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Are you a gamer at heart? If yes then you are at the right article! Gaming is not just a hobby anymore, the gaming industry has skyrocketed in the past few years and has gained staggering popularity in the United States. CenturyLink Internet is one of the few internet service providers that have catered to the need of gamers by offering them attractive internet plans that uplift their gaming horizons.

The number of devices connected to your network will have an impact on your gaming experience because we live in such a connected society. Your internet connection's speed has a big influence on your online gaming experience. Whether you're attempting to win a Victory Royale in "Fortnite" or defending your goal in "Rocket League," you'll need a fast internet connection. Choosing a higher internet speed tier helps you to transmit more data, providing you more freedom and reducing the chance that other network limits may disrupt your game.

A sluggish internet connection, which can cause a game to halt or lag, might imperil any online gamer's winning run. A gamer, on the other hand, wants to know that their ISP provides reliable, high-speed internet with low latency and quick upload and download speeds. And it is quite crucial to find the right Internet Speed for Gaming. But if you are a CenturyLink internet customer, then you don't have to fret about the availability of internet speed options.

When it comes to CenturyLink, it's not just about speed and data. The reliability and security of internet service are the most important factors for internet consumers. This is where CenturyLink's service shines. With a long history to back up its good name, the provider offers two types of internet service to fulfill a variety of customer demands.

Both Fiber and DSL networks have a robust infrastructure that delivers reliable connectivity to the satisfied customers of CenturyLink Internet. The CenturyLink DSL network uses "Fiber to the Loop" technology to create connections. Data flows across a fiber optic connection until it reaches a distribution point in a certain neighborhood, where it is then transferred to copper phone lines that run into each subscriber's home. CenturyLink can deliver substantially faster speeds than typical DSL by using a clever mix of DSL technology and establishing hybrid networking configurations.

On the other hand, the CenturyLink Fiber Optic Internet Service is currently available in only a few areas. The supplier wants to assist customers in maximizing the advantages of a digital lifestyle. And, via the strategic deployment of breakthrough technologies, it aspires to empower an increasing number of Americans. In that spirit, it continues to develop its capability to supply fiber internet.

This means that you will come across a plethora of attractive CenturyLink internet plans that will provide you with the necessary functionalities to proceed with your desired goals. Having multiple options at your disposal also highlights that you can choose the best options among the best, not just to fulfill your requirements but also to save more money than usual and stay under your monthly budget.

If you are still skeptical and are asking yourself “Is CenturyLink Good?” then keep reading this article to find the reasons why you should choose CenturyLink as your internet provider.

CenturyLink has always focused on providing favorable options to its customers. This allows it to build a strong relationship with CenturyLink internet users and improve its presence in the telecommunication industry. On one hand, where we can see a variety of reasons why CenturyLink offers only the best to its customers, we can also unravel the opportunity of having a wide range of internet options.

These amazing amount of options not just favors the pockets of the customers but are available with various features that make it's a perfect option for gamers or anyone who requires over-the-edge internet access. And not only with their plans, but CenturyLink also encourages you to rent or purchase CenturyLink-compatible modems to enhance your gaming experiences.

According to the Federal communications commission (FCC), gamers should be using at least 4 Mbps download speed. However, in reality, you want at least a 25 Mbps connection for gaming. We all know how data-heavy modern multiplayer games are.

However, CenturyLink is offering gamers something exceptional, beyond the bare minimum. It is not always easy to find the internet plan that you desire. And especially, gamers require maximum functionalities and speed capability to proceed with their gameplay without any interruption or delay. Therefore, you will come across some amazing options with CenturyLink internet plans that can let you enjoy smooth gameplay without any problems.

CenturyLink offers a range of internet speeds and plans for gamers to select from. Customers with fiber-optic access in major cities can achieve download rates of up to 1,000 Mbps in some areas. This highest potential speed is one of the quickest on the market, especially when compared to the speed capabilities of other internet providers. Below are some plans that the gaming community should look into and take advantage of.

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit

In this CenturyLink internet plan, gamers can get everything that they yearn for. This CenturyLink Fiber Internet service offers you a maximum download/upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection with an unlimited data allowance. The best part of this offer is that all these amazing benefits and features come only at $65/mo. Keep in mind that speed may vary in your area so for that you can click here and look for the availability of the plan by entering your zip code.

