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CenturyLink internet believes in facilitating its customers with extremely economical, robust, and high-speed internet plans so that you get to enjoy continuous streaming, downloading, and surfing around the clock. Today, CenturyLink is considered as number one internet choice for nearly forty-five million Americans which makes it one of the most widely-used internet connections in the United States.  

CenturyLink internet believes in empowering every household in America by providing extraordinarily high-coverage and stable internet signals to carry out everyday tasks like work assignments, emails, meetings, conference calls, or text messaging, etc. Not only that, but we also provide you with ‘five’ convenient, and easy methods to pay your monthly bills on time, as per your preferences.

Whether you are one of those ultimate digital freaks that are used to online billing methods or a busy bee that prefers telephone or walk-in bill payments, we have the right billing option for you, varying from physical to virtual. For your convenience, we are listing all of them below. Let’s take a look!

CenturyLink provides its users with three, prompt and hassle-free online billing methods that are given below:

Quick Bill Pay

Quick Bill Pay is probably the fastest and most feasible way to pay your CenturyLink internet bills online, as it does not require any login. All you need is your account number, and some specific information related to the internet package you are using, and your payment will be processed.

Quick Bill Pay also allows you to make instant bill payments using your savings or checking accounts, debit/credit card, or money market account. These multiple payment options are particularly helpful for people that are about to reach their due dates, as your CenturyLink payments get automatically processed in the system the same day.

The best part about Quick Bill Pay is that you can access it via laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone instantly.

My CenturyLink Site

The first step is to log in to the My CenturyLink website. This option is particularly helpful for users that are looking for convenient ways to keep a track of all their paid bills, set up their AutoPay accounts, or sign up for ‘paperless’ billing, etc.

My CenturyLink website facilitates its users with a customized, autofill feature that helps you save your billing information for future use.

Just like Quick Bill Pay, the My CenturyLink website also accepts all the payment options and can be instantly accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone, etc.

My CenturyLink App

You can use the My CenturyLink app on your smartphone to view and pay your internet bills online, update your personal account information, find more information about your CenturyLink internet plans and reach out to our tech experts or customer support representatives.

My CenturyLink app is a one-stop solution for all your internet-related queries, or billing information and procedures. If you don’t know how to get the best out of the CenturyLink app, you can check out the guide attached here.

Paying your internet bills has never been this easy! CenturyLink Internet allows its users to pay their monthly internet bills easily via phone, and that too without any hassle of prior registration or long waiting times.

To make your payment, simply dial 800-244-1111 and connect with CenturyLink automated service. You are going to need your account number (or CenturyLink account phone number) handy to process your payments. After that, call the aforementioned number and follow the instructions given by the automated telephone system.

Once your payment gets processed, you will receive a confirmation number for your transaction at the end of your call. Please note there is a minimal fee for making a one-time payment using a credit/debit card. Enrolling in AutoPay eliminates this fee.

CenturyLink mail bill payment is the best option for users that have plenty of time left on their due date. The mail system accepts payments via check or money order. However, sending ‘cash’ is a big no-no. In order to carry out a smooth billing process, please make sure you include the remittance slip that comes along with your bill when you mail your payment to the provider.

Another important tip is to always keep enough time margin for your payments to reach the company so that you can avoid any late fees. CenturyLink has to receive your bill payments before the end of business hours on your due date. Therefore, if you are running out of time, then you can always opt for other billing methods.  

If you have your pay bill handy, then you can straight away mail your payments to the address mentioned on it. Otherwise, you need to mail to the address mentioned below, as per your state/region.

States Mailing Address


CO, AZ, NM, WA, OR, or WY


PO Box 91155

Seattle, WA 98111-9255


IA, MN, NE, ND, SD, UT, ID, or MT


PO Box 2956

Phoenix, AZ 85062-2956


All other states


PO Box 2961

Phoenix, AZ 85062-2961


Follow the given steps to mail your payments:

  • Mention your account number on your money order or check.
  • Use the envelope provided with your bill (or take a new one) and mention your mailing address on it.
  • Don’t forget to put your remittance slip (if you have it) along with your payment in the mailing envelope.
  • Finally, stamp the envelope and mail it.

Apple Wallet or Google Pay

1)    Get Your Personalized Link

The first step is to connect with a CenturyLink customer service representative and ask him/her/them to send you an invitation email, consisting of a link that will allow you to complete your setup procedure.

2)    Click on the Link

Use Apple Wallet for your iPhone, or Google Pay for Android smartphone to access the link sent to you by mail.

3)    Add and Save Your Zip Code

Depending on your device, click the Google Pay or Apple Wallet button in the email. Add your billing code and hit the submit button to complete mobile wallet enrollment.

How to Process Your Payments?

For Apple Wallet & Google Pay:

  • Access the CenturyLink pass (bill) from your wallet. 
  • Search for the Pay My Bill link and click on it. 
  • Once you are directed to the billing page, simply insert your payment details, tap on confirm, and your payment will be processed within no time.

Although the world is becoming more technologically advanced and digitalized with every passing minute, still, in-person bill payment methods are still a thing for many. Many people find it more convenient to pay their bills face-to-face to an agent, and not through a mobile app or website. Probably, this is the reason why CenturyLink has a wide range of users that prefer in-person bill payments over other options.

However, we do not have any physical locations to accept in-person bill payments, but CenturyLink partners with Western Union and CheckFreePay agents in various cities so that you get to pay your bills just the way you like. All you’ve got to do is just bring your CenturyLink bill along with you and the agents will help you out to make your payments.

Note: Bill payment locations, operational hours, contact information, and products are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From where can I check my billing details?

To view your billing information, simply sign in to My CenturyLink and you will see the entire record of your transaction history, bill payment details, and your account information. These are almost similar to the details mentioned on your paper bills.

How can I remove the CenturyLink card (bills) from Google Pay or Apple Wallet?

If you are using the Apple Wallet app, just click on ‘Remove Pass’ from the action screen.

If you are using the Google Pay app, then tap on the 'Remove Card’ option appearing at the bottom of your card information.

Do I need to insert my account information again after getting a new phone?

If you have bought a new cellphone and transitioned from your Google account on Android or an iCloud account on iOS, then your billing app will automatically be filled/updated with the previously inserted account details.