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Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

ADT smoke detectors are state-of-the-art devices that work with the security system to provide you with a safer home. They can detect rapidly rising temperatures in line with uncontrolled fires and are smart enough to identify and minimize false alarm reports. The sensors pick up on smoke and heat, but they also alert relevant authorities to send help to your residence in instances where every second counts.

Smoke detectors with ADT fire safety are advanced technology with sensitive detecting parameters and easily replaceable batteries. The latter ensures greater flexibility to place the detectors anywhere you want. The programming on the detectors triggers them simultaneously, so your house receives a warning before the threat gets too severe. ADT takes care of your pets during fires when home alone – with quick response times on the local fire department dispatch. With ADT fire safety, you get smoke detector alerts directly on your phone even when you are not home, so you are never caught off-guard.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a toxic and odorless gas that can lead to poisoning and death if left unchecked. CO detectors are a part of the ADT life safety monitoring and are the perfect device to ease your mind. Mount them anywhere you want; their straightforward designs and sensitive electrochemical sensing are on point, detecting any CO activity amiss. In addition, they are tamper-resistant, so you get alerts when they are removed from the base.

ADT Carbon monoxide detectors function as detectors, send alerts to your phone and act as an alarm when triggered. You can choose wired or battery-operated options for more excellent coverage throughout the house, and professional installation may spare you any trouble. ADT CO detectors can make the difference between life and death when carbon monoxide leaks occur anywhere in your residence.

Flood detector

Flood Detector

Rainstorms may be exciting to watch, but they can lead to flooding in homes with foundation and drainage issues. With ADT security products comes a smart flood detector that is perfect for times like these. Eliminate water damage with early detection and mobility. The ADT Flood detectors are wireless, easily installed, and sense the slightest leaks in your home. Flood detectors are multi-purpose and can be used in many places such as the basement, near the dishwasher, washing machine, or any other place prone to flooding.

Get alerts on your phone no matter where you are and minimize water damage from any leaks. ADT Flood detectors are especially ideal for rental houses and vacation homes, which can save you from costly repairs. In addition, it makes management and control of water damage much easier.

ADT Panic button

ADT Panic Button

While we are on the topic of ADT security products, meet the ADT two-unit Panic button. It is a handy button that you can wear and carry or set up in a convenient location. Whether it is ADT fire safety you are concerned about, home security, or even medical emergencies, the ADT panic button is your lifeline.

The ADT panic button is wireless and works with the ADT Command, so you can also trigger it with your voice if you cannot reach it physically. The elderly can also carry the button around when traveling alone to protect themselves. ADT life and safety monitoring with the panic button guarantee that you and your loved ones are taken care of 24/7, no matter where you may be.

Choose a protection plan that best serves your needs

With ADT life safety monitoring, you can choose a plan that you like best or customize one based on specific needs. The only thing that matters is your protection, day after day.

ADT Secure Home ADT Smart Home ADT Video & Smart Home
Professional Installation Everything in Secure Home Everything in Smart Home
24/7 monitoring by professionals Alerts and schedules Livestream on mobile
Carbon monoxide and flood detection Remote arm & disarm control Security Cameras
ADT fire and security monitoring Smart home automation Video clip storage

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The ADT mobile app keeps you in control. Get alerts on your phone, check up on your indoor and outdoor cameras, and control your entire home with just a tap on your phone.
ADT has sensitive smoke detectors that detect any smoke and even a temperature rise. They can pick up on the initial signs of a fire and trigger, alerting you and dispatching the fire department to your house.
Yes. It is possible to get separate security systems if you own more than one house. In fact, we recommend it! You can also check both systems with a single ADT Pulse log-in.
ADT fire and security encourages its customers to take their system on a test run every 30 days. This test will ensure that all system components work great, so you are never left hanging during an emergency.