum Mi Plan Latino plans. It includes this channel by default. If you have the base Spectrum TV Select package, you will need to subscribe to Entertainment View add-on.

Can you just pay for Nick Jr.?

Nick Jr. is only available through a pay-TV service so unfortunately, you won’t be able to access it without a cable TV plan. On the bright side, however, Spectrum offers affordable plans so it is a win-win game.