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ADT is a service that stands tall in the industry for home security services – being the pioneer of it all. Whether you need home security or add-ons to complete your smart home, ADT offers good quality options and plans. Customize your home as you see fit on a budget you can afford. With ADT comes convenience and ease which is just one of the many things that over 6.5 million subscribers of the service enjoy.

In this article, we discuss all that you need to know to get started with the ADT virtual assistance program – and how it creates ease for the ADT customer base. So let us jump right in!

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What is the ADT Virtual Assistance Program?
What are the Benefits of Choosing ADT Virtual Assistance?
Get Started with ADT Virtual Service

What is the ADT Virtual Assistance Program?

The ADT Virtual Assistance program aims to help existing customers without having to arrange an in-home technician visit. The virtual assistance is handled remotely by ADT via a smartphone that the customer owns so the camera can be turned on for guidance. This service feature comes at no extra charge which is a very big advantage indeed. Launched in Oct 2021, for troubleshooting complaints, this assistance program grew to include installation, which was not initially a part of the service, in July 2022.

The ADT Virtual Assistance is perfect for all sorts of people, particularly those who like to indulge in DIY. With a little help from ADT, customers can now troubleshoot all sorts of issues and set up installation equipment all on their own. Of course, for people who require or prefer a technician visit, that option is always open too.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing ADT Virtual Assistance?

The ADT Virtual service has been a great hit ever since its inception and launch – with over 40% of service requests turning virtual before the end of the year. As of Nov 2022, ADT had scheduled over one million virtual appointments to help customers through various concerns. These stats just go on to show how successful the service has been. Here is a quick look at some of the benefits that make ADT Virtual service so popular with people.

Get Started With the ADT Virtual Service

Doing anything with the ADT Virtual Assistance at hand is pretty simple. There are however, some prerequisites that you should meet. You need to be a legal adult (i.e. over 18 years of age) or at least have an adult with you before your appointment begins. Ensure that you have a stable power source so there is no breakdown during your appointment, which may cause the ADT devices to shut down. As for the internet, it is best to be connected through a wired internet service so there is no drop in quality at any time during the call.

Plus, since the mode of your communication would be a smartphone, having a fully charged one is ideal. And of course, download all the necessary ADT apps beforehand so you do not have to waste any time during the appointment. Do remember to fulfill all these criteria, especially if you are installing the setup on the call.


ADT has long been known for its top-quality home security services and products – and stays as one of the very best in the country. Whether it is security cameras, life safety, home security, or home automation, ADT services are dedicated to bringing you convenience and ease. This ADT virtual assistance is just an extension of the same idea – to help fit the appointments to a more flexible schedule so that a larger audience can enjoy the top-notch services offered by ADT. 

To learn more about ADT services or to upgrade your system, call ADT customer service at 844-343-1168