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The signal from the internet works its way through quite a few pieces of equipment inside your home before it finally reaches an internet enabled device. Connected to your provider’s network is the internet modem. So you can say that is where the signal sets off from before it progresses to the router—that is if you are using a separate modem & router. Whether it’s a single wireless gateway device that you are connected through or two separate pieces of equipment, each way the next interaction of the signal occurs with the network adapter in your device. After which at last the information is displayed on your screen. That is why your connection can only ever be as fast as the slowest or the most inefficient piece of equipment in your in-home network.

Common Causes of Optimum Internet Issues

When you feel your Optimum Internet connection is not living up to your expectation, and you are not getting the speed you pay for, you must try to find out the root of disruption in connectivity. You first need to run an Optimum speed test to find out if you are not getting the right internet speeds. Then, consider these factors that are the most likely to contribute to such a situation, such as:            

  • Optimum internet outage
  • Optimum modem issue
  • Optimum wireless router issue

Troubleshooting Optimum Internet

At unfortunate times, when you face loss of internet connectivity, or it appears your Optimum internet service is not working optimally—for instance it slows down quite often or your Optimum Wi-Fi keeps dropping—you maybe able to resolve the issue with some simple and effective troubleshooting tips:

Check for Optimum Internet Outage

If you are facing a complete loss of connectivity, the first thing you may as well eliminate from the possible causes is an Optimum outage. To find out if an outage is indeed affecting your neighborhood, visit and log in using your Optimum ID and password. Once signed in, navigate to “Support” in the upper right corner. Click on “Service Status/Check your service status” listed under “Support”. If there is an Optimum outage affecting the wider area, this is where the information will be displayed.

Complete All Preliminary Checks

If no outages have been reported, use this checklist and take the next few steps towards fixing your Optimum internet issues:

  1. Take a look and see if all cables are properly plugged in. The coaxial cable must have finger-tight connections to both the equipment and the wall outlet. Check to see if the equipment is powered on, and the power outlet has not suffered a blown fuse. While you are at it, also look for any wires that may have worn out over time, and replace if necessary.
  2. Ensure the equipment is placed in a central location in your home—away from clutter of objects such as electronic devices, metal objects, brick, and concrete walls etc.—because these are known to hinder wireless signals. Your Optimum Wi-Fi signal must not face physical barriers upon leaving your wireless router or gateway device. And, if it does, you are not likely to get a good connection on your Wi-Fi-enabled device(s).
  3. Confirm that you are trying to connect to your in-home Optimum Wi-Fi with the correct network info. Meaning the correct SSID (network name) and password. In case you don’t remember your network information, you can get it from net/router. You can also access the network info on your TV via your Altice One device. Navigate to the Settings menu. Select “Internet” and the scroll to “Wi-Fi”.

Restart Your Internet Equipment

If you don’t find anything amiss from the check points listed above, then you must go ahead and reboot your Optimum internet equipment. After all, we know how miraculous is the restart trick when it comes to digital equipment.

Modem & Router/Gateway (non-Altice)

  1. Power off the modem & router or the gateway device by removing the power cord that is plugged in at the back.
  2. Once disconnected, all status indicator lights must go off. If this does not happen, the device may have a battery backup, which you’ll have to detach.
  3. Give your device(s) a few minutes to “cool off”.
  4. Then reinsert the battery backup. And, reconnect the device(s) to the power source. If you are dealing with a separate modem and router, first plug the power back into your modem and then the router.
  5. Wait for a few minutes. Let all status indicator lights on the device(s) become stable. The device(s) may take a good few minutes to reboot, so be a little patient.  
  6. Once your equipment has properly rebooted, test your internet connection to check if the issue has been resolved.

Altice One Gateway

If you are using the Altice One Gateway you have two options to reboot the device.

  1. On your Altice One gateway, press and hold the diamond-shaped button () on the front panel for at least 10 seconds. When the restarting message, which reads “GW Reset”, displays on the front panel, you can release the power button.
  2. Alternatively, on your remote press the “Home” button, and on the Altice One Home screen select “Settings”. Next, go to “System”, and select “INTERNET/WIFI/PHONE” and then “REBOOT”. On the Altice One device you will see a restarting message displayed. While on the Altice One Mini all front panel buttons will light up white.
  3. Once your equipment has properly rebooted, test your internet connection to see if the issue has been resolved.

Check Your Device(s)

All the quick fixes we’ve discussed above focus on your in-home network-related issues. If you feel the problem lies within an individual device, here is a quick fix:

  1. Disable Wi-Fi on the device you are attempting to connect to Optimum Internet, and then enable it again.
  2. Move the device to a place near the internet equipment.
  3. Restart the device. And check if the problem has been resolved.

Bottom Line

We hope this guide answers all your questions regarding Optimum internet issues and how to deal with them. Having said that, if none of the above troubleshooting tips work to get you back online, you can always speak to an expert via Optimum internet customer service at the Optimum customer service number i.e. 1-844-520-8978. Optimum representatives will direct you as necessary. Spanish-speaking subscribers can get in touch with Servicio al Cliente de Optimum at telefono de numero de Optimum i.e. 1-844-527-5633.


1- Why is my Optimum Internet not working?

There are various reasons due to which your Optimum Internet may not be working. The most probable causes are:      

2- Why is my Optimum modem not working?

If your Optimum modem is not working, restart it by removing the power cord from the back of your device. Wait for at least a minute. Reconnect it to the power source and wait until all lights on the modem turn on and become stable. A simple reboot often resolves any glitches the device may be experiencing.

3- Why does my Optimum Wi-Fi keep disconnecting?

Most probably, it is your Wi-Fi router causing the issue. If a reboot does not resolve the problem, you may have to look for other probable causes. The router maybe in need of a firmware upgrade. It can also be faulty hardware causing the problem in which case a router replacement could be required. The router settings can also cause Wi-Fi connectivity to drop. And, at times the wireless adapter driver on the device which is facing issues may be in need of an update.  

4- How do I activate my Optimum modem?

Go to and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Optimum modem. Remember that you will need to have your 13-digit Optimum account number for the purpose. You can find the account number on your Optimum bill or the Optimum store receipt. And, if you ordered a self install kit the packaging slip will also have t