Around the Clock Assistance

The CenturyLink Customer Service department is known for its dependability and consistency. Customer support can answer any of your inquiries regarding your services, billing, troubleshooting CenturyLink equipment, and reporting suspected outages. Technical help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week which is quite convenient. Gamers can feel free to contact support and ask staff if they face any issues with their internet speed or service.

Unlimited Data Allowance

CenturyLink imposes monthly use limitations on its customers, which are presently set at 1 TB. Most users will not utilize more than this quantity of data because it is so enormous. Internet service providers do this to guarantee that available speeds are constant for all of their customers and that the system functions correctly. Even then, it can be annoying if you use a lot of data. Customers will not be charged an overage fee if they use more data than their plans allow.

Plans with No Commitment

CenturyLink provides speed-based deals, as do other ISPs. You can figure out what works best for you based on the devices you'll be using and the number of people in your home.

What to Look for Gaming Internet?

Before you begin exploring internet plans to find one that meets your gaming demands, it's a good idea to know precisely what you're looking for. In this manner, you can more effectively examine the offered packages and shortlist the ones that appear to be a suitable fit for your gaming needs. Below are a few elements that you must keep in mind while selecting the CenturyLink internet plan.

Download Internet Speed for Gaming

When it comes to speed, it all boils down to the type of game you want to play and the level of gaming experience you desire. The Federal Communications Commission has previously set a minimum download speed requirement for gamers.

However, if you want to have a smooth casual gaming experience, you'll need a download speed of at least 25 Mbps. However, if you are a competitive person who does not play games as a pastime, you will want at least 50 Mbps of download speed and in this case, CenturyLink download speed is a perfect pick!

Upload Internet Speed for Gaming

Upload speed is rarely an issue for most internet activity. Though gaming is only one component, it is important to consider especially if you enjoy multiplayer and first-person shooter games. Time is of importance in this situation, and your quick reflexes and response time will be useless if you don't have the necessary upload speed. A minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps is required for recreational gaming, while a minimum upload speed of 10 Mbps is recommended for competitive gaming. If you want to live broadcast your online experiences on services like Twitch, a minimum upload speed of 15 to 20 Mbps is required.

Data Allowance

Gaming is a data-intensive pastime, although the amount of data consumed each hour varies depending on the game. Games like Starcraft 2 will spend 20 MB per hour, Dota 2 will consume 120 MB per hour, and Destiny 2 will consume 300 MB per hour.

So, unless you can find a plan that gives you limitless data, you should search for one that gives you at least 1 TB each month. After all, household uses other than gaming will need to be considered, and you don't want to be charged for data overage penalties.

Latency or Ping Time

The time it takes your computer to send and receive data from the game server is referred to as ping time or latency. You will notice a lag between when you fire a shot with a click or keypress, and when the shot is fired if the connection has a high latency level. With a greater lag time, especially in online games, you have little chance of winning.

The latency for a DSL connection is 24–42 milliseconds, 15–27 milliseconds for cable, and 10–15 milliseconds for fiber. As a result, these wired service options should be enough for your gaming demands. Fiber connections, in particular, are anticipated to offer internet with a latency of fewer than 20 milliseconds.

In a Nutshell

Gamers require high internet speed for gaming and this is a crucial part where they have to find the perfect plan that not only offers them unlimited access to their winning goals but also falls within their budget. That is why CenturyLink offers one of the best services for anyone who is looking for the fastest internet plan at the best value. If you are interested in exploring more great offers then you can contact CenturyLink Customer Service and ask them about the variety of speed options that are available by the provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does CenturyLink internet offer Price for Life?

Price for Life benefits are no longer available for any new CenturyLink customers. This is because all internet plans now offer unlimited data. Those who were already on the Price for Life feature continue to have it.

How does ping affect online gaming?

The speed with which information is delivered from your gaming platform to the gaming server and back is referred to as ping. This has a direct impact on in-game latency and can have a significant impact on your online gaming performance. Therefore, you can sign up for CenturyLink Internet that offers you fiber-rich internet service with low latency and allow you to enjoy uninterrupted 4K gameplay.